New Boyfriend of the Week/Month/Year is Up!

October 1, 2014

You’ll never believe this, you guys.  But there’s a new Boyfriend of the Week.

HOLY CRAP!  I KNOW!  My head just exploded too!

Go check him out at, then come back here if’n you have comments.

It’s a love story, told in stock video footage.  Me + super dork = 4eva.


NOTE!  Browser problems, naturally!  Videos work fine for me in Chrome, but not in Firefox. In Firefox, you can view by right-clicking and selecting “View video” (will open in Media Player). You can also use the “link” under each to open it in a new window or tab. I know it’s a huge pain — this is crap web design, for sure, makin’ you have to do stuff like that. But I’m crunched for time on solution-finding, and the videos are REALLY important. Because they are FRIGGIN’ HILARIOUS.  So, do your best. And if you can’t see them at all, post here to let me know and I’ll try to resolve the issue later in the week.

Fall TV Week Three: Tuesday & Wednesday – Sitcoms and Stalkers

September 30, 2014

Only three new shows over the next two days, so I’m combining to save everybody time. Anybody planning to tune into any of these?

Tuesday, September 30

selfieSelfie – 8pm — ABC.  I’m predisposed to loathe this show, simply because A) sit-com and B) named Selfie. At the same time, it looks like it’s going to be a bit of an exploration of the impact of social media on interpersonal skills and self-esteem, and that’s a new, and fairly overdue, story theme.  I recently attended a conference about just that kind of thing and it was fascinating. Plus: John Cho.  However: sit-com. Named Selfie. I don’t know what to do. I’m paralyzed with indecision and fear. I guess one episode can’t hurt, right?

manhattanManhattan Love Story – 8:30pm — ABC.  This one was described by TV Guide as “using the power of voiceover to broadcast the internal monologues of a New York City dude and a Midwestern transplant chick as they navigate an awkward first date and subsequent budding romance.”  I actually find the concept appealing, minus the word “chick,” but unfortunately, TV Guide then went on to say, “What you’ll learn early on from the voices in their heads is that guys like sex and women like purses. . .”  Annnnnnnd, cut.

Wednesday, October 1 (holy crap, it’s October!)

criminalmindsCriminal Minds — 9pm — CBS.  In a comment on yesterday’s post, reader Roger BW said he’s mostly still watching Castle out of “inertia,” which is exactly what I’ve been doing with Criminal Minds.  I don’t like this show, but I keep watching it because, well. . . because I always have. I think this is finally the year I quit, though.  After however-many-years of constant episodes about the torture of women, I started to feel like I couldn’t take much more of it last season, and I’m not feeling any pull to tune in at all this year. I recognize this isn’t really a fair criticism — so much violent crime IS directed at women, and it’s perfectly legit for crime shows, then, to have a lot of episodes focused on just that thing. But, man, I feel like suddenly the real world is excruciating enough; I can’t take quite so much of it in my escapism too.

stalkerStalker – 10pm — CBS.  This is the new Kevin Williamson series, which means it’s likely to be extremely violent and also probably more than a little cliché.  Even worse  is that it focuses on a division of the LAPD that deals with stalkers, voyeurs, and other assailants who hurt women — giving us back-to-back lady-torture shows from CBS tonight.  It co-stars Dylan McDermott, who is a former Boyfriend of the Week mostly because I was young and dumb back then.  He’s not much of an actor, and he’s also super into playing “righteously indignant” characters with righteous indignation so over-the-top it feels less “indignant” and more “indulgent.”  I’ll give it a try, but to be honest, I’m pretty squicked out by CBS’s “Wednesday Night is Hatin’-the-Ladies Night” line-up here.  Maybe this show will be better than that, though?  Maybe it’ll have something useful to contribute to the conversation?  I ain’t holdin’ my breath, but I’ll give it a chance.

Fall TV Week Three – Monday: Linda Hunt, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

September 29, 2014


Not much to report on this morning.  I missed Madam Secretary AGAIN, but will try to catch up this week and report in. I was too busy this past weekend for much TV watching of any variety, though I did see the How to Get Away with Murder pilot a second time, this time with Mom, and we both liked it, so I stick to my “thumbs up” on that on (also, Entertainment Weekly gave it an A, so there, Brian Toohey!) (I tease because I love, by the way.)

Here’s what’s coming up tonight, which is not very much:

Mom – 8:30pm — CBS.  I haven’t seen this one, though I do adore Allison Janney, and she just won an Emmy for her role in Mom a few months ago too.  If it comes to Netflix streaming at some point, I’ll definitely give it a shot.

castleCastle – 10pm — ABC.   I’m at least 2 seasons behind on Castle because it records in my bedroom and isn’t watchable anywhere else (I really need to upgrade DVRs).  Planning on skipping my flu shot this year, though, so I have a chance at catching up at last. This show is fun but I burned out on it in terms of regular, weekly viewing somewhere around season 3.  On the other hand, it is absolutely perfect “I gotta fever” TV.  I’ll start breathing deeply whenever someone’s coughing or sneezing on the bus and see what happens.

NCIS: LA – 1opm — CBS.  I’d do a lot for a little time with Linda Hunt. BUT I WILL NOT DO THIS.

Fall TV Week Two: Friday & Sunday — Nothin’ to See Here; Move Along.

September 26, 2014

tvset1Going to hit you with both tonight AND Sunday’s line-ups today, since there’s nothing new coming to either one, and I’m also going to skip lengthy annotations, because none of these are shows I have much of anything to say about — of the whole list, I only watch CSI and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and what is there to say about either of those that I haven’t said in previous posts?  Nuttin’.

On the other hand, did you guys watch How to Get Away with Murder last night?  I did and I really enjoyed it!  Definitely think this is going to be a sharp one.  I was certainly surprised by the reveal of the victim’s identity, and I really liked a couple of the students (mostly Wes). Looking forward to seeing how this one plays out and hope it keeps a steady footing.

So far, for week two, I’m planning to continue on with that one, Scorpion, and Gotham for sure, and then Mysteries of Laura and Forever tentatively.  What’s your scorecard for the week?

Friday, 9/26

The Amazing Race – 8pm – CBS — As I’ve said before, no can do this show; too stressful. Everybody running around and yelling at each other and eating things no human being should be eating! Wrong! No!

Shark Tank – 8pm – ABC — I have no idea what this is.

Hawaii Five-0 – 9pm – CBS — This is still on? Shoot, should I have been watching this?

Blue Bloods – 10pm – CBS — Not terrible, but not good enough for me to get hooked, either.


Sunday, 9/28

Once Upon a Time – 8pm – ABC — Everybody’s really excited about the chick from Frozen joining the cast. Is this one still fun?  I enjoyed the beginning of season 1 but lost interest by the end of the year.  If it’s good, I’d consider a return, just because the premise was so unique.  What say you?

The Simpsons – 8pm – FOX — HOLY CRAP, YOU GUYS. TWENTY-SIX YEARS!!   How old am I?  Old enough to remember this show getting its start in the late 80s on The Tracey Ullman Show, is how old.  Dang. That’s old.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 8:30pm – FOX — I enjoyed this last year.  Hoping to do so again this year.

Family Guy – 9pm – FOX — Irritating.

Resurrection – 9pm – ABC — Patently astonished this survived.

CSI – 10pm – CBS — Ted Danson single-handedly saved this show from the grave.  Love you, Ted Danson.

Revenge – 10pm – ABC — Click on the link for this one if you want to see Madeline Stowe’s least flattering photograph of all time. Good heavens. Beautiful woman, terrible photograph!


Fall TV Week One: Thursday – Getting Away with Murder

September 25, 2014

NCIS_NOUpdates:  Tried watching NCIS:NO last night and made it about 10 minutes in before I realized I wasn’t paying attention at all.  That’s not necessarily a sign it’s terrible — it’s mostly a sign that I was stressed out, which, in fact, I was.  I’ll try again soon and report back if it sticks.

