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April is National Poetry Month! Let’s Write Some Bad Haiku!

April 1, 2010

I love poetry.  I’ve probably never mentioned that here before, in part because I rarely read it in book format (like, collections of poetry) and so almost never have occasion to write a review of anything poetic.  (A recent exception: Failure by Philip Schultz.)  And also possibly in part because every time I try to talk about what I love about a particular poem, I feel like I sound like a complete idiot.

This month is National Poetry Month and you’ll be bombarded from all directions (I hope) by a mad-crazy hurricane of some really amazing stuff.  Keep your eyes open — it’ll be showing up in newspapers, magazines, blogs, your friends’ Facebook pages, etc.

But we can’t just embrace the good.  To embrace the good, we must also come to know the bad.  And so, to help balance things out, I am also going to bombard you from all directions with a mad-crazy hurricane — of some really amazingly silly stuff.

The goal:  One haiku a day about a movie or TV show or book or old Boyfriend of the Week.  To join in the celebration, I urge you to contribute your own 5-7-5 on the same subject in the comments of each post.  DIG IT.


He will not use guns
But he adores explosives.
Hair, eyes, theme song, knife!

(Ya dig?)

By the way, I’m also doing Script Frenzy this month (like National Novel Writing Month except you do a screenplay instead).  Is anybody else?  If so, we can connect on the SF web site to egg each other on — let me know what your handle is.

MacGyver Cat is MacGyver!

December 11, 2009

I’m working on the next Boyfriend write-up, so I know the blog’s been a bit lazy this week.  To keep you entertained, check out this hilarious MacGyver Cat video.  Oh my god, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!  Awesome!!

If MacGyver Were Star Wars, and Vice Versa

April 23, 2009

This is awesome (thanks for passing it along, Melissa)!  It’s frankly quite uncanny how well this works!  Geek heaven!

Today’s xkcd: MacGyver Gets Lazy

July 2, 2008

A reader sent me this one this morning (xkcd is one of my favorite nerd-geek comics, by the way, so if you aren’t a reader already, bookmark and get going!).

The comic’s title? “MacGyver Gets Lazy.”

Of course, we Mac fans know that what’s happening in the comic would never ever really happen, because A) MacGyver never gets lazy and B) MacGyver abhors gun violence. However, they did spell his name right (oh, how I hate it when people spell it “McGuyver,” as though he could ever be considered a “McGuy”), so major points to xkcd this morning anyway!

MacGyver Mythbusters tonight on Discovery Channel!

February 20, 2008

Hey, everybody!  Just wanted to give you the heads-up on tonight’s episode of Mythbusters, which is the much-ballyhooed (by me, anyway) episode in which the team will be testing out “myths” from MacGyver!

Ex-Boyfriends Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage team up to go mano-a-Macmano with He Against Whom All Others Are Judged!  It’s an episode not to be missed.  At least at my house.

9pm tonight on Discovery Channel.  Have fun!

Very, Very Disappointed in You, My Readers!

December 12, 2007

Okay, after lo, these many years, I would like you people to explain to me right now why, despite the fact you guys claim to be MY FRIENDS, I had to hear about the upcoming MacGyver Mythbusters episode from MY DAD.

You guys!  I can’t believe nobody emailed me about this!  YOU ARE ALL SO FIRED RIGHT NOW!  You can’t rely on MY DAD to remember to tell me important stuff like this!  I mean, I love my Dad, but he’s a guy!  He can barely remember my NAME half the time (“Hey, you, uh, Marni, Josh, shoot, what’s your name again??”).  (Hi, Dad!  Just teasing!)

Anyway, I went online this morning to check it out, and yessiree bub, they mentioned the upcoming MacGyver special in their “Pirates 2” episode earlier this season (coincidentally, the ONE episode I missed this year — that’ll teach me to click “Skip” on the DVR just so I can record some dumb crime show instead).  Still no word on the actual airdate for the episode, but my guess is it’ll be in January, after a brief hiatus for the holidays.

This week’s episode sounds like a good one too — can a rookie really land a 747?  I have often wondered, given the frequency with which that seems to happen in movies.  And then next week brings us their annual Holiday Episode, though how they can top last year’s Rube Goldberg machine, I have no idea.  I still watch a clip of that thing on YouTube periodically (here, go watch it right now yourself — don’t say I never gave you anything for the holidays).  Love it!

As soon as I find out the actual airdate of the MacGyver episode, I’ll let you guys know.   In the meantime, I’ll be downloading “Pirates 2” from iTunes tonight just so I can hear the official announcement.  That’s how dedicated a fan of my web site *I* am.  Go ahead — post your lame excuses in comments (“My dog ate my email!” “I was abducted by aliens before I could hit ‘Send’!”).  I forgive you.  THIS TIME.  *Sniff!*

Hi, Eva! This MacGyver Post is For You!

July 31, 2007

This totally cracked me up today: