BOOK: Three Delays by Charlie Smith (2010)

threedelaysHave you ever read a book that cut you so deeply, all the way through, both in gutting story and in gasping language, that you can’t read anything else for weeks and weeks on end?  When every book you pick up next is so pale and lifeless by comparison, you can hardly stand it?

You get to the point where you simply have to accept it’s going to be a drought for as long as it takes for it to rain again. Nothing can be done — you read a book that made you feel too much and you won’t be able to read again until either the feeling fades or the world’s most perfect successor falls into your lap.

This is one of those books.

Consider yourself warned.


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One Response to “BOOK: Three Delays by Charlie Smith (2010)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    But – but – but – what is this book ABOUT? (Sorry – this is Liz)

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