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New Boyfriend of the Week/Month/Year is Up!

October 1, 2014

You’ll never believe this, you guys.  But there’s a new Boyfriend of the Week.

HOLY CRAP!  I KNOW!  My head just exploded too!

Go check him out at, then come back here if’n you have comments.

It’s a love story, told in stock video footage.  Me + super dork = 4eva.


NOTE!  Browser problems, naturally!  Videos work fine for me in Chrome, but not in Firefox. In Firefox, you can view by right-clicking and selecting “View video” (will open in Media Player). You can also use the “link” under each to open it in a new window or tab. I know it’s a huge pain — this is crap web design, for sure, makin’ you have to do stuff like that. But I’m crunched for time on solution-finding, and the videos are REALLY important. Because they are FRIGGIN’ HILARIOUS.  So, do your best. And if you can’t see them at all, post here to let me know and I’ll try to resolve the issue later in the week.


New Boyfriend is Up!

October 31, 2013

He’s not at all spooky — this whole Halloween thing is a coincidence.  I suppose you could call him DANGEROUS, though.  CARLOS Dangerous, to be exact.  (Note: before you panic, it’s not Anthony Weiner.)

Go read, then return here for conversation and/or arguments for or against my hypothesis.  Fourteen years is a pretty good stretch — time for a regime change?


New Boyfriend is Up!

July 31, 2013

Holy smokes, you guys!  I wrote another one!

To balance out the rather vacuous Leo write-up, I thought maybe I’d better feature an astrophysicist or someone along those lines.  Also:  I drew a picture!  AND I drafted a new mnemonic for remembering the order of the planets (you gotta read all the way to the bottom for that one).  I AM AWESOME.

Check it out then come back over here if you have comments!

New Boyfriend is Up! (I’m Not Kidding!)

June 20, 2013

There is a new Boyfriend of the Week write-up!  A few of you are going to barf.  My apologies in advance. Go check it out at and then come back here to comment!

Also, I didn’t want to go without saying something about James Gandolfini, former Boyfriend of the Week (2001!) and an actor I greatly admired, who died yesterday at the insanely too-young age of 51, so here’s what I’m going to say:  You will be missed, sir.  (It’s not a very interesting or original thing to say, but it’s the truth, so there you have it.)  You can comment about him here too, if you want.

Best Movies and Books from 2011!

February 2, 2012

It’s finally here!  My annual list of Best Good Movies, Bad Movies, and Books of the year!  Go check it out and then come back over here to tell me everything I got totally wrong.  Otherwise, HOW WILL I LEARN?

Also, here’s hoping for a year of more Boyfriend write-ups.  Yeesh, I did THREE in 2011.  That’s shameful.  Don’t forget to send me your suggestions for new beaux (, and though I want to leave this Best list up for at least two weeks, I’ve already got the first Boyfriend of the year completed and ready to post. Nerds, brace yourselves, because you’re going to LOVE this one.


And Happy New Year, my peoples!

New Boyfriend of the Week!

July 16, 2011

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!  The new Boyfriend of the Week is up!  Hurrah, hurrah!  (Whew.)

And man, if you thought Nathan Fillion had a great nose, just take a look at this guy!  Lick, slurp, mmm!


New Boyfriend is Up!

March 30, 2011

My gift to you:  an absolute hunk!  Sure, he can’t act.  But hey, that ain’t nuthin’ but a thang.

Go check it out and then come back here for comments and discussion!

New Boyfriend is Up!

January 25, 2011

Do you like food?  I don’t!  But this guy sure does!

Go check out the write-up, then come back here to comment, swap recipes, tell me you don’t think cheese is weird at all, explain what “tempering an egg” means.  Whatever!

Favorite Movies and Books from 2010!

January 12, 2011

It’s finally here! My annual write-up listing my favorite GOOD movies, GOOD-BAD movies, and books from the previous year!

Juuuust in time for all your holiday shopping needs! (Wait, you guys do give gifts for MLK Jr. Day, right? RIGHT?)

Go check out the lists and then come right back over here so you can tell me about everything I forgot to mention!

And hey, you guys? Thanks for another great year, I mean it.  I have the greatest band of readers and blog commenters in the world.  I’m sorry I totally sucked at giving you Boyfriend write-ups in 2010 — I totally, TOTALLY plan to redeem myself in your eyes this year. I’ll be starting with the first Boyfriend write-up in about a week. It’s almost done, I swear!

I know! It’ll be like a MIRACLE and EVERYTHING!

New Boyfriend is Up!

September 17, 2010

Who is he?!  Who is he?!

Pfft, I’m not tellin’.  Go find out and then come back here for comments!