Fall TV is Coming!

tvset1Well, technically, it’s sort of here now.  But I’m waiting to launch my annual series until next week, when it gets more formally started up.

This week, however, marks the return, for the last time, of ex-Boyfriend Charlie Hunnam’s series Sons of Anarchy, with a 2.5 hour premiere episode that aired last night.  While I was watching Jax beat someone nearly to death in the first five minutes, I thought to myself, “Why am I still watching this, MY GOD.”  But, you guys know why:  I ain’t no quitter (see: 10,000 seasons of ER).  Plus, at this point, I’m absolutely gasping for the chance to see Gemma finally get what’s comin’ to her.  Can you blame me?znation

Also this week in returning shows:  Hell’s Kitchen tonight on FOX (8pm), and The Biggest Loser tomorrow on NBC (8pm).

And starting Friday, our first new series of the fall season, Z Nation on SyFy, a zombie show starring Tom Everett Scott that Entertainment Weekly gave a D+ for taking itself waaaaaay too seriously (“You’re not The Walking Dead! You’re a joke! Act like it already!”).  I’ll be tuning in, but not with optimism.

You may have noticed a dearth of posts lately, not to mention the fact continued promises to get a new Boyfriend of the Week posted have crumbled like a crappy store-bought pie crust.  I’m in the middle of some crazy times at work these days and also spending most of my free time working on a big cat shelter charity event this fall.  But I’ll get to it!  Promise!  Meanwhile, I’m still digging seeing John Oliver’s face every time I go to my own web site.  He’s killin’ it on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.  Man’s a genius.  And I knew him when!

Happy_Valley_TV_Series-207894066-largeIn the meantime, while you wait for regular TV to get its act together, hie thee to Netflix posthaste to watch their British mystery series Happy Valley  (originally a BBC production) — I just finished it myself a couple of weeks ago and it’s pure brilliance from start to finish. Great writing, great cast, great filming, good storytelling.  And, someday, a season two!

Okay, my peoples.  See you next week for FallTVnado!


4 Responses to “Fall TV is Coming!”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    We just finished watching Happy Valley. It was a race to the finish and we were sad to see it end! Can’t agree with you more about all of the greatness that was wrapped in that series!

  2. RogerBW Says:

    Ooh, is it that time already? I haven’t taken a look at new series at all. Hmm, what’s out there? Time for old reliable Wikipedia.

    Agent Carter. Meh, comics. But actually about a woman, for a wonder. (See what I did there?) Might give it a try, but it’s not on till January.

    CSI: Cyber could be amusingly bad. And I said that about Sleepy Hollow last year and look where it got me.

    Madam Secretary: no thanks, I’ve seen Deep Impact, and I know just how boring Téa Leoni can be.

    The Odd Couple: really? Really?

    Scorpion: ah, some guy came to CBS and said “I’m an elite hacker, make a show about my fascinating life”.

    Really, nothing leaps out at me and says “you must watch”. Oh well.

    • megwood Says:

      I’m kind of looking forward to CSI: Cyber, just because it’s a clever idea, but we’ll see! (I think it’s not on until 2015 either, by the way.) Not as much looking forward to NCIS: New Orleans, though I do love Scott Bakula, so I’ll give it a shot. NO interest in anything Tea Leoni-related! You nailed why on that one for me too!

      Definitely looks like a pretty bland set of stuff — thank goodness for cable! Incidentally, HBO recently ran the first four episodes of The Knick, airing on Cinemax, and I really enjoyed those (Clive Owen, Steven Soderburgh project). Not enough to subscribe to Cinemax, of course, but enough to watch for the DVD follow-up. Definitely worth checking out — like House but with a LOT more syphilis!

      • briantoohey Says:

        Meg… I have just found the mother lode. Check out a website called findtv.net. You can watch up to 12 episodes a day on there, and the show are streaming. In my mind that makes it legal, since you’re not downloading/torrenting anything. Sometimes once you click on an individual episode, you do have to give it a minute or two to load up. And they pretty much have all shows of the last 5 years or so, including all FX, USA, TNT, HBO, Showtime, etc. I’m about to watch Penny Dreadful, and just finished off seasons 2-4 of The Killing. Certainly The Knick will be on there as future eps release.

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