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Fall TV Week 1, Wednesday!

September 23, 2015

Tuesday recap!

muppetsThe only Tuesday n00b I’ve had a chance to see so far was The Muppets, and I have a few things to say about it. (Surprise!)

First of all, I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to. Moving it from the set of the old variety show over to the set of a late night talk show worked well for me, in that it maintains a little room for the variety elements we so loved as kids, but also modernizes it pretty smoothly. There were some great lines, too — they got some sharp writers.  Bodes well.

However.  While this mattered not at all to me as a little girl, because what the heck did I know, it was harder for me to ignore last night that The Muppets is sorely, SORELY lacking in strong female role models.

Miss Piggy gets worse every year; she’s a textbook narcissist, right down to the deep, painful insecurities fueling her irrational mood swings, rage, and self-absorption. And who else do we have?  Janice?  Janice is cool, obviously, but she’s not too bright, and she barely gets any lines anyway.

So here’s my question: why can’t they modernize Miss Piggy while they’re at it?  They’re bringing the rest of the characters into 2015 — heck, Fozzie’s in an interspecies relationship, for pity’s sake. Why can’t Miss Piggy be older, wiser, more comfortable with herself?  Wouldn’t that actually make her more interesting?  Wouldn’t that open up more room for good storytelling?  I think it would. I bet I’m not alone in that.

Also, for the record, Kermit is a big dumb jerk who doesn’t deserve a girlfriend in the first place.  Yeah, yeah, I know: #notallfrogs. Still: THAT FROG.  I have it out for that frog.

Coming up tonight!


rosewoodRosewood – Fox – USA Today described this one as “pathologically dumb,” and, well, I figure they would know, since that’s sort of their specialty (ba dum CHING!). The story’s about a pathologist named Beaumont Rosewood (formerly an instructor at Hogwarts, obviously) who teams up with Miami PD to solve crimes.  Pluses:  both the stars of this series are people of color (Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz), and it was created by a guy who used to write for Psych, which was one of my favorite crime comedies of all time. Still, the trailer sure makes it look like it’s gonna be the same ol’ co-ed crime drama.  I set the DVR, but I won’t be in a hurry to watch this one.

The Mysteries of LauraThe Mysteries of Laura – NBC – I wanted to like this one, because I love Debra Messing, not to mention Josh “Ol’ Crinkly Eyes” Lucas, but I kind of hit the wall on the goofiness after a few episodes.  This is another series I will probably slurp up at some point when I’m stuck at home recovering from the flu or something, but until then, it’s low on my list of priorities.

The Middle – ABC – Sit-com, don’t watch.

survivorSurvivor – CBS – I haven’t watched this in ages, but on a related note, I watched that series The Island this summer (hosted by Bear Grylls), and I really enjoyed it.  Similar concept, in that it’s a group of guys (all guys for this one) dropped on an island together with little to work with, but there’s no competition, which made for a really interesting dynamic.  Because, of course, competition cropped up anyway, despite the obvious benefits of their working together.  I would love to see another season, this time with all women. As a side note, about 3 episodes in, I realized the bazillion plastic water bottles they were using weren’t things they’d brought with them — they were all over the island, washed up from the ocean trash heap.  Sobering.  Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Survivor. I’m sure it’s fine. Jeff Probst was also a BotW once, by the way!


The Goldbergs – ABC – Sit-com, don’t watch.


Modern Family – ABC – Sit-com, WATCH!  Still love this show, even though that little girl is like the most annoying little girl of all time.