I’ve also heard from a few people now that episode two of Forever was an improvement over episode one, so I’ll be checking that out too/

Here’s what on tonight:

bonesBones – 8pm – FOX — I used to love Bones.  But when they made that sweet little science nerd a serial killer out of the blue, that not only irritated me, but also seemed to result in a revolving door of replacement characters, none of whom managed to stick around for long, and most of whom were tedious.  I got bored, is what happened; it started to feel too much the same all the time. I still tuck into this one occasionally, and it’s all right in those moments, to be sure.  But I’m not a regular viewer any more, and am unlikely to get back to that level of dedication any time soon.  (Incidentally, the novels this series is based on also totally tanked a few years back and are now virtually unreadable. Shame, because they started off really great. I hate it when that happens!)

greysGrey’s Anatomy – 8pm – ABC — Not even the slightest bit embarrassed to admit I still watch this show and enjoy it.  Through all the ridiculousness, I have remained a solid fan.  This is just good clean dumb fun, and everybody needs a little bit of that in their lives, even if they do continue to say dumb things nobody else ever says, like “mocha latte” and “ferry boat.”  (Department of Redundancy Department, please hold!)

Scandal – 9pm – ABC — Still haven’t watch this one, but really, really want to.  I will get around to it, promise.

murderHow to Get Away with Murder – 10pm – ABC – Shonda Rhimes officially owns Thursday night primetime as of tonight (both Grey’s and Scandal are both Rhimes shows as well), so we might as well start referring to it as Rhimetime and give the lady the props she’s due.  She’s certainly earned it. Her newest is this legal thriller, which stars the awesome Viola Davis as a law school professor whose class of ridiculously good-looking students get roped into some kind of murder plot and, presumably, find themselves needing to figure out how to get away with it.  I have no idea what to expect from this one — Rhimes’ shows can veer dramatically from smart to dumb, sometimes in the same episode, and she’s had her fair share of total misses in addition to her hits (remember Off the Map?).  But with Davis at the helm, I’m definitely game to see where she takes this one.

parenthoodParenthood – 10pm – NBC– I was a diehard fan of Parenthood until last season, when I suddenly found myself lacking the motivation needed to set aside the 42 requisite weekly minutes.  No good reason — nothing I could pinpoint.  I simply burned out on it.  I’m ready to go back now, but I’ve missed a whole season so will have to catch up on that first. This is the final year for the show, which has had its ups and downs over the last few seasons, but for the most part has done a very good job.  I’m going to miss Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson the most out of the cast (been a die-hard Bedelia fan since Heart Like a Wheel, by the way — one of my favorite movies as a kid).  Also Dax Shepard, of course, former Boyfriend of the Week. Thoughtful series, and I know some parents of autistic kids who have especially gotten a lot out of watching this one.  Wish you all the best in your final season, Bravermans.  Thanks for the memories.

Fall TV Week One: Wednesday — Black-ish

September 24, 2014

gothamDuuuuudes, Gotham!  That was fantastic!  I was expecting it to look great, which it certainly does, but wasn’t sure it was also going to BE great, which it definitely is! Now, that’s not to say it doesn’t have some weak spots that need ironing out (Ben MacKenzie is one of them, but we’ll see how he does over the next few weeks).  Overall, though, I’m excited to see what happens next.  It’s going to be fun watching Bruce and Catwoman grow up together (awww), and the Penguin was some truly inspired casting. (Plus, Donal Logue, humina humina, as usual; BotW coming soon on that unkempt gent.)  Thumbs WAY up for me on that one.

As for Forever, that one’s not going to work for me, I’m afraid.  Love Horatio Hornblower, but for a medical examiner, there’s sure no science at work whatsoever in the story lines, at least in the pilot.  It’s all about his magical abilities, which: yawn.  I might watch the second episode, which recorded last night, but only if I get desperate for entertainment.  I have a feeling this one won’t last long into October.  Put Judd Hirsch on Gotham instead!

Here’s what’s coming up tonight:

The Middle – 8pm – ABC — Don’t watch this one. It’s a sit-com or somesuch.

survivorSurvivor – 8pm – CBS — I haven’t watched Survivor in years and years and years, but often  think back fondly to season one, when everything was such a surprise, from the genius of alliance formation to the frankly mesmerizing irritability that results from going weeks and weeks without a toothbrush (who knew?).  I’m actually sort of tempted to tune in this season, just because it’s been so long.  We’ll see if I really get around to it. (I believe it’s all pairs this season, by the way — romantic, sibling, or parent/child — which could certainly make for some spectacular fireworks.) Remember when Jeff Probst was a Boyfriend of the Week?  Back when I used to post Boyfriends of the Week on a semi-regular schedule? Good times! (p.s. I am literally 30 minutes away from finishing the new Boyfriend write-up, which I know I keep saying, but this time I really mean it! Maybe by Friday? Oh, who am I kidding. Maybe by Monday.  Or January. JANUARY!)

The Goldbergs – 8:30pm – ABC — Sit-com about . . . er . . . I have no idea. I’ve mentioned I hate 99% of all sit-coms, right?

svuL&O:SVU – 9pm – NBC — This is one of a few shows I record on the bedroom DVR and only get around to watching when I get the flu, which I haven’t had in a couple of years, thanks to vaccinations.  I’m thinking of skipping the flu shot this year, though, so I can finally catch up on this and the about 86 gazillion episodes of Castle also stored in there.  I can’t upgrade my ancient DVRs until I do, for one thing, and that’s starting to cause some serious problems because they’re both about 8 years old and starting to get the technology equivalent of osteoarthritis. Anyway, SVU: it continues tonight. For whatever that’s worth to you.

modernfamilyModern Family – 9pm – ABC — Oh look! A sit-com that I like!  And I do; I really, really like this sit-com.   It’s just good ol’ dumb fun, is what.  I’ll never forget seeing the trailer for this show for the first time in a local movie theater — in it, Phil was trying to show how hip he was by defining the acronyms his kids used all the time in texts and online: “WTF,” he said, “Why The Face?”  Yes, I will always, always remember that day.  Why?  Because it made me laugh so hard this lady in the row in front of me turned around and glared.  WTF, lady? Turn that frown upside down (TTFUD!)!

blackishBlack-ish – 9:30pm – ABC – This is the only newbie tonight, and while it’s gotten fairly decent reviews, it’s a sit-com and, well, sit-coms: we’ve been over this.  Created by and starring Anthony Anderson, it’s about “one man’s efforts to establish a cultural identity for his family after he discovers his children don’t have one” (TV Guide). Laurence Fishburne is in it, finally not playing someone totally creepy.  Except, he’s always so creepy.  Might be good if you like this sort of thing.

Chicago PD – 10pm – NBC — Something about cops.

Nashville – 10pm – ABC — Something about Nashville.

Reports?  You know what to do!

Fall TV Week One: Tuesday — NCIS: NO or YES?

September 23, 2014

scorpionQuick update:  the only new series from last night I’ve had a chance to watch yet was Scorpion, and man, I LOVED it.  Granted, it could use some actual geniuses writing the scripts — if I out-think the guy with the 197 IQ three times in an episode, something’s not working quite right behind the scenes.  But it’s funny, it’s charming, and it’s really entertaining.  Great characters, solid acting, Robert Patrick not being too creepy, and I loved the chess playing nerd kid as well.  Lots of room to grow here.  Looking forward to seeing where they take this one, despite its few clumsy outta-the-gate moments.

OKAY NOW MOAR TV!  Here’s what’s coming up tonight!

ncisNCIS – 8pm – CBS — I’m at least  a season behind on NCIS, but I go through phases where it’s the only thing I want to watch so I’m sure I’ll catch up at some point.  I’m not super crazy about the new lady, which was part of my problem last season.  But I will never, ever tire of Ducky.  As long as they keep Ashley-Pitt, AKA “Dispersal,” in the game, I’m in. (Please live many, many more years, David McCallum; losing both the Scrounger and Big X in one summer was pretty rough on me.)

shieldMarvel’s Agents of SHIELD (I’m way too lazy to type the dots in the title, though, apparently not so lazy I won’t spend 20 times as many characters telling you why I didn’t type the dots in the title.) – 9pm – ABC — I tried so hard to like this show. I really did.  I hung in there at least 10 or 11 episodes and then I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I wanted it to be smarter than it was, funnier, more clever.  And it just couldn’t seem to pull it off.  Major bummer, because it was a great idea.  I know this is going to take some of you by surprise, but I’m really starting to wonder about Joss Whedon.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer was his strongest TV-based work, and everything else has been a steady trickle downhill from there (including Firefly, which I liked many things about, especially the cast, but which was pretty problematic TV writing; it made a tremendously good film, on the other hand, which makes me think, you know, maybe Whedon needs to stick to the shorter, tighter medium?).  I ramble.  And I also just lost about 9,000 fans.  But hey, honesty, yo. This show blows.

