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On TV This Week: Meerkat Manor, Survivorman, and Flash Gordon

August 8, 2007

This Friday looks to be an EXCELLENT night for television, my friends. First, the return of one of my all-time favorite reality shows, Meerkat Manor, which begins its new season Friday night at 8:30pm on Animal Planet. Looks like the season will focus on the same family as before, the Whiskers, led by bossy matriarch Flower and her charmingly macho husband Zaphod. Alas, as many of you know, ex-Boyfriend Shakespeare did not survive Season One, so we won’t have his brave li’l self to root for anymore. Shakespeare, you were an inspiration to meerkats and mongeese (mongooses?) everywhere. You will be missed, my friend. And remembered.

On a cheerier note, also returning Friday is Les Stroud’s awesome series Survivorman. If you’ve been reading the comments on my post from last week about Bear Grylls, you know that I’ve forgiven Bear now for the error of his ways (he’s promised to be a lot more honest when the next season of Man vs. Wild rolls around). Nevertheless, Les still rocks my survival world, so if you haven’t had a chance to see him in action, tune in Friday night at 9pm on Discovery Channel. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll play his harmonica! Man, I love it when Les plays his harmonica!

Capping the night off is a promising new series on Sci-Fi (9-10:30pm), Flash Gordon, which will be about. . . um. . . Flash Gordon. I assume, anyway. I don’t know the actor who’s been cast in the title role (Eric Johnson), but he sure is cute (see his IMDb page here). Early reviews of the series have been fairly promising, so we’ll see. My DVR is groaning from the weight of all the shows this summer I still haven’t had time to watch (Kill Point and The Company being two notables), so we’ll hope Flash doesn’t push it right over the edge.

I used to complain about how there was never anything on television in the summers — now I confess I kind of miss having the break! (Not that I couldn’t just NOT WATCH TV and take a break that way, I suppose, but somehow, that just doesn’t seem right.)

Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the Fall Season to start up, and trust me, I’ll be outlining all the shows I’m excited about for you guys here come September, so stay tuned!