Empire – Fox – Terrence Howard is an abusive bully; I’m not interested in looking at his face.

svuLaw & Order: SVU – NBC –  I like that the main character of this show is a strong woman who has her shit together both at home and at the office. How refreshing!  But when you “rip from the headlines” stories about real women being victimized and then gussy them up to increase their capacity to entertain, and you do it over and over, it’s hard for me not to think “exploitation” at every other turn. At the same time, there’s something to be said for a show not afraid to talk about the things this show has sometimes talked about, and if there’s one point this series has worked hard to make, it’s that it’s never the victim’s fault.  I appreciate that.  I don’t watch this series regularly, but I dip in periodically.  I’ll probably stick with that approach.


black-ish – ABC – Sit-com, don’t watch.


nashvilleNashville – ABC – Oh hey, this is still on. Should I be watching this?  (I bet that’s word-for-word what I said last year about this series.)

Thoughts on The Muppets?  Scream Queens (haven’t seen it yet; looking forward to watching it later today)?  SVU?  The Pope?  Hit the comments!

Fall TV Week 1, Tuesday: Scream Queens and The Muppets (Alas, Not As One)

September 22, 2015

Update on Monday:

I watched Life in Pieces and Blind Spot last night, and have good things to say about both, with some caveats (minor spoilers below, but nothing that should wreck your experience if you haven’t watched yet):

lifeinpiecesLife in Pieces was, frankly, pure joy to me until the final story, when the cheese hammer dropped. After 3 stories about sex and vaginas that look like the Predator, I was really looking forward to watching Dianne Wiest and James Brolin also make out and joke about genitalia, because there is, frankly, no one I want to hear vagina jokes from more than I want to hear vagina jokes from Dianne Wiest.

Instead, their segment was all about death and appreciating life while it lasts and zzzz. Old people, my god.  Noble attempt, but we’re going to need to let The Wiest run free if this is going to be sustainable in the long run for me.

blindspotBlind Spot surprised me by not being too awful, though I can see we’re headed for kissing between Agent Stubble and Former SEAL Tattoo Chick, and that’s just annoying me already. She’s a former Navy SEAL, we learn fairly soon into the pilot (we all knew some variant of that was coming, though, right?), and she’s a friggin’ bad-ass, legit.  She does not need to take comfort in the strength of Agent Stubble, which is the vulnerability dynamic being set up in the pilot.  She needs to be his extraordinarily capable and competent partner in crime fighting and that’s it. DO ME ONE FAVOR, BLIND SPOT. JUST ONE. NO KISSING.

Not a lot coming up tonight, but here’s what we’ve got:


screamqueensScream Queens – Fox – Stars Jamie Lee Curtis, which is all I needed to know to sign on (p.s. it could hardly be called Scream Queens without her).  I actually got pretty sucked into the MTV series based on Scream this summer (RIP Wes Craven, by the way) and though it ended up being sort of sloppy and unfocused, it was still pretty entertaining.  This has a shot at being a lot tighter, if only because Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck) is at the helm (that also means it’s bound to be freaky, by the way, but I’m cool with freaky).  Some of the reviews I’ve read so far have focused on the Emma Roberts sorority girl character and how hard it’s going to be to stick with a story that puts such a Mean Girl at the helm.  But we’ll see.  Usually the Mean Girls in horror movies get their comeuppance if you can just stick it out long enough.  I might be able to do that.  God, I love Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair.

ncisNCIS – CBS – Whichever one of you who said you aren’t in the AARP so you don’t watch this one (was that you, Toohey?): You be quiet.  I still love the original, and I will until Gibbs and Ducky are in the grave.  Speaking of David McCallum, by the way, I’m seeing Man from U.N.C.L.E. tomorrow; will report back!

muppetsThe Muppets – ABC – I DON’T KNOW. I DON’T KNOW. I FEEL WEIRD.  THAT’S ALL.  I saw a review of this that was titled, “Sex, Drugs, and The Muppets” and it just made me feel really confused. Except for the part where it would explain SO MUCH about the Swedish Chef, I guess.  I’m going into this one with trepidation.


Fresh Off the Boat – ABC – I don’t watch this, but I hear it’s good. Sit-com.