NCIS_NONCIS: New Orleans – 9pm – CBS – The last spin-off of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, was among the greatest stinkers I have ever encountered on the Tube of Boob.  What a waste of Linda Hunt.  With that in mind, it’s been hard to know how to feel about this one. I saw the NCIS episode last year that introduced us to the new cast of characters, and it was okay, I guess, but not terrifically exciting or anything.  On the other hand, I am a gigantic Scott Bakula fan (in fact, he was a Boyfriend of the Week until I somehow managed to accidentally delete his write-up, oops), and I love Lucas Black (“the kid from Sling Blade“) as well.  Also: CCH Pounder. Yay.  But. . . you know?  Oh, you know.  We’ll see.  NCIS: NO?  Or NCIS: YES? Check back later for my verdict.

Chicago Fire – 10pm – NBC — Nope.

Person of Interest – 10pm – CBS — Annnnnd, nope.

What did you guys think of Gotham, Scorpion, and Forever?  Comments?

Fall TV Week Two, Monday: Gotham, Scorpion, & Forever

September 22, 2014

tvset1This is the big week for fall TV premieres (hoorayyyyyzzzzzzzz. . .), so I’ll be breaking it down one day at a time for a few days, so as not to overwhelm.   But first, a few thoughts about last week’s n00bs.

First off, I already said I wasn’t going to be able to stomach Red Band Society though I did, in fact, go watch the rest of the pilot. Opinion unchanged. It’s a show tailor-made for 12 year old girls, so if you’re one of those, you should totes watch because the boys are super cute.  Everybody else, on the other hand, is just going to sit there cringing at the waste of a perfectly fine Octavia Spencer. Did you know she was supposed to star in a remake of Murder: She Wrote instead, but it got shelved? Wouldn’t that have been awesome? (Yes, I know I’m old. SO ARE YOU.)

The Mysteries of LauraAs for The Mysteries of Laura, I have mixed feelings about that one.  I surprised myself by kind of enjoying it, though I was irritated pretty frequently, and not just by that extraordinarily ill-fitting Columbo coat on Debra Messing (though, of course: first and foremost the coat).  At the same time, there’s going to be a lot more Josh Lucas in this than I was expecting, which could solve a lot of scripting and characterization crimes for me. We’ll see what happens with this one over the next couple of weeks.

I also saw the first two episodes of Z Nation on FOX, which I liked well enough to want to keep going.  The characters are decent, and the story so far is intriguing, despite not being terribly original (guy immune to zombie virus being protected to the death by ragtag team of survivors trying to get him to California science lab — been there, done that, but I did like the zombie baby — there would be a LOT of zombie babies, after all). Will be sticking with that one too, at least for now.

What did you guys think of these?  Hitten zee comments withen your comments!

And now: what’s up tonight:

The Big Bang Theory - 8pm – CBS – Can’t stand this show, but since I’m pretty much the only person on the planet who feels that way, I wish you all the best.

gothamGotham - 8pm – FOX – One of the most-hyped new series of the year, this one stars Ben McKenzie, formerly of The O.C. and the extremely good cop series Southland.  He plays commissioner Jim Gorden of Batman fame, but back before Batman times, when he was a fresh-faced young detective.  Based on what I’ve read, each season plans to chart the rise of a particular villain from Batman lore, including Catwoman (tween-aged in season one), the Riddler, and the Penguin.  Bruce Wayne is here too, but as an 11 year-old, so don’t expect much in the way of crime fightin’. Even more inspiring a concept, for me anyway, is the fact it co-stars the ever-scruffy and delicious Donal Logue as Gordon’s much-more grizzled partner.  Mighty good Boyfriend material here, in other words.  Could be fun — should at least be put together fairly well. Looking forward to seeing what they do with this idea, though keeping my expectations at a minimum just in case.

