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Fall TV Update: Tuesday, Sept 25

September 25, 2012

So whatcha whatcha whatcha want (whatcha want)?  Well, hey, how about anything but this year’s Tuesday night line-up (ba-dum ching!)?

I mean, NCIS — fine.  FINE.  I’m still watching it, I still enjoy it for the most part, but truly, it could retire.  It’s really time for it to retire, guys.  NCIS: LA, on the other hand, should get fired, and should’ve been fired its first month — this is a crazy, crazy, mixed-up kinda world where that insufferable dreck survives and Pushing Daisies doesn’t.

As for New Girl, I keep hearing it’s great, and then I keep seeing that Zooey Deschanel iPhone ad and having to fight the urge to punch her in the face (which is only going to end up hurting me, because I still have an old CRT TV — you know, the ones with the glass screens?).  So, no.  Mindy Project, no.  Private Practice, GOOD GOD NO.  Ben and Kate, only if it’s renamed Ben and Kate Plus 8, Ben is an android, and the 8 are from the planet Melmac (wow, actually, I may be onto something there. . .).  And Vegas — well, now, Vegas.  I’ll get to that one in a second.


NCIS — 8pm (CBS) — Look, I’m still in love with Michael Weatherly, and with McGee even more.  And Abby — Abby’s great.  And please, Mark Harmon?  Mark Harmon can do no wrong, even when he’s playing Ted Bundy.  But Ducky — Ducky was my favorite character, and Ducky’s gone now, right?  So, what’s the point?  I think there is no point.  I CANNOT GO ON.   I MUST GO ON.  I CANNOT GO ON.  I WILL GO ON.  Crap.  Can’t you just get canceled and put me out of my misery?  Why you gotta hang in there so tight?

New Girl — 8pm (FOX) — “Hey, Siri, can you order me up some TOMATO SOUP because I’m SO DUMB I do not know how to use a can opener.”  *punch* *blood* *911 call* *17 stitches*

Ben and Kate — 8:30pm (FOX) — Sit-com starring an adorable kid and a guy with really weird teeth.  PASS! (FAIL!)

NCIS: LA — 9pm (CBS) — Every time I see an ad for this show, I cry a little bit for the man LL Lame J used to be.  Why couldn’t this show be good?  Chris O’Donnell!  LINDA HUNT, for pity’s sake!  But the Navy doesn’t have a super secret undercover crack detective team in Los Angeles loaded to the hilt with money for fast cars, gadgets, and costume changes, and I can’t just pocket that information and pretend it’s fine you’re being ridiculous!  Stop being ridiculous!  It’s just so ridiculous!

The Mindy Project — 9:30pm (FOX) — Because, why now?  I mean, it’s awesome, sure, that an Indian female comic is headlining her own show in the US.  But I kind of can’t stand that Indian female comic, so. . . Congratulations, please go away.  Am I terrible?  I’m terrible.  I’m sorry.

Private Practice — 9pm (ABC) — I was honestly surprised to see this was still in the line-up this fall.  What is this doing still in the line-up this fall?  Is it just me or do Tuesday nights really blow this  season?  This show is absolutely insufferable.  I made it through a record six episodes of season one before I couldn’t stand the churning sensation in my stomach every time a character spoke a line of vapid dialogue.  WHAT IS THIS SHOW STILL DOING HERE?  I blame you guys for this.  No, not YOU guys.  YOU OTHER GUYS.  You know, the ones who keep watching this thing!  YOU!  Cut that out, already!