NCIS: New Orleans – CBS – Wait. Wait, seriously? This made it to season 2 and Forever didn’t? God, Network television. You jerks.


limitlessLimitless – CBS – I haven’t seen the movie this was based on, starring ex-BotW Bradley Cooper (who I hear will have a recurring role in the series as well, by the way), and it was partly because the plot didn’t intrigue me.  I’m going to give the show a try, mostly because I have the hots for Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Hill Harper (who doesn’t?), but it just sounds so familiar, gimmick-wise.  It’s about a guy who figures out a drug makes him into a soooooper genius, which he then puts to good use solving crimes.  Why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you go cure cancer or climate change or poverty or something?  How come the sooooooper geniuses always end up fighting crime?  I guess they’re not really all that smart, is what I’m getting at.

In any case, I’ve seen that plot like ten million times. The drug element may be a relatively new angle for a TV series, but the know-it-all crime solver sure ain’t, and that means this show is only going to work if the characters are incredibly interesting people.  Which: yeah, right.  Well.  We’ll see, won’t we.

Okay, that’s it for tonight. I’m going to go follow up on all your comments from yesterday, you awesome TV watching people!

Fall TV Week 1, Monday: Let the DVR Games Begin!

September 21, 2015

Here we go!  Week one!  Monday! September 21st! New and returning!  

gothamGotham — Fox — I really wanted to like this series last year, if only because it was so cool visually, but things simply did not work out for us. As much as I appreciated the inspired casting of a dude with a bonafide bird beak for a nose (the great Robin Taylor) as The Penguin, the casting of Benjamin “The Bland” McKenzie as anything is never a strong point for any series, and the story seemed unable to get its footing; it never stopped feeling like a pilot, even 5-6 episodes in. Did it get any better?  Should I revisit? Let me know if I blew it throwing this one on the discard pile?

legobbtThe Big Bang Theory — CBS — Every year I say the same thing about this one, and I will never stop until someone pays attention: laugh tracks have no place in modern television. They’re lazy, distracting, and stupid. HOWEVER, this series does now have a really rad LEGO set, which: props.

The Voice — NBC — This is some kind of show about singing, yet, befuddlingly, it appears to star Adam Levine. Explain that one to me.


lifeinpiecesLife in Pieces – CBS (new!) — Sit-com alert! Ordinarily, that’s an instant veto from me, with very, very rare exception, but this one is getting that exception, at least for a few episodes, and I’ll tell you why. Two words: Dianne Wiest. WAIT!  Four words and an ampersand: Dianne Wiest & Thomas Sadoski (from The Newsroom and my dreams).  As for the story, it’s apparently structured with four vignettes an episode, each one telling a separate story about a set of characters from the same family. That works out to about 5.5 minutes per story, which doesn’t leave much time for character or story development, especially if things don’t overlap the way they do in, say, Modern Family. And if things DO overlap the way they do in, say, Modern Family, then how is this not just, say, Modern Family? But it could work, and it would be interesting if it did.  Also: Dianne Wiest is one of the funniest women around.  AND Thomas Sadoski appears to have given up shaving, which I am all for. We’ll see how this goes.


minorityreportMinority Report – Fox (new!) – Everybody, surely, has seen the film or read the P.K. Dick story by now, so theoretically we all know about the precogs and the thought police.  This series is supposedly a sequel, with the precog squad disbanded and the cops left having to investigate crimes using only their — gasp! — wits. And, like, clues and shit.  Hey, you know what that sounds like? Every other detective show ever! Why is this called “Minority Report”? Oh, I see, because one of the precogs is all grown up and still having visions of future murders.  He teams up with a detective and then . . . we’re back to arresting people before they’ve actually committed any crimes? Is that the . . . but isn’t that bad? Didn’t we already decide that was ba . . . oh forget it. What else is on at 9pm?

scorpionScorpion – CBS – Okay, so, Minority Report it is.  (Note: I really wanted to like this show last year, but it’s too heavy on the sugar and too light on the tech, and that just doesn’t keep me going anymore these days. This is the kind of show I have a feeling I’m going to suck down the second I get the flu, though, so I’ll skip the vaccine this year and see what happens.)