The Voice – 8pm – NBC – Never seen it. Not planning on startin’.

scorpionScorpion - 9pm – CBS – This is one of the few new shows this fall I’m actually kind of excited about (it could be super fun as long as it doesn’t totally suck).  It’s (loosely) based on the real-life experiences of Walter O’Brien, infamous genius hacker, and is about a group of nerds who form a Justice League of sorts to solve crimes for the government.  Not incredibly inspired by the cast, I have to say, but the premise is a good one and it might at least tide us over until CSI: Cyber premieres mid-season.  Fingers crossed!

sleepyhollowSleepy Hollow – 9pm – FOX – I really enjoyed this series last year until the last few months it was on.  Then, suddenly, I found myself losing interest, and I still have about 8 unwatched episodes from season one on my DVR. I’m recording the new ones with the plan to try to get back into this one at some point, but who knows what’ll happen there.  Are you guys big fans of Sleepy Hollow?  If so, what do you like about it? Tell me in comments and I bet you’ll get me all revved up to get back on board.

The Blacklist – 10pm – NBC – Frankly astonished this is still on.  I lost patience with this show about 2 episodes in last year. Did it actually end up being good? Did I screw up again? Oh, don’t answer that.

foreverForever – 10pm – ABC – Poor Ioan Gruffudd, trying for a network TV hit again.  Will this one be the one?  I was game to think so until I saw an ad for it the other day and was physically pained by the incredibly cheesy, overacted narration (from Gruffudd). I literally went like this, “Blaaaaaarggghhhh!”  But who knows, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Gruffud plays a medical examiner who is immortal, and I’m certainly intrigued by the fact that every time he dies (which is apparently a lot, weirdly enough), he apparently comes back to life completely naked in a nearby river.  I could get into that.  Co-stars Judd Hirsch, too, and I do loves me some Judd Hirsch. Not exactly excited about this one, but we’ll see.  Incidentally, the pilot is tonight, with a second new episode tomorrow, and then starting next week, I think it moves permanently to Tuesdays.

That’s it for today!  Check back tomorrow for more! IF YOU DARE.

Fall TV – Week One: Kids Die, Women Have It All

September 16, 2014

tvset1Okay, my peoples!  Here we go!  It’s week one of the Fall TV season, and we’re kicking it off a bit on the slow side, with just three new shows this week and five returning.  Having mapped out the next two months to prepare for this year’s TV posting, I have to say I’m sorely lacking in optimism. But one never knows, after all. Maybe going into this with zippity in the way of expectations will result in mega-pleasant surprise?  What — IT COULD HAPPEN! Just because it never HAS. . . well. . . that’s. . . Oh, never mind.

Here’s what’s coming this week:

Monday, September 15

dwtsDancing with the Stars - ABC – 8pm – I’ve never watched this show, and I don’t aim to start, especially when there are only two people in the cast whose names I recognize (Lea Thompson and Antonio Sabato, Jr.). I did get a teeny tiny little burst of interest when I noticed there’s a regular cast member whose last name is “Murgatroyd;” however, that burst lasted exactly as long as it took me to think, “Heavens to. . .!”, and then quickly passed away again. Enjoy if it’s your thing!

Tuesday, September 16

newgirlNew Girl & The Mindy Project – FOX – 9pm – I don’t watch these two, either, I’m afraid. I’ve seen season one of New Girl, and I enjoyed it well enough, but my tolerance for Zooey Deschanel is fairly limited. I feel like I’d probably love The Mindy Project, but in order to love it, I’d have sit down and watch it, which is where I keep getting stuck.  SOMEDAY!

Wednesday, September 17

redbandsocietyRed Band Society – FOX – 9pm – Good lookin’ teens with terminal illnesses are all the rage these days, thanks to John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, but I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of ‘em in general. I’m sure many of them are swell kids, but do I really want to get sucked into a TV show all about their impending doom?  I’m going to go with “No,” especially since I already watched part of the pilot, and the word that sprang to mind, lo but ten minutes in, was “schmaltz.”  There’s one potential upside, however, and that’s Octavia Spencer. Kinda love her. I MAY give episode 2 a try, except, oh, no, I won’t. You can watch this one online now at TV Guide, if you want to get an early start at ruling it out.

