Best Movies and Books from 2011!

It’s finally here!  My annual list of Best Good Movies, Bad Movies, and Books of the year!  Go check it out and then come back over here to tell me everything I got totally wrong.  Otherwise, HOW WILL I LEARN?

Also, here’s hoping for a year of more Boyfriend write-ups.  Yeesh, I did THREE in 2011.  That’s shameful.  Don’t forget to send me your suggestions for new beaux (, and though I want to leave this Best list up for at least two weeks, I’ve already got the first Boyfriend of the year completed and ready to post. Nerds, brace yourselves, because you’re going to LOVE this one.


And Happy New Year, my peoples!

7 Responses to “Best Movies and Books from 2011!”

  1. Wendy Says:

    For 2012 books, take a look at A Visit From The Good Squad by Jennifer Egan. It has a nifty and inventive format. Hated to see it end.

  2. Meg Says:

    I’ve heard great things about that one! Definitely putting it on the list! Thank you, darlin’!

  3. Janel Christensen Says:

    Another good 2012 book would be The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It’s wonderful.

  4. watch random movies Says:

    watch random movies…

    […]Best Movies and Books from 2011! «[…]…

  5. Mike Says:

    You’ll like this Meg, Prince Charming comes to the rescue!

  6. Newest Movie Releses Says:

    Newest Movie Releses…

    […]Best Movies and Books from 2011! «[…]…

  7. The Good Greatsby Says:

    Great lists. I’ve missed almost all of those movies and will look them up.

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