Castle – ABC – I am about 300 seasons behind on this series and have no hope of ever catching up. Sorry, Nathan Fillion‘s nose.

NCIS: Los Angeles – CBS – THIS IS STILL ON. <– That’s not a question. It’s a statement of abject horror.

blindspotBlindspot – NBC (new!) – I want to be intrigued by this show, which sounds like a cross between Memento and Prison Break, but the promos are making me pretty nervous.  The story is about a young (gorgeous, skinny, white: surprise!) woman who is found naked in a duffel bag in Times Square, with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She’s covered in head-to-toe fresh tattoos, all of which are apparently clues to various crimes. That sounds kind of okay story-wise, though any time an FBI agent ends up teaming up with someone who is clearly not also an FBI agent to solve crimes, my suspension-of-disbelief capacity alarm goes off. My real concern, though, is this: a woman’s body is literally a prop in this series. A woman’s naked, gorgeous, skinny, white (surprise!) body.  It’s possible this is something that’s going to be explored in some way, and that optimism is one reason why I’m going to give it a shot. But, on the other hand, this is network television, so I recognize that optimism is probably delusional. In any case, it can’t be any worse than NCIS: Los Angeles, right? Wait, RIGHT?

COMMENTS, YO. I like you guys!

Fall TV is Here! (And So Am I!)

September 15, 2015

tvset1Well, sort of, anyway. The onslaught slaughts on next Monday, but tonight brings us two early birds.  Watching either one?  Excited about anything coming up?  Hit the comments! Let’s chat! (And hello, by the way! Sorry I’ve been MIA all summer — I’ll tell you all about it later, yo.)

TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 15



bestBest Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris – NBC – 10pm. This is described as “a variety show,” which, to my mind, immediately puts it into competition with original The Muppet Show, which means: big shoes to fill. (Some bigger than others, see Sweetums, stage right).  Weirdly enough, we’re also seeing a return this year of The Muppet Show, only it’s NOT a variety show. I don’t know. It’s confusing. I like Doogie Howser, though, and it’s an 8 episode commitment, this one; I can do that. All it’ll take to keep me interested is the occasional magician, really. If it’s all musical numbers, on the other hand, I won’t make it past episode 2. Watch the song and dance, Doog, and we’ll get along just fine. Pick a card, any card!

bastardThe Bastard Executioner — FX — 1opm.  I’m not totally sure what to think of this one, which I saw described somewhere as being “like the movie Braveheart, only worse” – that, my friends, is NOT a good sign.  Throw Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter plus a 14th century setting together, and I suspect the story’s treatment of women is going to make my ladybits explode with rage a minimum of 12 minutes into the pilot.  But there’s nuthin’ else on until next week, so why the hell not.  Is where I’m going with this one.  You don’t have to come too.  I won’t make you.  I’ll report back if there’s anything worth paying attention to here.

See you next week, when the madness (otherwise known as “Supernatural is STILL ON? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”) begins!

Exciting Fall TV News!

May 12, 2015

teethTHE MUPPETS ARE COMING (to ABC this fall)!

Could be great, could be terrible. I’m unlikely to care either way as long as Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem get a lot of screen time.

Check out the link to check out the trailer! FLOOOOOOYD! (from

New TV This Month!

March 9, 2015

tvsetIn case you missed it, a whole bunch of new shows started up last week.  Instead of posting this before they started, I decided to wait until I’d watched them all so I could actually say something useful.  If you missed any of the ones that sound good, I’ve noticed almost all of the pilots are available for free on Amazon Instant Video (and/or on the TV stations’ web sites).  I’ll update again later this month as more stuff comes out!

