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Fall TV Week Two Reporting for Duty

September 14, 2009

Monday, 9/14

gossipgirlGossip Girl and One Tree Hill (CW, 8pm and 9pm).   I don’t watch either of these shows, and even though I have read many positive reviews of Gossip Girl, I’m telling you right now, it’s just not for me.  Girls are so lame.  And, for that matter, so are boys.  Which is why I never tuned in for One Tree Hill either.

jaylenoJay Leno Show (NBC, 10pm).  You know what’s funny about this show?   The ads.  Except, when I say “funny,” I actually mean, “horrifying.”  You know the ads I mean?  The ones in which Leno interviews random people on the street who think Abraham Lincoln lives in the Vatican?  Did you know those people are old enough to vote?  It sort of makes me want to weep.  And then throw myself off a bridge.  Or maybe both at the same time. For that reason alone, I think this is one I’m better off avoiding — the world needs all the people who read newspapers it can get.

Tuesday, 9/15

biggestloserThe Biggest Loser (or “Looser,” if you’re reading this on the Internet) (NBC, 8pm).  I don’t watch this show.   But it’s back tonight if you do.

Wednesday, 9/16

thebeautifullifeThe Beautiful Life (CW, 9pm).   Mostly all I know about this new CW series is what I’ve read in gossip columns about Mischa Barton’s recent breakdown.  And the fact I can’t remember if it was a mental health breakdown or an “exhaustion” breakdown or an addiction breakdown (or all three) tells you how much I was paying attention.  This show is about two young high-fashion models – a girl and a guy (neither of which is played by Barton, I don’t think).  It sort of sounds like a fictional ANTM, except possibly with less crying.  Since the crying is the best part of ANTM, I’m pretty sure this show is not for me.  If you watch and it’s good, let me know.  [View trailer]

Thursday, 9/17

Survivor: Samoa (CBS, 8pm).  This show is still on?

bonesBones (FOX, 8pm).  Though there are a few things about this series that annoy me (primarily these days, it’s what they did to Zach, the obnoxious Zach-2.0s they kept rotating through last year, and pretty much any- and everything about Sweets, including the very existence of his job which makes no sense whatsoever), I confess I still love it.  It’s funny, it’s clever, and it’s refreshing to watch a show that is still rocking a “mystery of the week” format.   Plus, ex-Boyfriend David Boreanaz has a great butt and an even greater grin.  My one request for this season?  Make Stephen Fry a regular!

fringeFringe (FOX, 9pm).  Halfway through season one of this show, I confess I started to get pretty bored.  But I hung in there, and man, those of us who did ended up getting a serious treat in the season finale.  (I’ll take Vulcans over smoke monsters ANY ol’ day of the week, J. J. Abrams!)  This show is weird and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense — but it’s also extremely funny, clever, and nerdy, and that makes it a keeper in my book.  Plus, ex-Boyfriend Joshua Jackson has a great butt and an even greater grin.  My only request for this season?  Make the cow a regular!

theofficeThe Office (NBC, 9pm).  I love this show, but I always wait to watch it on DVD.  Which reminds me, is last season out yet?  Oh, it is!  Plans for the next free weekend, check!  I hope Jim and Pam didn’t get too  annoying while I was away.  Happiness is such a buzzkill.

parksandrecreationParks and Recreation and Community (NBC, 8:30 and 9:30pm).  I’m not generally a big fan of sit-coms.  Never really have been (though, of course, there have been some notable exceptions over the years).  If a sit-com survives the first two or so seasons, though, and is getting a lot of raves, I’ll usually give it a try on DVD.  That’s my plan with these two too, so if you tune in and think it’s great, let me know.   P&R stars Amy Poehler as a government official who has dedicated her life to public service and teams up with a nurse to turn a “city eyesore” into a public park.  Hilarity ensues, apparently.  Community stars Joel McHale (from The Soup) as a lawyer who gets his degree revoked.  For lack of anything better to do, he decides to go back to college, “aligning himself with fellow oddballs,” including Chevy Chase and Alison Brie.  Hilarity ensues, apparently.  You let me know.

You had me at “I also speak Farsi.”

September 10, 2008

[Note: There are NO spoilers in this post — I barely say anything about last night’s plot at all, and what I do say won’t ruin anything for you, I promise.]

Okay, so I watched Fringe last night.  And wonder of wonders!  I liked it!  That is, I recognize that it has many, many flaws, not the least of which is science that doesn’t even make an attempt at making any degree of sense whatsoever.  However, when the first two utterances out of my mouth five minutes in were, “Ewwww!” followed quickly by an exuberant and sing-song, “AWE-some!” I knew I was in for a good time.