Vegas — 10pm (CBS) —  Upside:  the cast.  Hunky Ex-Boyfriends Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, together AND playing mortal enemies!  Ye-he-HES!  Downside: they’re playing mortal enemies in 1960s Vegas, and honestly, the likelihood of this primetime network TV show being even remotely as entertaining or interesting as Casino or GoodFellas is so teeny tiny it cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Upside:  Chiklis is playing a bad-ass again, which is great because after seeing him hitting people in the head with phone books for several years on The Shield, he’ll simply never square as The Commish for me ever again (although, having seen a few trailers and print ads for this, I’m not sold on his ability to pull of the 1960s mobster suit look, either).  Downside:  Quaid is playing a cowboy-turned-reluctant sheriff, a character I feel I’ve seen 97,000 times before (speaking of cowboy sheriffs, did you guys watch Longmire this summer, co-starring Ex-Boy/Girlfriend of the Week Katee Sackhoff?  I really enjoyed that one).  Oh, argh.  This is one of those shows I don’t really want to watch, but I feel like I should probably watch.  So, I’ll watch.  Let’s see what happens.

Fall TV Week Three: AVALANCHE!

September 21, 2009

Brace yourselves — the crushing onslaught of returning shows begins NOW.  Because there are so many shows to announce this week, I’m going to do tonight and tomorrow night first, and then will post again Wednesday with the next batch.

Monday, 9/21

Heroes (NBC) – 8pm.  It’s too bad this show sucks so much, because it was super fun the first season.  Alas, it just sucks SO MUCH.  I’m not going to bother at all this year.  I didn’t bother last year either.  Sorry, Greg Grunberg.  I still love you.

houseHouse (F0x) – 8pm (two hour premiere).  I quit watching House a few seasons ago, but sort of got re-roped into it last season and wasn’t all that sorry about it.  I’ll tune in, see how things go.  Assess the sitchuayshon.   I’m willing to put up with a lot for Hugh Laurie because he knows Stephen Fry and Stephen Fry is my hero.  Then again, last year’s finale ended with House being institutionalized for serious, serious mental illness; if this season starts with him immediately returning to work like he’s been magically cured, I may have to arch an eyebrow in this show’s general direction.

Dancing with the Pseudo-Stars (ABC) – 8pm.  I don’t understand the appeal of this show.  And people who love this show don’t seem to understand the appeal of So You Think You Can Dance.  Someday, I hope we can all be friends.

castleCastle (ABC) – 10pm.  This show is incredibly ridiculous, thanks to Nathan Fillion, who probably ought to tame it down a little bit but won’t, which is why I love him so incredibly much.  Castle, in my opinion, fills a necessary void in the crime-show line-up — it’s not intense, it’s not gory, it’s not dark, it’s not complicated.  It’s just a cute little cozy in television format, with a highly lickable nose front and center.  I’m extremely fond of it, so keep your snark to yourselves.

Sitcoms:  How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – 8pm; Accidentally on Purpose (CBS) – 8:30pm; Two and a Half Men (CBS) – 9pm; The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – 9:30pm.   I know that HIMYM and Big Bang Theory are hilarious; everybody tells me this constantly.  Some day, I’m sure I will rent them on DVD and kick myself for not having gotten into them sooner.  But that won’t be today. Two and a Half Men just won an Emmy, if you care.  Which I don’t.  And Accidentally on Purpose is a new one starring Jenna Elfman, who just annoys the ever-living beheysoos out of me.  Like I need THAT today, CBS.  Really.

CSI: Miami (CBS) – 10pm.  My Dad does the best impersonation of David Caruso of all time.  Imitation is not always the highest form of flattery, trust me.

Tuesday, 9/22

ncisNCIS (CBS), 8pm.  Still love it.  Of all the cop shows on right now, this is the one that is the most consistently engaging, funny, and intelligent.  A total winner.  Plus, TWO ex-Boyfriends in ONE SERIES (Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly)!  It’s like heaven on earth.

Bonus Round:  tonight’s season premiere of NCIS is followed immediately by the series premiere of its spin-off:  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 9pm).  I confess I’m a little wary of this one, despite the fact I LOVE L. L. Cool J. and Chris O’Donnell.  Love them, love them, love them.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that this won’t be the CSI:Miami of NCIS.  Please, please don’t be the CSI:Miami of NCIS.  I’m begging you.  Please don’t.  Just don’t.