Sunday, March 1

battlecreekBattle Creek – CBS – 10pm. This one was developed by Vince Gilligan (creator of Breaking Bad and its new, utterly delightful spin-off, Better Call Saul) and David Shore (House), and stars Dean Winters, an actor I’ve loved since I first saw him on the HBO series Oz.  It’s a little uninspired in terms of premise: cynical, grizzled, no-nonsense detective is partnered up with a polite, manscaped, naive FBI agent (Josh Duhamel) — seen that combo more times than I can count.  But it was entertaining and clever enough I’ll definitely be sticking with it for now.

last manThe Last Man on Earth – FOX – 9pm.  I almost didn’t watch this one, because it conflicted with something else I was recording and, as you know, I’m not usually a huge sit-com fan. But, man, am I ever glad I tracked it down, because I was thoroughly charmed almost instantly.  It’s about the last man alive on Earth after a virus has wiped out the entire world, and the first episode was absolutely delightful (it opens with him about to complete a months-long road trip around the U.S. looking for survivors and for cool stuff to decorate his house with, like paintings from the Met, a couple of Academy Awards, Babe Ruth’s bat — that made me laugh so hard, because it is EXACTLY what I would have done too). Episode two got even better, though, when Kristen Schaal (The Daily Show) shows up. Not the “last woman on Earth” he was hoping for, I’m afraid, and boy, is this one gonna be fun, people.

secretsSecrets and Lies – ABC -9pm.  I wanted to like this series, if only because it’s so rare a show featuring a female detective casts a woman actually old enough to be a detective (Juliette Lewis).  The problem is, that same actress is so remarkably awful in this, she’s almost laughable. And by “almost,” I mean, “utterly.”  It’s about a family man, played by Ryan Phillipe, who is out for a run one morning when he comes across the dead body of the little boy who lived across the street from him — the son of a woman he’d had an affair with years ago.  Instantly, he’s a suspect, surprise surprise.  This series is a scene-for-scene remake of an Australian show by the same name; I watched the first episode of that one last night and can already tell it’s going to be ten times better (also: surprise surprise).  Better acting, especially (though it would’ve been hard to be worse in that regard).  Deleted from the DVR and moving over to Netflix for the original instead.

Wednesday, March 4

broadchBroadchurch — BBC America — 10pm.  Back in September when I was talking to you guys about the new show Gracepoint, a few of you hadn’t seen the original BBC series it had been based on, Broadchurch.  I’m hoping you’ve sought it out by now, because it was just worlds above the American version.  Season two starts where we left off in season one, which, to be honest, I was a little disappointed by, because, whew, was that ever a bleak, bleak story. I would’ve been okay with a new crime to solve. Nevertheless, this show is so compelling, it’s worth the suffering. Looks like we’re in for some major courtroom drama this round, as Joe Miller takes the stand at his trial and announces his plea: not guilty.

cyberCSI: Cyber — CBS — 1opm.  I had a feeling this was going to be terrible, and it lived up pretty perfectly to those expectations. Did you guys know that when hackers insert malware, they make that part of the code RED so it’s super-easy for the FBI’s cyber crimes division to spot it?  That seems like kind of a dumb way to go about it to me, but, hey, what do I know? I ain’t no hacker.  Patricia Arquette stars, which is the only reason I’m going to go back for a second episode. Well, her and also two ex-Boyfriends of the Week, of course, Peter “The Biscuit” MacNicol, and James “The Dawson” Van Der Beek. I don’t expect this to make it past season 1, but we’ll see if any of these three talents (and yes, I just called Van Der Beek a “talent;” you be quiet) can do anything about how utterly ridiculous it’s been so far.

Thursday, March 5

amnericancrimeAmerican Crime — ABC — 10pm.  Developed by John Ridley (12 Years a Slave), this series is going to examine the impact of a single crime on multiple residents of a “racially divided” California town. The pilot reminded me a lot of the movie Traffic and so far, so good. Definitely will keep going on this one. Costars Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Benito Martinez, and Penelope Ann Miller.

digDig — USA — 1opm.  I was really surprised by how much I liked this one.  For a USA series, it’s surprisingly NOT totally goofy. It’s set in Jerusalem and has been described as a murder mystery with a Da Vinci Code-style conspiracy subplot, which sounds pretty fun to me.  Jason Isaacs stars as an FBI agent stationed in Israel whose investigation into the murder of a young female archeologist will reveal a complex conspiracy that goes back thousands of years. Costars Anne Heche and Richard E. Grant, and is actually filmed in Israel, too — apparently it was supposed to start last fall, but war there delayed completion.  Kind of fascinating.  Is USA finally growing up?  Let’s find out.

