BOOK: More Than You Know by Beth Gutcheon

This is now the THIRD time I’ve read and reviewed this novel on my Book’s page ( Continuing on with the tradition, I’ll now report happily that it was just as great the third time as it was the first and second time, and then repost the review from the second time, which includes the review from the first time. Follow all that? I figure by the time I’ve read this the tenth time through, there will be so much indenting and subindenting the original review will show up with a single character per line. Ah, goals. It’s good to have ’em. Here we go:

(from June 2003) I read this book for the first time a few years ago and recently got the urge to pick it up again. And boy, I now happily report that it was just as great the second time through as it was the first time (though the first time, I actually gasped in fear audibly a few times and this time, I knew when the scary parts were coming and was better prepared for them).

Here’s my old review — not much has changed!

(from about 2000) Hannah Gray, an elderly woman, returns to the house she summered in as a young woman and decides to tell us the story of the summer she spent falling in love and being terrorized by a ghost. Her story is separated by the story of a family who lived on the island across from Hannah’s old summer houseover 100 years prior to that fateful summer. The love story is intense and unforgettable, the ghost story is scary as hell, and the connection between Hannah’s ghost and the old island family that slowly emerges as the stories progress will totally surprise you. I could not put this down once I picked it up. It’s FANTASTIC.

Highly, HIGHLY recommended!


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