The Good Wife (CBS) – 10pm.  I thought for a while I might give this one a try, but to be honest, I think I’ve bailed before it’s even begun.  I’ve never been a big Margulies fan, and though it co-stars Chris Noth, hubba hubba, to me it sounds too much like Judging Amy, only without the Tyne Daly.  Working-mother shows are always the same, lawyer shows are always the same, shows without Tyne Daly are ALWAYS THE SAME.  I’ve got better things to watch (I hope).  If you tune in and love it, though, definitely let me know and I’ll go back and check it out later on.

slaterThe Forgotten (ABC) – 10pm.  I am going to try this one, I think, mostly because I really enjoyed Christian Slater in last year’s My Own Worst Enemy and I’d like to see him give this TV thing a second go.  That said, I’m fairly certain this show is going to stink.  It also sounds too much the same as every other show on right now — I’m getting as burned out on specialty-detective shows as I am on lawyer ones (this one is about a group of dicks who focus on identifying previously-unidentified dead people, by the way).  Plus, also no Tyne Daly!  Again with that!   I shrug and throw my hands in the air.  We’ll see what happens.

Check back Wednesday for the update on Wed-Sun’s returning shows!

New & Used TV, Sept. 22 – 28

September 22, 2008

Here’s what’s new/back this week — good thing I finally cleared all the crap off my DVR this weekend (uh, by WATCHING it, of course!).  Let the Fall Season officially begin!

Monday, September 22

Heroes — 8-11pm, NBC, season 3 — The first hour of this three-hour block is a special clips/recaps/behind-the-scenes thing, with the premiere of season three running from 9-11.  I have only three requirements for this season (#1’s a two-parter, though):

1) No more amnesia plotlines (Really?  They had to resort to ye olde amnesia plotline (TM) in season TWO?  Usually shows make it to at least season four before they get that desperate for ideas. . .).

1b) No coma plotlines either, while I’m at it.

2) No more kissing scenes involving Sylar — for all we know, dude’s EATING those brains he takes, and that sounds like an extremely effective way to contract all KINDS of hellacious diseases.  Keep yer cooties to yerself, brain-muncher.

3) Adrian Pasdar should be shirtless in every scene.  HOWEVER, I’ll settle for every other scene.  IF I MUST.  I think he might be the last remaining American actor with chest hair, and I, for one, would like to see more of it.

Also, just FYI, Life doesn’t return until next week, but if you just can’t wait another seven days, you can watch the first episode of the season on starting today.

Tuesday, September 23

NCIS — 8pm, CBS, season 6 — At the end of last season, Lauren Holly was dead (huzzah!) and the team was being split up (crap!).  This year, things start off with a new team, but, according to Entertainment Weekly, “there will be a lot of relieved fans” after the opening episode.  Let’s hope that means Tony shows up halfway through, looks right at the camera, and says, “Really?  Getting rid of the team the fans already know and love?  Yeah, because that worked so well for House last season??  I’ll be in my trailer with Ziva and McGilligan — let me know when you’ve pulled your heads out of your behinds.”  You tell ’em, DiNozzo.

The Mentalist — 9pm, CBS, season 1 — In a word: Simon Baker.  Oh wait, that’s two words.  Might as well go for more, then.  This series is sort of like USA’s Psych, except not funny, which doesn’t really sound all that great if you’re a Psych fan, but which might actually work pretty well if you’re a Simon Baker fan.  It’s about a bogus TV psychic (Baker) whose entire family was murdered by a serial killer.  He takes a job with the California Bureau of Investigation, where he uses his fake psychic skills (he just reads people very, very well, like Sean in Psych) to solve crimes, ultimately hoping he’ll eventually find the nutjob  who took out his peeps.  Entertainment Weekly said the pilot was a “fun, fast-paced treat.”  No word yet on whether or not Baker takes his shirt off, or if he has chest-hair.  I’ll keep you posted.

Law & Order: SVU — 10pm, NBC, season 10 — Yes, I’m still watching this.  I’m not sure why.  I think I just keep hoping that someday, Stabler will stop caricaturing himself and go back to being an interesting character.  Then again, I said that about the characters on ER ten years ago, and look what happened:  A HELICOPTER FELL ON ROMANO.

