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metro blockYesterday, I posted here to say I had a new entry up at ye olde Metro Confidential blog, and then realized the minute I posted here that, in fact, that blog had suffered some kind of fatal error. Blogger did some major overhauling between the last time I was in there (forever ago) and now, and I couldn’t get access to it restored or update the template or basically anything.

I know a bunch of people get these posts via email and probably clicked the link and were like, BORK. Sorry about that!

We all like WordPress better anyway, right?  So, I moved the posts to a new WP blog last night (maintaining accurate post dates), and updated the link over there on the right.

This ended up being a nice exercise, by the way, because I hadn’t read most of those essays in years and years and I had forgotten about some of those people (some I still see now and then, like The Russian and Charts and Graphs). It was nice to visit with them again. Especially, Frog-Face Girl and Sour-Puss, who could be sisters, now that I think about it. Sad-faced sisters. I wonder where they are now. Or if they still “are” at all? It’s kind of weird how I’ll never know.

Anyway, you’ll see if you visit that text formatting is a bit on the inconsistent side — it’s the price you pay for a quick copy/paste. I’ll be fixing that up post by post in the next few days. Bear with me.

You can find the new post (very short!) here:

Thanks for reading!

One Response to “Metro Confidential post”

  1. RogerBW Says:

    Nifty, thanks.

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