The show reminded me quite a bit of J. J. Abrams previous chick-helmed thriller, Alias, and while it’s in no way as good as Alias was (the first episode of Alias so blew my mind I ended up watching the entire first season in a single weekend), I think that with time, the character dynamics in Fringe will be as good as the ones in Alias.

Abrams needs to be careful, though, because there were many elements of the pilot episode of Fringe that were clearly taken directly from old Alias episodes, as well as from Lost (the Massive Dynamic ad at the end, e.g.).  Not to mention those scene titles that were totally ripped off from some movie or another — Fight Club, maybe?  I’d tone that stuff down if I were him. It isn’t necessary, and really derivative stuff like that makes me nervous that I’m spending time on a show that’s going to end up being pretty uninspired when all is said and done  (however, I’ll be waiting anxiously for Greg Grunberg’s guest appearance — he shows up in every Abrams show at least once, and I see no reason to buck that trend just because he’s got a steady gig on Heroes now).

The good news is, it sounds like Abrams has no intention of making this a show like Lost, where if you miss a single episode, you might as well throw yourself in front of a bus for all the hope you have of ever catching up.  Though there will obviously be an over-arching storyline in Fringe (about “The Pattern”), Abrams has said a number of times already that each episode will also be somewhat stand-alone.  More like The X-Files back when it was brilliant, before it got too bogged down in conspiracy subplots.  This is good.

Joshua Jackson is also very, very fun in this (he’s the one who had me at “I also speak Farsi,” by the way —  that made me laugh out loud), playing a sarcastic genius named Peter Bishop with a bit of a sweet side to him.  I look forward to the sexual tension he’ll get to emote as the storyline develops — he’s really good at sexual tension.  And though I wasn’t TOO crazy about Anna Torv (the FBI agent lady, who is noooooo Jennifer Garner), she might grow on me with time.

Also, it’s always nice to see the actor I call “Mr. Emaciated” (Lance Reddick, the African American guy who plays her boss, Philip Broyles).  I loved him on Oz and The Wire and was surprised and pleased to see him in this.  He’s a very talented actor, despite the fact I am frequently so distracted by his extremely prominent cheekbones I can barely follow his dialogue (somebody super-size that man’s cheeseburger, STAT!).

And then, of course, there’s Kirk Acevedo, who never did manage to make it onto the Boyfriend of the Week site as a BoB Boyfriend (I did a series of actors from HBO’s Band of Brothers, remember?), but he’s been on the list for years, so maybe this will encourage me to finally get my act together.

Anyway, I won’t say anything about the plot from last night, in case people haven’t seen it yet (note: if you missed it last night, they are rerunning it Sunday).  But even though it was a little Kevin Bacon’s Hollow Man, I have high hopes that as the show goes forward, the plots will get a bit stronger and the science will get a bit more intriguing.  The human brain is a fascinating thing — there’s a lot of stuff about it we don’t understand yet.  The writers of this series don’t need to invent fake science (take LSD and float in a tank of water and maybe you can communicate with Coma Boy!) in order to put together interesting stories.  Really, all they need to do is start start subscribing to Discover magazine (case in point: this month’s issue has a lengthy article about a scientist who has figured out a way to let a guy with “locked-in syndrome” control a computer cursor WITH HIS THOUGHTS.  Damn!  That is rad!).

Can’t wait for the next episode.  Of course, since I’m this excited about it, that means it will surely be canceled within the next three weeks.  I apologize in advance for my kiss of death.

“Excellent.  Let’s make some LSD!”

New/Used TV This Week!

September 8, 2008

It’s week two of the new Fall TV season, and here’s what’s coming up (not much, of course, since the real onslaught doesn’t begin until the 22nd):

Monday, September 8 (tonight, yo!)

8pm — FOX — Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, season 2

I still haven’t decided what I think about this one.  I haven’t even gotten around to watching last season’s two hour finale (I’ll do that today, though, I promise), and though I did enjoy it well enough last year to keep tuning in, I can’t help but think some of that may have had to do with the fact there wasn’t much else on post-strike.  The show has a lot of problems — one of the primary ones for me being that John Connor is a whiny wussy-pants who I can’t in a million years picture ever getting the gumption to save the world from a really mean puppy, let alone a race of killer machines.   But I did like all the women on the show, not to mention the grown-up boys, like Brian Austin Green and Dean Winters.  Who knew David Silver grew up so nice?  Me likey.

In any case, I haven’t completely given up yet, but this series is definitely going to be the first one I axe if it doesn’t suck me back in quickly.  Hear that, Sarah Connor?  You’re on notice, toots!