Without a Trace — 10pm, CBS, season 7 — I haven’t watched this series regularly in years because it’s usually on opposite 86-gazillion other things I’d rather see.  However, I think there might be room for it on Tuesdays at 10 for me.  At least this week.  It’s not my favorite, but it’s usually fairly entertaining.  And I still love that they have a character named “Sam Spade,” even though she has never, to my knowledge, done a Humphrey Bogart impression.  Maybe this year.

Wednesday, September 24

Criminal Minds — 9pm, CBS, season 4 — Oh look!  I’m still using a cover photo from back when Inigo Montoya was the head of the department (“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed a family of five — prepare to be psychoanalyzed.”).  I guess I’m having trouble letting go.  If they promise to make Nicholas Brendon a regular character (he played the tech geek who started dating Garcia last year), I might be able to move on, though.  I’m just sayin’.  (Garcia rulz!)

CSI: New York — 10pm, CBS, season 5 — I don’t typically watch this one regularly either, but still tune in when I can because I like being reminded of the “Victoria’s Secret” episode of Due South.  (Only a very small number of you will nod knowingly at that sentence.  Which is why I wrote it.)  That said, I do think this show has been getting better and better with each passing season, and, much to its credit, it was also the first mainstream thing I ever saw Second Life mentioned in, which is not worth nothing.  TV 2.0!  S’not bad.

Thursday, September 25

Grey’s Anatomy — 9-11pm, ABC, season 5 — Here are my three rules for season 5:

1)  George must remain celibate for the entire season, or else. . . well, let’s just leave it at: OR ELSE.

2)  Izzy must not whine all season, especially about, to, or near George.

3)  Meredith and Derek must either get back together or break up, BUT NOT BOTH.

The Office — 9-10pm, NBC, season 5 — I usually watch this one online (and read recently that, thankfully, it will be back on iTunes this year!), but will definitely be making room for the hour-long premiere this week.  I confess I was really excited about Jim and Pam finally gettin’ together, until, like, they finally got together.  And now, not so much.  Such is the way of TV, I guess.

ER — 10pm, NBC, season FIFTEEN — Really?  Fifteen seasons?  Was that absolutely necessary?  Also, did I mention that A HELICOPTER FELL ON ROMANO?  I believe I did.

Rumor has it, Anthony Edwards will be back this season — don’t ask me, I just work here.  Maybe they’re doing a zombie episode?

Also returning this season will be Carter (I still think he should show up and tell everybody he’s become a librarian, but nobody ever listens to me), Ray and what I assume will be two prosthetic limbs and a cellphone phobia, and Dr. Moretti (Stanley Tucci).  Not returning this season:  Romano.  Although, I guess if Dr. Greene is coming back, one can’t really rule anything out.  Even characters who were once FLATTENED by a HELICOPTER.

Friday, September 26

Obama/McCain Friday-Night SmackDown, (check local TV guide for times). The season’s newest reality show kicks off with its first of four installments (three Obama/McCain SmackDowns, one Biden/Palin).  In this corner:  Barack “I’ve Now Been in Fifty. . . Seven States” Obama!  And in this corner: John “Noun, Verb, I WAS A POW!” McCain!  Watch as Barack Obama tries to intimidate his opponent using big words and an eerie calm!  Watch as McCain stammers a bit, tries to change the subject, and then shoots fire out of his eyeballs!

Two will go in, but only one can be. . . America’s Next Top Politician.

Hey, you’ve registered to vote, right?  If not, you should get on that, yo.  Election’s right around the corner (thank god!).  Go Obama!

Sunday, September 28

Cold Case — 9pm, CBS, season 6 — I actually quit watching this last year.  Got too repetitive.  But I might give it a try this season since there isn’t much else playing on Sunday nights.

Desperate Housewives — 9pm, ABC, season 5 — I actually quit watching this last year.  Got too repetitive.  But I might give it a try this season since there isn’t much else playing on Sunday nights.

