Five More ex-Boyfriends Headed for TV!

Okay, so we already knew about Paul Gross in Eastwick (ABC, Wednesday, Sept. 23), Tim DeKay in White Collar (USA, Oct.), Alex O’Loughlin in Three Rivers (CBS, Sunday, Oct. 4), Chris O’Donnell on NCIS:LA (CBS, Tuesday, Sept. 22), and Timothy Olyphant on Lawman (FX, 2010) (okay, okay, he’s not an ex-Boyfriend YET, but he will be soon enough).

BUT I just found out today that five more ex-Boyfriends will be starring or co-starring in shows coming to cable and network television this fall/winter.  Man, I might have to quit my day job just to keep the DVR from exploding.  Life is good.  (p.s. Know of any other new shows coming soon that star old Boyfriends of the Week?  Hit the comments!)

We’ve got:

James Marsters playing terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley in SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica prequel series, Caprica. (Jan. 2010)

John Hawkes playing a new character on ABC’s Lost — some kind of businessman described as “scruffy, edgy, and charismatic.”  You had me at “scruffy,” ABC. (Jan. 2010)

Chris Noth co-starring with Julianna Margulies in CBS’s The Good Wife, a series about a stay-home mom who finds herself reentering the workplace after her husband’s very public sex and political corruption scandals land him in jail.  Sounds terrible.  Sign me up.  (Tuesday, Sept. 22)

The delightfully-voiced Clancy Brown co-starring in ABC’s new lawyer drama, The Deep End, which will focus on a law firm and its fresh-faced recruits.  While I’m definitely sick (and tired) of lawyer shows, those are two adjectives I’ll likely never apply to my feelings about The Clance (which sounds like an STD but isn’t; if it were, I’d be happy to contract it, though), so clearly I’m on board. Plus, Tina Majorino!  Yay!  (TBA, Fall)

And last, but certainly NOT least,

James Tupper, humina humina, coming to NBC in Mercy, a medical drama told from the perspective of nurses and described as having “a totally unique point of view.”  You know, except for all those other shows on TV right now about nurses.  Oh really, like we care if this one’s unique.  As long as nobody tries to tidy up his hair, I’m in.  (Friday, Sept. 23)

(By the way, I was going to reduce this photo of JT a bit.  But then I decided life’s too short for cropped photos of James Tupper.  You’re welcome.)


5 Responses to “Five More ex-Boyfriends Headed for TV!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Unfortunately, Chris Noth is listed as just a guest star on “The Good Wife”. He’s probably in just the first episode. Maybe that frees him up to be in something better 🙂 Maybe a L&O movie – he slays me as Mike Logan. But it does have Josh Charles who can be quite interesting (Sports Night, In Treatment).

    I didn’t know about Clancy Brown – that is great news! He was quite a stud in “Earth 2”. Antonio Sabato looked like just a poser next to him 🙂

    As for James Tupper – let his hair go curly!

  2. megwood Says:

    Chris Noth was originally supposed to be a guest star in the pilot only, but has since joined the cast as a regular character, I believe. At least, this is what I read recently. He’s also listed on the CBS site for the series as a primary as well. My guess is that his role will be fairly limited, since he’ll be in jail and the focus will be more on his wife’s life. But it does look like he’ll be a full cast member in some way, and not just a guest.

    Love the curly Tupper hair! I also think he needs to design a line of ourdoorsy clothing called “Tupperwear,” but that’s just me.

  3. Liz Says:

    LOL! Tupperwear! That was very clever (if a LITTLE silly)! Wow, is he cute, BTW! I never saw “Men in Trees” (shame on me!), so I didn’t know who he was – or how cute he is! I’m hoping both the “nurse show” and the “wife show” will be okay. But “3 Rivers” BETTER be good – or I may have to cry and scteam!

    Here’s a little OLD boyfriend news. Maybe I should have said “former,” not “old,” since he’s pretty young. SEAN ASTIN: I caught him on a re-run of “Jeremiah” – another show I never saw when it was “really” on. Also, I just saw “The Colour of Magic” – based on the first couple of Discworld books, and he played “Twoflower,” the tourist – and was wonderful! It was a pretty good little movie (Tim Curry played the “bad wizard guy”), and the best part was watching the Luggage running around on its little feet!

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Thanks for the latest on Noth. I’ll check out the show.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    Not info about a boyfriend on a new fall show but I immediately thought of you when I stumbled on this – Burn Notice MacGyver Style = yummy fun!

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