Friday, March 6

kimmyUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix.  This is the new Tina Fey project we’ve been hearing about for the last few months.  Stars Ellie Kemper as a woman trying to rebuild her life after spending 15 years in a bomb shelter as part of a cult that believed the world had ended.  Utterly charming, and a few truly hilarious moments so far (we’ve only watched the first two, but laughed out loud more than once — Rich Mom throwing the unopened bottle of water in the trash made us laugh so hard we had to pause for a second. So perfect!). It’s not perfect, but it’s fun, and I have a feeling it will improve with time.

More coming soon!

Fall TV Week Five: Hang in There, It’s Almost Over!

October 13, 2014

tvset1Winding down now, with just a few stragglers plodding in here at the finish line.  Here’s what’s up this week, and next week should be my last installment for Fall 2014 (with final tricklings-in, plus a recap of what I kept and what I dumped).

WE MADE IT (assuming we make it!)!

Monday, 10/13

janeJane the Virgin – 9pm – CW – I’m not planning to watch this, but it’s gotten some of the best reviews of the fall, so if it sounds like your kinda thing, you should definitely tune in. Gina Rodriguez stars as a young woman named Jane, a virgin who discovers she has been accidentally artificially inseminated by her gynecologist.  I’m not sure how you manage to “accidentally” inseminate someone, but I don’t feel a huge pull to find out, to be honest.  Still, it’s been described as a witty, charming telenovela-style dramedy, and it’s the second in this fall’s new series to feature a predominantly Hispanic cast — that’s pretty great.  Oh crap.  I guess I’ll tune in after all.  What’s the worst that could happen?  I get knocked up accidentally? Go for it, Universe.

Tuesday, 10/14

marrymeMarry Me – 9pm – NBC – From Wikipedia, this description:  “Faced with proposals gone awry and a string of other unfortunate coincidences, Annie and Jake find themselves destined to be together whether they can get it together or not.”  Are you guys still awake?  Yeah, me neither.

About a Boy – 9:30pm – NBC –It’s about a boy.  I hear. (THIS JOKE NEVER GETS OLD!)

Fall TV Week Four: Let’s Get This Thing Over With Already

October 9, 2014

tvset1Hi, everyone!  Sorry for missing the first few days this week — I was out of town Monday and Tuesday for a work-related thing and then my brain was fried Wednesday night.  But you haven’t missed much, as I’m sure you’re already aware. I’m not gonna proofread this one, so I can get it the hell up already, so if it’s riddled with errors and uses the word “actually” 9,000 times blame Autocorrect.  (Because why not.)

Here’s what’s happened this week already, and what’s coming up at the end of it (hint: braaaaaaains!).

Monday, 10/6

The Originals – 8pm – CW — I have no idea what this is!  It’s something about some originals of some kind!

Tuesday, 10/7

theflashThe Flash — 8pm — CW.  I actually meant to record this one, but I blew it.  And that’s probably for the best, because I have a feeling I’m going to be all superheroed out just keeping up with Gotham (already behind on that one).  This is a spin-off of the CW’s series Arrow, about, you know: A REALLY FAST DUDE!  The part that intrigues me about this is that The Flash is apparently a forensic investigator, who uses his superhuman speed to. . . analyze DNA?  I don’t really know.   I might try to catch the pilot this weekend if it’s on Amazon or something.  Did anybody watch this?  Was it fun?

supernaturalSupeNatch – 9pm – CW — Good heavens, this show is still on?  I gave up when the whole angel thing really got hot and heavy — just found that incredibly boring for some reason. Angels schmangels; I want Ghost Facers! Is it still focused on all the heavenly stuff?  If not, I might give it a shot again.  I do miss those boys and their wacky antics.