The Unit — 10pm, CBS, season 4 — I actually quit watching this one after season one.  It was on opposite too many other things I was watching.  I won’t be tuning in this season either because I want to catch up on DVD instead, but this is a pretty good show (developed by David Mamet, no less), and one worth mentioning.  Also worth mentioning:  Max Martini, hubba hubba.  I like boys with freckles.

Check back next Monday for the schizznizzle on next week’s new & used TV!

MOVIE: Asteroid (1997)

December 3, 2007

This is another one of the nine movies my mom and I watched while I was on vacation over the week of Thanksgiving. Again, this movie was fairly typical, but we would’ve been fine with that because of the good cast (Michaels Biehn AND Weatherly!) were it not for the fact the last hour of this three-hour movie was so dang dull. Unfortunately, “dang dull” it was — I hate it when that happens!

The movie, which I think must’ve been a TV miniseries originally, starts out as most asteroid destruction flicks do: astronomers discover that a couple of chunks of rock are hurtling through space pointed right at the United States (why the asteroids in movies always seem to be targeting us Americans, I have no idea, but I bet if we got Homeland Security on the case, they could trace it all back to al-Qaeda).

One of the two asteroids is pretty small, and it ends up plunking into a river in Missouri, doing fairly minimal damage. The other, though, is ten times bigger and, as the scientists tell us, will blow the entire nation to smithereens. Damn you, Osama bin Laden!

As a last ditch effort to save the nation, the government decides to shoot it with some rockets to try to obliterate it (when in doubt, blow it up — clearly, they’ve been watching a lot of Mythbusters lately). Unfortunately, though they manage to hit it spot-on, instead of exploding into dust, it merely shatters into thousands of pieces, all of which continue to rush through space in our direction. Whoopsie!

Scientist Lady (Annabella Sciorra) and Cocky FEMA Guy (Michael Biehn) are on the ground trying to predict where the chunks will hit, when they realize there’s not much they can really do except wait. The pieces fly straight into Dallas, TX, where Scientist Lady’s son and father live. And that’s where this movie kind of goes off the rails. Instead of focusing on the asteroid stuff, the second half is all a search-and-rescue type thing. Scientist Lady and Cocky FEMA Guy start falling for each other (yeech) as they struggle through the wreckage of Dallas trying to find her kid and pops. Unfortunately, while the cast is good (for the record, I’ve been in love with Michael Biehn since The Terminator), the movie itself focused too much on the aftermath and not enough on the science/space stuff. The fun parts of disaster movies, in my opinion, are the attempts to AVERT said disaster — the clean-up is rarely all that satisfying.

This is pretty much a stinker, in other words, though if you too have a big crush on Biehn, it may be worth a rental for you. He does get to save the day and make the ladies swoon, after all. And he also looks absolutely smashing in windbreakers.

Of the nine movies we watched on my vacation, though, this one ranks all the way down at number 7.

[Not available at Netflix]

Genre: Sci-fi/disaster
Cast: Michael Biehn, Annabella Sciorra, Michael Weatherly, Jensen Daggett, Dennis Arndt

TV Shows That, Like Me, Are Improving With Age

November 2, 2007

First, some blog business. I realized yesterday that WordPress had added “tags,” in addition to “categories,” so I went back through all the relevant posts last night and added tags that essentially relate to genres (thriller, horror, etc.). You should be able to click on those on the right side of the screen (scroll the page down until you get to the bottom of the linky content on the right) if you want to look at all the horror movies/TV, all the Westerns, etc.

These are different from the “Categories” links, which I’m mostly using to classify posts by ex-Boyfriend or general topic (movie review, TV show, e.g.). If you’re a librarian, you can think of categories as being equivalent to subject headings, and tags as being equal to descriptors (if only because I’m not going to be that careful about controlling the vocabulary in the “tags” section). If you’re not a librarian, you should just count your lucky stars I haven’t started classifying each post using the Dewey Decimal System. Nerd alert!

