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New & Used TV, Sept. 22 – 28

September 22, 2008

Here’s what’s new/back this week — good thing I finally cleared all the crap off my DVR this weekend (uh, by WATCHING it, of course!).  Let the Fall Season officially begin!

Monday, September 22

Heroes — 8-11pm, NBC, season 3 — The first hour of this three-hour block is a special clips/recaps/behind-the-scenes thing, with the premiere of season three running from 9-11.  I have only three requirements for this season (#1’s a two-parter, though):

1) No more amnesia plotlines (Really?  They had to resort to ye olde amnesia plotline (TM) in season TWO?  Usually shows make it to at least season four before they get that desperate for ideas. . .).

1b) No coma plotlines either, while I’m at it.

2) No more kissing scenes involving Sylar — for all we know, dude’s EATING those brains he takes, and that sounds like an extremely effective way to contract all KINDS of hellacious diseases.  Keep yer cooties to yerself, brain-muncher.

3) Adrian Pasdar should be shirtless in every scene.  HOWEVER, I’ll settle for every other scene.  IF I MUST.  I think he might be the last remaining American actor with chest hair, and I, for one, would like to see more of it.

Also, just FYI, Life doesn’t return until next week, but if you just can’t wait another seven days, you can watch the first episode of the season on starting today.

Tuesday, September 23

NCIS — 8pm, CBS, season 6 — At the end of last season, Lauren Holly was dead (huzzah!) and the team was being split up (crap!).  This year, things start off with a new team, but, according to Entertainment Weekly, “there will be a lot of relieved fans” after the opening episode.  Let’s hope that means Tony shows up halfway through, looks right at the camera, and says, “Really?  Getting rid of the team the fans already know and love?  Yeah, because that worked so well for House last season??  I’ll be in my trailer with Ziva and McGilligan — let me know when you’ve pulled your heads out of your behinds.”  You tell ’em, DiNozzo.

The Mentalist — 9pm, CBS, season 1 — In a word: Simon Baker.  Oh wait, that’s two words.  Might as well go for more, then.  This series is sort of like USA’s Psych, except not funny, which doesn’t really sound all that great if you’re a Psych fan, but which might actually work pretty well if you’re a Simon Baker fan.  It’s about a bogus TV psychic (Baker) whose entire family was murdered by a serial killer.  He takes a job with the California Bureau of Investigation, where he uses his fake psychic skills (he just reads people very, very well, like Sean in Psych) to solve crimes, ultimately hoping he’ll eventually find the nutjob  who took out his peeps.  Entertainment Weekly said the pilot was a “fun, fast-paced treat.”  No word yet on whether or not Baker takes his shirt off, or if he has chest-hair.  I’ll keep you posted.

Law & Order: SVU — 10pm, NBC, season 10 — Yes, I’m still watching this.  I’m not sure why.  I think I just keep hoping that someday, Stabler will stop caricaturing himself and go back to being an interesting character.  Then again, I said that about the characters on ER ten years ago, and look what happened:  A HELICOPTER FELL ON ROMANO.

Without a Trace — 10pm, CBS, season 7 — I haven’t watched this series regularly in years because it’s usually on opposite 86-gazillion other things I’d rather see.  However, I think there might be room for it on Tuesdays at 10 for me.  At least this week.  It’s not my favorite, but it’s usually fairly entertaining.  And I still love that they have a character named “Sam Spade,” even though she has never, to my knowledge, done a Humphrey Bogart impression.  Maybe this year.

Wednesday, September 24

Criminal Minds — 9pm, CBS, season 4 — Oh look!  I’m still using a cover photo from back when Inigo Montoya was the head of the department (“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed a family of five — prepare to be psychoanalyzed.”).  I guess I’m having trouble letting go.  If they promise to make Nicholas Brendon a regular character (he played the tech geek who started dating Garcia last year), I might be able to move on, though.  I’m just sayin’.  (Garcia rulz!)

CSI: New York — 10pm, CBS, season 5 — I don’t typically watch this one regularly either, but still tune in when I can because I like being reminded of the “Victoria’s Secret” episode of Due South.  (Only a very small number of you will nod knowingly at that sentence.  Which is why I wrote it.)  That said, I do think this show has been getting better and better with each passing season, and, much to its credit, it was also the first mainstream thing I ever saw Second Life mentioned in, which is not worth nothing.  TV 2.0!  S’not bad.

Thursday, September 25

Grey’s Anatomy — 9-11pm, ABC, season 5 — Here are my three rules for season 5:

1)  George must remain celibate for the entire season, or else. . . well, let’s just leave it at: OR ELSE.

2)  Izzy must not whine all season, especially about, to, or near George.

3)  Meredith and Derek must either get back together or break up, BUT NOT BOTH.

The Office — 9-10pm, NBC, season 5 — I usually watch this one online (and read recently that, thankfully, it will be back on iTunes this year!), but will definitely be making room for the hour-long premiere this week.  I confess I was really excited about Jim and Pam finally gettin’ together, until, like, they finally got together.  And now, not so much.  Such is the way of TV, I guess.

ER — 10pm, NBC, season FIFTEEN — Really?  Fifteen seasons?  Was that absolutely necessary?  Also, did I mention that A HELICOPTER FELL ON ROMANO?  I believe I did.

Rumor has it, Anthony Edwards will be back this season — don’t ask me, I just work here.  Maybe they’re doing a zombie episode?

Also returning this season will be Carter (I still think he should show up and tell everybody he’s become a librarian, but nobody ever listens to me), Ray and what I assume will be two prosthetic limbs and a cellphone phobia, and Dr. Moretti (Stanley Tucci).  Not returning this season:  Romano.  Although, I guess if Dr. Greene is coming back, one can’t really rule anything out.  Even characters who were once FLATTENED by a HELICOPTER.

Friday, September 26

Obama/McCain Friday-Night SmackDown, (check local TV guide for times). The season’s newest reality show kicks off with its first of four installments (three Obama/McCain SmackDowns, one Biden/Palin).  In this corner:  Barack “I’ve Now Been in Fifty. . . Seven States” Obama!  And in this corner: John “Noun, Verb, I WAS A POW!” McCain!  Watch as Barack Obama tries to intimidate his opponent using big words and an eerie calm!  Watch as McCain stammers a bit, tries to change the subject, and then shoots fire out of his eyeballs!

Two will go in, but only one can be. . . America’s Next Top Politician.

Hey, you’ve registered to vote, right?  If not, you should get on that, yo.  Election’s right around the corner (thank god!).  Go Obama!

Sunday, September 28

Cold Case — 9pm, CBS, season 6 — I actually quit watching this last year.  Got too repetitive.  But I might give it a try this season since there isn’t much else playing on Sunday nights.

Desperate Housewives — 9pm, ABC, season 5 — I actually quit watching this last year.  Got too repetitive.  But I might give it a try this season since there isn’t much else playing on Sunday nights.

The Unit — 10pm, CBS, season 4 — I actually quit watching this one after season one.  It was on opposite too many other things I was watching.  I won’t be tuning in this season either because I want to catch up on DVD instead, but this is a pretty good show (developed by David Mamet, no less), and one worth mentioning.  Also worth mentioning:  Max Martini, hubba hubba.  I like boys with freckles.

Check back next Monday for the schizznizzle on next week’s new & used TV!