Wednesday, 10/8

Arrow – 8pm – CW — Never seen it. I’m the worst TV reviewer on the planet.  Why are you still here?

kingdomKingdom – 9pm – DirecTV  – I am a DirecTV subscriber, so theoretically I could watch this show, which I think is their first original series. Which, by the way — must EVERYBODY make their own TV shows these days?  I mean, what’s next — Coming soon to ABC:  Safeway’s newest courtroom drama, “Clean Up in Aisle Five”? This show has gotten really strong reviews, though, so despite the fact it’s “set in the bruised and bloody world of mixed martial arts” (TV Guide), which is not exactly my world, I might see if I can figure out where I go to watch it.

freakAmerican Horror Story: Freak Show — 10pm — FX.  I didn’t bother with the last round of this series, Coven, because my interest in witches is nil, and because this show, even when it’s interesting, can get draw nigh to the Line of Insufferability fairly often for me.  But I just watched a documentary about freak shows/side shows (Bound by Flesh), and man, what a fascinating world that is/was/whatever.  I’ll definitely be giving this year’s story a shot, if only to get a chance to see what Kathy Bates looks like with a beard.

Friday, 10/10

cristelaCristela – 8:30pm – ABC – Another sit-com centered around a comedian — this seems to be the thing this year (Mulaney, e.g., which I haven’t seen yet).  The one interesting element to this is that it’s about a Mexican-American family; that’s kind of nice to see.  I have no intention of watching this show, but hey, way to be diverse, ABC.

Sunday, 10/12

walkingdeadThe Walking Dead – 9pm – AMC.  I’m still watching this!  I DO NOT KNOW WHY!  SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! Clearly the zombies have eaten my braaaaaaains!

TO RECAP:  Questions:  Did you watch The Flash and was it fun?  Are the SuperNachos still hanging with flying dudes from above?  And WOULD you, in fact, watch a courtroom drama titled, Clean Up in Aisle Five?

Fall TV Week Three: Sunday – Elliott Gould Lives!

October 5, 2014

I’m about to head out of town for work for two days, so may or may not get this week’s TV stuff up tomorrow — if not tomorrow, then Tuesday, for sure! If not Tuesday, than certainly Wednesday!  But here’s what’s up tonight, anyway.

bobsburgersBob’s Burgers — 7:30pm — FOX.  I only discovered this show last year and I hardly ever watch it, yet I ADORE it.  I really ought to do something about that; that don’t make no sense.  This is a really clever cartoon series about a family that owns a burger shop.  It’s very, very smart and funny.  Previous seasons are all on Netflix Streaming, so check it out!  And maybe I’ll get Ebola soon and have enough time to get all the way caught up to a current season.  (Too soon with the Ebola humor?  Yeah, okay.  Fair enough, sorry.)

Homeland — 9pm — Showtime.  I watched seasons 1 and 2 of this and then never went on from there.  What season are they up to? I don’t even know.  I liked season 1 a lot, but not as much season 2, when the lady character went all bananas.  And then I heard the dude dies anyway, so, what is this show still up to?  Maybe I’ll find out some day.  BUT NOT TODAY.

mulaneyMulaney — 9:30pm — FOX.  I don’t know much about John Mulaney, but apparently he’s funny enough to warrant his own show.  I’ve read this show is a little too Seinfeld-y for some people’s tastes, but I liked Seinfeld well enough, and besides this show has Elliott Gould in it as a “wacky neighbor.”  I can think of few things Gould could do better than that.  Also: Martin Short, though he can be a bit hit or miss for me, depending on the intensity of his mania.  Going to check this one out just to see if it sticks.  You?