As most of you old-hat bloggers already know, the bigger the font size in the “tag cloud” display, the more posts that have been tagged with that term. So, the word “thriller” is huge because I’ve watched a lot of thrillers lately, while “crap” is still reasonably small. Based on my usual movie watching tendencies, however, I suspect “crap” will quickly expand in size over the coming weeks.

Okay, now onto the (extremely long!) post. I’ve already done a run-through of all the NEW shows this year (though I’ll give you another update on some of those soon as well, since my feelings on a few have changed recently). But, I didn’t want to neglect some of the “old” shows, especially since there are a few I think are having their best seasons so far.

I’m breaking “old” shows (or “returning series,” in gentler terms) down into three categories: Aging Gracefully, Dying a Much-Too-Slow Death, and Just Plain Getting Old. I’ll start with the Aging Gracefully ones, and do separate posts for the other two categories over the next few days.

Aging Gracefully

Bones Fox, Tuesdays, 8pm — Last season, I enjoyed this show but wasn’t always in a huge hurry to watch it. I did love the guest spot from Stephen Fry as Booth’s psychoanalyist, but I’ve found some of the other characters on the show a bit hard to stomach since day one. Okay, okay, I’ll just come right out and say it: I HATE ANGELA. Everything about her annoys the bejesus out of me, especially her extreme overuse of the word “sweetie.” I realize this makes me a terrible person, since she’s supposed to be the nicest, most caring person in the lab. Nevertheless, I long for the day Tempe will be called in to identify her skull using dental records.

I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

Since I’m confessing, I might as well also mention that I found the early version of Tempe annoying with her unbelievable lack of pop culture knowledge — “I don’t know what that means” was one of her most oft-spoken lines, and more than once, I found myself yelling in response, “NOBODY doesn’t know what that means! Gah!”

Also, of course, I’m a huge fan of the Kathy Reichs mystery series this show is based on, and the Tempe in the books is absolutely nothing like the Tempe on the show. This took some getting used to for me. I’ve enjoyed Bones consistently since the beginning, but it wasn’t really until last season that I started to get a little more enthusiastic about it. So far this year, though, I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed every episode I find myself actually tuning in for it live Tuesday nights (something I never usually do, especially now that I have a DVR).

I’m really enjoying the relationship between Booth and Tempe — they’ve got great chemistry — and Tempe’s quirks have started to become less grating and more endearing for me with time. Booth’s sarcastic sense of humor kinda makes me swoon, and I also love the geeks back at the lab, especially when they start arguing about Einstein and/or superheroes. All in all, this is an extremely charming show, with solid plots, entertaining characters, and an all around “fun” vibe (my mom just cringed at my use of the word “fun” as an adjective, by the way. Hi, Mom!). A keeper, and one I look forward to more and more with each passing week.

NCIS — Tuesdays, CBS, 8pm — This series has had its ups and downs over the years, and I still haven’t stopped hating Lauren Holly in her role as the NCIS director. Yet, there are many other things I adore about this show, and, so far, I’ve been enjoying this season more than ever before. This is a solid, consistent crime series that does a great job of giving us some insight into the characters’ personal lives, without making it feel unnecessary and clumsy (by comparison, think of the very badly-done personal stories peppering CSI periodically — Gil’s hearing loss, his relationship with Sara, all gak-inducing and distracting). I love Abby, the forensics girl, as well as McGee (and not just because he shares the nickname “McGeek” with me). DiNozzo’s penchant for movie quotes has endeared him to me for life, and, of course, Mark Harmon — ’nuff said. The only thing they should stop doing, in my opinion, is having Ziva continue to get American slang wrong — she’s been here too long now to keep confusing the colloquialisms. Aside from that, though, I’m still having a lot of fun watching this one.

