MOVIE: WALL-E (2008)

I knew this was going to be a great movie when I asked my nearly-three nephew what his favorite flick was and he answered WALL-E instead of Cars.  The kid’s a Cars MANIAC, people, and for a robot to have replaced Kachow — even temporarily — for first place tells you everything you need to know about that robot’s awesomeness.

And, indeed, this is an absolutely fantastic and beautiful film.  In fact, I’d say it’s now my favorite of the Pixar movies as well.  Take THAT, Toy Story! It’s got the perfect combination of sweetness, humor, and incredible, mind-blowing art (I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I watched it at my sister’s on her HDTV, in that regard, but even in regular-def, I think you’ll be stunned by its visuals).  It’s sheer genius, compacted down into a squarish, grubby little metal-bot with big eyes and an even bigger heart.

Most of you have heard the plot of this one — it’s about a solitary old  trash-collecting robot who lives on a deserted, dirty Earth and spends his lonely days cleaning up the clutter, watching Hello, Dolly over and over, and wishing for companionship.  One day, a ship drops off another robot — a high-tech one named Eve who is there on a focused mission to find any traces of remaining plant life.  Wall-E immediately falls in love with Eve and the two become friends, but as soon as Eve finds what she was sent to look for, she is immediately deactivated until her ship returns to scoop her up.  (I defy you not to exclaim, “Awwww, adorable!!” when you see what Wall-E does with Eve while she’s turned off — what a sweet li’l boo!)

Desperate to stay with her when her developers return to take her home, Wall-E hitches a ride and follows Eve back to the Mother Ship where, we soon learn, humans have been living extremely slothfully for decades now that Earth has become uninhabitable.  Through the discovery of the plant, plus Eve and Wall-E’s dedication to a happy life for themselves and the world, the humans are inspired to get off their chubby behinds and return home.

I’m not the least bit embarrassed to say I was bawling by the end of this movie.  I LOVED it.  Highly recommended, and I can’t wait to watch it again soon myself.  Don’t miss this one, peeps!

(p.s. Confidential to my nephew:  Oy, my goitah!)

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Genre:  Animated, Kids
Cast:  Ben Burtt, Jeff Garlin, Elissa Knight, Sigourney Weaver, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy

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7 Responses to “MOVIE: WALL-E (2008)”

  1. Alisa Says:


    I heart this movie so much, and I’m w/you Meg, I cried both times I’ve seen it. Hubby and I even got it on Blue Ray.

  2. megwood Says:

    Oops, I forgot to mention this in the review — LOVED the 2001: A Space Odyssey stuff in Wall-E. I never get tired of geek jokes in cartoons.

    Glad you liked the flick too, Alisa! Finally we agree on one! 🙂

  3. Lizzie Says:

    How can I be such a cream-puff, and cry at episodes of “The Twilight Zone” (there were TWO that made me cry the first time I saw them, and then, just the other day, when I saw them again, I cried AGAIN – at both of them), but then have no desire to see movies like “Wall-E?” I’ve heard it was really good, and you guys liked it, but I just don’t seem to go for those animated ones. I must be missing out. I’ve never even seen “Toy Story.” Did you see “Horton Hears a Who?” I am mildly curious about that one.

  4. megwood Says:

    If you pick one animated kids movie to try, Lizzie, make it WALL-E! It’s incredibly sweet and I think you’ll really really like it. Pluses: no subtitles (and almost no dialogue at all for the first half, which was surprisingly entertaining!). Minuses: no zombies.

    Dude, I was watching that Twilight Zone New Year’s marathon on Sci Fi too! Which two made you cry? I was kind of in and out and wonder if I missed them?


  5. Lizzie Says:

    Meg, you guessed it – I was just sitting, watching a whole bunch of Twilight Zone eps on New Year’s. The ones that made me cry were: the one about the poetry professor who thinks he’s made no impact, but is visited by ghosts of some of his former students who were inspired to acts of heroism by his teachings. I BAWLED! The other was about a hillbilly type of old guy who dies with his dog on a coon hunt, and when he realizes he’s dead, he’s almost fooled into going into Hell, except that they won’t allow his dog in, so he goes farther down the road, and finds the “real” Heaven.

    “Twilight Zone” can be hokey, and definitely dated, but if you can just take that into consideration, there’s lots of brilliant stuff. And it’s always fun to recognize actors in early roles (Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Greg Morris, Martin Landau, Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorhead, Jack Klugman … Robet Redford! I could go on – but I won’t!)

  6. Ellen Says:

    Meg, I actually broke down & bought the DVD of “Wall-E” because I had heard such great stuff about it. I TOTALLY agree with your comments… this was a great movie. Even Graham (who isn’t a big fan of animated films) liked it. We can’t wait for wee Fi to be old enough to watch it!

  7. megwood Says:

    It’s ten times better when you watch it with a little kid, Ells Bells. That’ll be a good day for you all!

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