Tuesday, September 9th

8-9:35pm – FOX — Fringe, season 1

This is one of the new shows I’m actually extremely excited about.  May it please not suck, TV Gods, please!!  It’s the latest weirdo thriller from J. J. Abrams, the brilliant (and adorable!) mind that brought us two of my favorite shows of all time, Alias and Lost, not to mention one of my most-guiltiest pleasures ever, FelicityFringe is about a female FBI agent who investigates the paranormal/bizarre along with the help of a con man named Peter (played by Joshua Jackson, who also grew up VERY nicely, I might add!) and his father, a scientist who’s spent the better part of the last 20 years in an insane asylum.

Sounds sort of like The X-Files, doesn’t it?  Luckily, Abrams swears Fringe won’t require the “insane dedication” of Lost, and also that “a government agent investigating weird stuff” is where the similarities to The X-Files ends.  Don’t get me wrong: I loved The X-Files, but if this ends up being a series about a never-ending attempt to uncover the roots of a massive governmental conspiracy, I won’t be too happy.  Got my fingers crossed that this one turns out to be great — because it could so, so, so easily be great!

Okay, that’s it for stuff this week!  Check back next Monday for the skinny on what’s out between the 15th and 21st!

By the way, I watched the pilot of Sons of Anarchy over the weekend and wasn’t all that impressed.  It was entertaining enough but seriously lacking in the character depth it needs if it’s going to compete for space in my TV schedule.  I’ll stick with it for a few more episodes and see if the characters get any more intriguing as they develop.  Will let you know!

Oh yeah, and I also watched the pilot of 90210 over the weekend, and as lame as this may make me seem, I actually really enjoyed it and will definitely keep tuning in as long as it stays as thoroughly cheesy as it is right now.  No character depth required — just keep on keepin’ on with the high school melodrama!

(For details on Sons of Anarchy or 90210, check out my previous post on the Fall TV season.)

MOVIE: Shutter (2008)

July 22, 2008

Oh please, like I don’t know what you’re thinking right now?  You’re thinking, “Meg, what the HELL were you THINKING?”  But here’s the thing:  YES, I fully expected this movie to totally stink.  I mean, first of all, it’s an Americanized version of an Asian horror movie, and if there’s one thing we Americans do extremely well, it’s suck all the scariness right out of our horror remakes.  And second of all, the leads are all actors primarily recognizable as TV show supporting characters, which means none of them is what I might describe as a thespian superstar.  There’s Joshua Jackson, better known as Dawson’s Creek sidekick Pacey; David Denman, better known as Pam’s ex-boyfriend on The Office; and, the only truly horrifying moment of this movie for me (because I didn’t know he was in it and can’t stand him), John Hensley, better known as Matt from Nip/Tuck, a character I have what I would describe as a “loathe/hate” relationship with.

NEVERTHELESS, I rented Shutter despite all this because, hey, you never know — maybe someday Americans will remake an Asian horror movie into a movie that isn’t totally lame.  And do I really want to risk missing out on it?  As Whitney Houston would exclaim, “HELL to the no!”

However, for the record, this is NOT that film.  Instead, this might actually be the worst Americanized Asian horror movie I have ever seen.  (Though since I haven’t seen Jessica Alba’s The Eye, I may yet eat those words.  I’ll let you know.)

This stupid, unscary flick is about a newlywed couple, Benjamin (Jackson) and Jane (Rachel Taylor).  Ben is a successful photographer and, unfortunately, he’s just landed an important gig in Japan right as they are supposed to go on their honeymoon.  So, they decide the best thing to do is for Jane to go along and turn the trip into a working vacation.  They have a few days before Ben has to report to Tokyo, so they rent a car and head out on the back roads to a little cabin in the woods.  On the way there, though, Jane is driving when a young woman suddenly appears in the middle of the road.  Unable to stop on the icy street, Jane plows right into her.  But when she and Ben get out of the car to try to help, they can’t find any blood — or the body.  Neither can the cops.  Shaken, Jane and Ben head to their cabin and try to enjoy the few quiet days together they have.

Benjamin takes several photos at the cabin, and once they get to Tokyo, they get the film developed.  But they’re surprised to find that in almost every picture, a white blur appears.  At first, Jane thinks maybe it was the film, or the light at the cabin.  But it keeps happening, even showing up in Ben’s professional photos a few days later.  When Ben’s Japanese assistant sees them, she tells Jane they’re “spirit photos” — photos in which a ghost can be seen.