Supernatural — Thursdays, CW, 9pm — Oh man, this show is just A BLAST. I thought last year was the best for the series so far (that episode about the trickster was 100% pure comedy gold), but instead, the show is getting smarter, funnier, and more creative with every passing week. I especially predict a LOT of fun now that Dean thinks he’s only got a year to live, as well. Aside from the mandatory artery-clogging burger-eating and the oodles of premarital sex he’s been seeking since receiving the news of his imminent demise (it’s a long story), I think we’ll see a lot more action as he starts to take increasing “death be damned” types of risks when going after Big Bads. That was a great plot development, though I do think they’ll have to be careful not to let Sam sink down too far into moodiness, as he is often wont to do. Because when Sam starts moping around acting all maudlin, I begin feeling twitchy, and with him thinking Dean is doomed, I’m a little concerned the mood of the show might start to crash at times.

No crashing. Crashing = bad.

Because, oh man, that banter. When it’s flowing, it is some of the best witty dialogue ever to grace the small screen. The writers of this show not only know a ton about supernatural stories and myths, but they know brotherhood and sibling relations like the backs of their hands. In fact, I’d argue that now Veronica Mars is gone, this is the only show left that really does banter. And man, does it ever do banter well. If you’ve never seen the series, I’d advocate for starting with Season One on DVD, because backstory is sort of important. But you could also be jumping into the current episodes while you’re making up for lost time (also, I describe the series in more detail in the Boyfriend write-ups for Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and their dead father, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan — so check those out for more information too). If you like spooky plots, brilliant writing, and two extraordinarily good-looking young men and you are NOT watching Supernatural. . . Dude . . . Seriously. Get on the ball.

Men in Trees — Fridays, ABC, 9pm — Technically, we’re still finishing up season one of this series, so I can’t really start this paragraph off by saying I’m enjoying season two even more than season one. (Last year, ABC cut the first season short so it could kickstart a few late-bloomers in its timeslot, and though that meant a torturous spring for us fans, the nice thing is that it means an extra-long season this year.) But, nevertheless, things have begun to improve radically for all the characters in Elmo, especially now that Lynn has hit the road and a few other plotlines are back on track. It can only get more fun from here, my friends. I feel confident of that. The bad news is I just can’t shake this sinking feeling that nobody else is watching this one and that, because of that, it’s simply not going to survive its second year. I will be more traumatized by its cancellation than I was by the cancellations of Eyes and Wonderfalls, and if you remember me back then, you know I was moping for WEEKS over those two. So, if you aren’t watching this show, I’m begging you to tune in so we can keep the numbers up. Even if you hate the concept (or, more relevantly, even if you hate Anne Heche, an emotion I fully understand), there’s just sooooo much to love about the boys, not to mention the lovely setting. James Tupper as the scruffy outdoorsman Jack! Abraham Benrubi as the bear-like barkeep with a heart of gold! Derek Richardson as the geeky boy toy! There’s plenty for everyone. The only thing so far this year I haven’t enjoyed much is the guest spot from Callum Keith Rennie, and that’s just because he suddenly looks old enough to be my grandfather. A fact I found sort of disturbing, especially since my grandfather is old enough to be DEAD.

CSI: NY — Wednesdays, CBS, 10pm — I watched about the first six episodes of season one of this CSI spin-off when it first started and got so sleepy from all the drearily (un)lit sets that I gave up on it. Besides, nothing irritates me more in movies or on television than a morgue that is badly lit — I refuse to believe medical examiners ever do autopsies in dark rooms, even when they want a cool air of mysterious ambiance. I caught a few reruns last year, and was still sort of “meh” on the series, I’ll confess. But this year, I decided to give it a more serious try after having a few conversations about it with friends and family who are fans, and I’ve been nothing but impressed ever since. They’ve finally shaken off some of the extra-silly darkness (both in the settings and in the characters’ psyches), and the mystery plots themselves have been intriguing instead of old news. I really enjoyed the “Second Life” storyline from two weeks ago, which looks like it’ll stick around for a bit this season, and even the Halloween one, a bit cheesy as it was (set in Amityville, no less), was still pretty fun. All in all, this show seems to be getting better with age. A quality I both admire AND share, if I do say so myself.