Fall TV Week Three: Thursday & Friday — Watch Broadchurch Instead!

October 2, 2014

tvset1Before I begin: a quick, exciting reminder (well, I’m excited about it anyway!): there’s a new Boyfriend of the Week up!  Check it out at!

Meanwhile, back on the tube of boob, it’s only the middle of week three and I’m already behind on watching new stuff. After hearing from a few people here and on Facebook, by the way, I’m definitely planning to give Selfie a try, but will not be bothering with Manhattan Love Whatever The Heck That Was.

Also still digging Scorpion, incidentally.  It’s not brilliant, but it’s fun, and there’s a lot to be said for fun when you’re me.  Thought episode 2 of Forever was much better than episode 1, and am hoping to feel the same way about episode 3, which I’ll probably watch tonight.  It is also not brilliant, but man, I do love me some Ioan Gruffud, and I’m really enjoying Judd Hirsch in it as well.  Might be a keeper.  We’ll see how the next few weeks go.

Here’s what’s up tonight:

vampdiariesThe Vampire Diaries — 8pm — CW.  Never seen this; vampires are my least favorites of all the monsters, and 20-something vampires I tend to find utterly insufferable, especially but not limited to when they are “sparkly.”  I did enjoy The Strain this summer, while we’re on the subject of vamps, though I could definitely pick some bones with it.  Much better than the novel, anyway (my review of the novel is here if you’re interested). I never read the other two in the series, but will definitely stay tuned for more of the show. Corey Stoll is almost certainly going to show up as a Boyfriend of the Week at some point, too. I’ve been seeing a lot of him lately and I dig.

badjudgeBad Judge — 9pm — NBC.  This appears to be yet another tired, tired show about a successful professional woman who can’t keep her personal life in order. Because, as it’s been well-established by network television, women can only achieve one type of success in their lives — professional or personal — NOT BOTH. Pardon me while I barf up my breakfast. This one stars Kate Walsh, for better or for worse (depending on how you feel about Kate Walsh; I flip-flop) as a highly respected criminal court judge who “sleeps around” in her off-hours.  As network TV would like to remind us, women who sleep with a lot of men are BAD.  Men who sleep with a lot of women, on the other hand, are, you know: successful in both their private and personal lives. Pardon me while I barf up my mid-morning snack. Bad Judge: the most perfectly crafted sitcom title of all time (assuming the goal was endless ridicule).

gracepointGracepoint — 9pm — FOX.  This is the American remake of the incredibly good BBC series Broadchurch, which I think aired on BBC America last spring.  David Tennant starred in the original as a sad-sack detective investigating the murder of a little boy, and he’s playing the same role here as well.  This leads me to suspect this will mostly be a fairly straight-forward remake, without much in the way of additional content or perspective, which leads me to my next suggestion:  Don’t bother; go straight to the original without passing GO! Reviews of this one have been pretty humdrum, and I’m not planning on tuning in at all (not just because of the reviews, but also because the original was utterly heartbreaking and I don’t think I can go through it again). You can stream the original on Amazon for $1.99 an episode (there are 8 total) — and it’s well worth doing. Pay for it, please, don’t steal it; I believe in supporting good content with dollars.

Reign — 9pm — CW.  I have no idea what this is and cannot presently be bothered to go find out.  Enjoy!

atozA to Z — 9:30pm — NBC.  This sitcom is apparently a romantic comedy modeled a bit after the movie 500 Days of Summer.  Stars Ben Feldman (Mad Men) as Andrew (of the A in the title), dating a woman named Zelda (of the Z), and will chronicle their relationship from start to finish.  It actually seems like it could be kind of fun, but I’ll wait to try it until I see if it lasts or not. Reviews for this one have described it as a bit clumsy but overall fairly charming — I’ll be curious to hear what you guys think if any of you tune in!

That’s it for Thursday!  Friday only sees the return of Last Man Standing (8pm ABC), by the way, so no post tomorrow!