The Mysteries of LauraThe Mysteries of Laura – NCB – 10pm – Upsides: Debra Messing, Josh Lucas. Downsides: having to pretend it’s actually interesting, in 2014, that a woman might be able to handle being both a cop and a mom, all at the same time. It’s a “mystery,” all right — how humans with boobs might be able to pull that one off. Heavens to Murgatroyd! The tagline for this series is “Who says you can’t have it all?!” I’m irritated already. But I’ll watch the pilot — I will. I’ll do it. For you guys. You’re welcome! (Or something!)

Sunday, September 21

60 Minutes – CBS – 7pm – Without Andy Rooney, I just don’t see the point.

madamMadam Secretary – CBS – 8pm – Reviews for this new political drama have been mixed, so I’m not sure what to expect. I will say I can’t look at Tea Leoni without feeling instantly bored, but since Kirsten Gillibrand was the inspiration for the main character (not Hillary, as you might’ve thought), well, maybe. She’s certainly an interesting lady. Then again, creator Barbara Hall described the show like this: “How do you deal with the president of the United States in the morning and the president of the PTA in the evening?” which leads me back to: seriously? In 2014?  Here’s how: You do. And what’s so weird about that?  C’mon, network TV.  Can we move on from this tremendously tedious concept?  I’ll definitely give this one a try, but, you know, see above re: zippity hope. I bet Kirsten Gillibrand would agree.

goodwifeThe Good Wife – CBS – 9pm – This is another series I’m sure I would love if only I sat down and watched it. But attempts to get through season 1 have mostly failed me; I’m not sure just why.  I’ll definitely try again, but first I feel like I have to watch Scandal, and before that, I have to finish Veep.  So much to do! So little time!

Anyway, there’s the exciting launch of Fall TV 2014.  Hey!  You!  Wake up!  WAKE UP!  I know it’s boring. I know. We’ll try again next week.

Fall TV is Coming!

September 11, 2014

tvset1Well, technically, it’s sort of here now.  But I’m waiting to launch my annual series until next week, when it gets more formally started up.

This week, however, marks the return, for the last time, of ex-Boyfriend Charlie Hunnam’s series Sons of Anarchy, with a 2.5 hour premiere episode that aired last night.  While I was watching Jax beat someone nearly to death in the first five minutes, I thought to myself, “Why am I still watching this, MY GOD.”  But, you guys know why:  I ain’t no quitter (see: 10,000 seasons of ER).  Plus, at this point, I’m absolutely gasping for the chance to see Gemma finally get what’s comin’ to her.  Can you blame me?znation

Also this week in returning shows:  Hell’s Kitchen tonight on FOX (8pm), and The Biggest Loser tomorrow on NBC (8pm).

And starting Friday, our first new series of the fall season, Z Nation on SyFy, a zombie show starring Tom Everett Scott that Entertainment Weekly gave a D+ for taking itself waaaaaay too seriously (“You’re not The Walking Dead! You’re a joke! Act like it already!”).  I’ll be tuning in, but not with optimism.

You may have noticed a dearth of posts lately, not to mention the fact continued promises to get a new Boyfriend of the Week posted have crumbled like a crappy store-bought pie crust.  I’m in the middle of some crazy times at work these days and also spending most of my free time working on a big cat shelter charity event this fall.  But I’ll get to it!  Promise!  Meanwhile, I’m still digging seeing John Oliver’s face every time I go to my own web site.  He’s killin’ it on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.  Man’s a genius.  And I knew him when!

Happy_Valley_TV_Series-207894066-largeIn the meantime, while you wait for regular TV to get its act together, hie thee to Netflix posthaste to watch their British mystery series Happy Valley  (originally a BBC production) — I just finished it myself a couple of weeks ago and it’s pure brilliance from start to finish. Great writing, great cast, great filming, good storytelling.  And, someday, a season two!

Okay, my peoples.  See you next week for FallTVnado!



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