Numb3rs — Fridays, CBS, 10pm — I got bored with this show last year when they got rid of Peter MacNicol so he could do 24. I was surprised, really, by how huge a gap that left in the series for me. But I was sucked back in last spring by the season finale with the whole double-triple-cross thing with Colby. I got a bit more caught up with reruns over the summer, and was eager to tune back in when the show started up again this fall. So far, despite the fact I still don’t understand why all the geniuses have stopped shaving, I’ve been really enjoying this year’s round of episodes. I keep waiting for them to run out of ways they can work math into the mysteries, but so far, they’ve managed to continue doing it and in ways I frequently find fascinating and surprising (plus, I just like saying the words “Fibonacci numbers,” not to mention thinking about how cool they are). Geeks are fun; math geeks, doubly so. And I’ve been watching reruns of Northern Exposure lately in spare moments too, which is only making seeing Rob Morrow all grown up on Friday nights that much more entertaining. I can’t believe I haven’t made either of these two guys a Boyfriend of the Week yet. What am I, totally BLIND? Expect to see write-ups on both of them in 2008.

Tune in later this weekend for part two of this series, which will focus on TV shows that should be dead and yet continue to refuse to go gently into that good night. So to speak.

What Meg’s Watching Tonight (Tuesday)

September 25, 2007

So, I saw last night’s Chuck, and think it has promise, though it could use some polishing up.  I also watched last night’s K-Ville, and darned if it’s plot wasn’t just as hole-ridden and badly thought-out as the pilot’s, so now I’m a bit concerned it’s going to take a dive soon.  That’ll be too bad, because the premise has real promise, and I like the characters a lot too (plus Cole Hauser is totally sex-ay, I’m not ashamed to admit it).   While I was at it, by the way, I also watched the pilots of Damian Lewis’s new show Life, as well as Bionic Woman (both were available on our Dish On Demand thing), but I’ll tell you about those tomorrow since they don’t start until tomorrow night.

Tonight, I’ll be watching the rest of last night’s shows (Heroes and Journeyman), as well as the following which start up this evening:

8pm CBS – NCIS is back!  I needs me some Michael Weatherly and I needs it STAT.

8pm FOX – Bones is back!  I needs me some David Boreanaz and I needs it STAT.

9pm CW – Reaper.  This new show is one of the few that’s getting really excited critical response.  It’s about a young guy who finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil, and the devil has decided it’s time to collect.  Ensue hilarity, right?  Yeah, I’m not sure I get it either.  I’ve listened to Robert Johnson — I know what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.  But hey, whatever!  I’m willing to go along with it since it sounds like it could be the funniest new show this year, based on what I’ve read — plus, I’m glad to see Tyler Labine getting work.  His character (the scatterbrained blogging brother) on Invasion was one of my favorite parts of that series.  Cute AND funny.  And also, fuzzy.  A good combination. 

By the way, I hope you’re impressed that I’ve just managed to describe Reaper without once making the seemingly-mandatory Blue Oyster Cult reference, though I will confess I get the Gus version of that song (from the movie Scream) in my head whenever I think about it.

9pm BBC America — Ultimate Force.  I may not stick with this show, depending on what else shows up in this time slot on regular ‘Merkin television later on, but I figured I’d give it a shot since it stars Mohinder from Heroes (Sendhil Ramamurthy).  It’s about a group of counter-terrorists in England, and looks like it might be pretty action-packed and intelligent.  At the very least, lots of cute guys, and that’s really all it takes to get me to tune in. 

10pm NBC – Law & Order: SVU is back!  I needs me some depravity (and Christopher Meloni) and I needs it STAT!

Before you ask, “What about Cane with ex-Boyfriend Jimmy Smits?” I wanted to say I’m not really all that interested in that one so I’m not planning on tuning in.  From what I’ve read, it’s not very good — I believe “boring” is the word I’ve most frequently seen associated with it.  I don’t really do “boring.”  But if you watch tonight and you think it was great, please post in comments to let the rest of us know?