Jane begins to investigate and eventually figures out that Benjamin is being haunted by the ghost of. . . well, I’ll let you discover that plot point on your own.  Suffice it to say that HOW Jane figures this out is ridiculously inane, and the story of WHY this ghost is haunting Benjamin just made me cranky.  It didn’t fit with Ben’s personality to me.  Or, for that matter, with the personality of anyone who ISN’T a total creep.

That said, there were a few elements of this film that I appreciated for their effectively spooky quality (not that they are at all spooky in this movie, but they might’ve been had they been in a good horror film instead).  The first is a scene in which the lights go out in Benjamin’s studio and the ghost begins setting his high-intensity flash off every few seconds.  She’d flash him, then touch his neck or his hair in the dark, and then flash him again, as he flailed around, terrified and blinded and wondering what in the hell kept brushing up against him.  It was a scene that reminded me both of the similar flash-bulb scene from Rear Window, and also the scene in Wait Until Dark where Alan Arkin freaks the blind Audrey Hepburn out by silently brushing a feather against her face (and by the way, if you’ve never seen Wait Until Dark, you’re missing out on a brilliant and terrifying film).  Good.  The second moment comes at the very end, when we see why Benjamin’s neck hurts — I won’t blow that one for you either, but as far as hauntings go, I kind of appreciated the way the ghost was handling that one.  Lord knows that bastard deserved it.

Anyway, overall, this movie is a frightless stinker with a stupid storyline, a lack of creativity in general, and a bunch of characters so obnoxious it takes only minutes for you to begin rooting for the ghost to send them ALL flying off the 8th floor balcony.  The sad thing is, spirit photos actually have been around since the 1800’s, as one character points out, and I think the concept could make for an extremely effective creepy movie.  But this, alas, is, again, not that film.

Definitely one you can skip, though I could rattle off a list of at least five of you who I know just put this one at the top of your list!   You guys are awesome.

[Netflix me | Buy me]

Genre:  Horror
Cast:  Joshua Jackson, Rachel Taylor, John Hensley, David Denman, Megumi Okina

More Ex-Boyfriends Coming to a TV or Theater Near You!

April 9, 2008

I recently found out about three more ex-Boyfriends with new projects coming out in the next year and thought you guys might like to know about them too, since this IS ostensibly a “Boyfriends in the News” blog and no exes have been arrested or anything more juicy like that (well, as far as I know, anyway — surely it’s about time for another Lost cast member to get a DUI?).

The first of the three new Boyfriend projects is one I learned about the hard way when I made a joke in an email to a friend regarding recent remakes of “classic” 70’s/80’s horror movies and ended my message with, “I bet you a million bucks someone has the audacity to remake Friday the 13th next.  Because lord knows 25,789 sequels just AREN’T ENOUGH. . .”

My friend sent me an email back that said simply, “*snort*” and provided this link:,0,4784646.story

Yep, it’s Jared Padalecki, starring in the remake.  Coming to theaters in 2008.

I am both utterly disgusted and extremely excited, of course.  That’s just how my brain works when it comes to things like this.  I think the original Friday the 13th is a brilliant film, personally, and I know for a fact that modern-day filmmakers will take everything that was unique and interesting about it and turn it into a stereotypical gorefest with no character or heart whatsoever. 

And yet at the same time, that Jared Padalecki sure is SUPER CUTE. . . 

Luckily, yesterday I got some GOOD news, which is that Anthony Stewart Head (oftentimes simply called “Tony Head,” but I prefer the whole shebang) is coming to network television next fall in a series entitled Merlin which will be a fantasy show about. . . like, DUH . . .  Camelot.  It sounds pretty fun except for the part where NBC tacked on this extra clause in its description: “. . . but inspired by 21st century storytelling.”  Because when someone refers to “21st century storytelling” these days, what they usually mean is Lost and I’m not sure I can handle another series like Lost right now.  Frankly, I can barely handle the Lost I already have. 

Nevertheless, I’m hoping they can make it work because it really does sound like fun.  Read more about Merlin here:

And, last but not least (I hope not, anyway), J. J. Abrams has a new show slated for September called Fringe which will star none other than ex-Boyfriend Joshua Jackson, who I still have a MIGHTY crush on, fueled most recently by reruns of Dawson Creek I’ve been catching a few times a week on some cable channel or another.  Fringe sounds a bit like Supernatural crossed with the X-Files, and is about a “unit” of scientists and Feebies who investigate “sci-fi mysteries.”  Could be good, could be just mind-bogglingly awful.  I look forward to finding out which! 

Here’s more on Fringe, if you’re curious:

Hooray for ex-Boyfriends still getting work!