MOVIE: Smoke Jumper (2008)

[Note:  The blog’s been quiet this week because I’m out of town for a meeting.  But I’m taking a few minutes to post this movie review because the reviews are starting to really pile up!  New Boyfriend write-up should be up mid-week next week, by the way.  Yay!]

I love cheesy disaster movies — flicks about twisters, tsunamis, earthquakes, and, of course, BIG FIRES.  And you know what?  So does my mom.  Man, I totally scored on the Mom Front, right?  Anyway, a couple of weekends ago, I was down hanging with my ‘Rents and this was one of the movies Mom and I picked up. (Incidentally, this movie is in the IMDb under the title Trial by Fire, even though it was clearly released on DVD under this other title.  That happens sometimes.  Not sure why.)

Surprisingly enough, it’s actually pretty good (by which I mean, “good” for a made-for-TV disaster movie — let’s keep this in perspective. . .).  It’s about a young woman firefighter who is blamed by her squad when she’s the last person to see her firefighter-father alive in a burning building.  Of course, it wasn’t actually her fault he got killed, but the rest of the squad is made up of stupid misogynists, and they’ve been looking for a reason to push her out pretty much since her first day.  This excuse works great, and the next thing she knows, she’s grieving for the loss of her dad AND the loss of her career.

When she learns that the local smoke jumpers group is hiring (those are the firefighters who parachute in to fight forest fires), she decides to try out.  And from here forward, you can pretty much substitute the storyline from G.I. Jane to get the gist of the story (except plus fires and minus Viggo Mortensen in short-shorts, more’s the pity).   Woman defies odds, trains hard, kicks the physical requirement’s hiney, gets the job, meets resistance, saves someone’s ass to prove she’s worthy, is finally accepted.

So, yeah, the story isn’t all that original, really, but overall, the movie is pretty entertaining and well-acted.  Plus:  cute firefighters in uniform.  Bonus!

Anyway, if you like the cheap thrills a disaster movie provides, you might consider checking this one out.  I’ve seen worse forest fire movies, that’s for sure.  In fact, I remember one in which one character broke their leg in one scene and was shown walking normally — not even a limp! — in the next.   Oh yeah, and in that same movie, the bad guy caught on fire and then was later shown wearing the same clothes, completely unscathed.  Nice trick, bad guy!  This one at least scores points for continuity, even though that also makes it a bit short on unintentional laughs (which, obviously, is something I thoroughly enjoy).  But yeah, if you like these kinds of things, you’ll probably like this one too.  Check it out.

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Genre:  Adventure, Disaster
Cast:  Brooke Burns, Rick Ravanello, Robert Moloney


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