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Joss Whedon on the future of Dollhouse. Sort of.

April 16, 2009

dollhouseThis cracked me up today.  These two articles are based on the same exact remarks given by Joss Whedon at the recent Paley Festival in regards to the future of his series Dollhouse (which, incidentally, just got badassedly entertaining about three episodes ago).

LA Times:
Joss Whedon: Chances of a ‘Dollhouse’ renewal are ‘not very good’

Joss Whedon tells Paley Fest fans that ‘Dollhouse’ season 2 is a total possibility

God bless the American media.  They sure keep things interesting.  (p.s. Thanks to Alisa for bringing the LA Times version to my attention!)

In other recent Boyfriend-related news, Josh Holloway just became a father.  And Mark Ruffalo is going to be starring in the upcoming movie version of the awesome Dennis Lehane novel Shutter Island, which I read for the first time a few years ago and loved, and am in the process of rereading right now.  Great story, AND the movie version will be directed by Martin Scorcese and costar Leonardo Dicaprio and Ben Kingsley.  Sign me up!

Anybody else have any Boyfriends in the News news to report?  Hit the comments, yo!

Sawyer [Hearts] Me!

February 14, 2008

I love these sorts of things — finding out which character on a show or from a movie you most resemble, what your pirate name would be, etc.  Why I love them, I do not know.  I try not to be too introspective about stuff like this.

Normally, I wouldn’t annoy you guys by posting a lot of this kind of stuff, however, I couldn’t resist sharing this one, my “Sawyer” nickname, because it’s eerily accurate.  Anybody who knew me back when I was in college is going to be completely amazed by this one, because I actually DID go by the nickname “Huckleberry” for many years back in my 20’s.  Damn, that Sawyer is GOOD (you know, except for the “Pinhead” part — up yours on that one, Sawyer)! 

And also, he [hearts] me!  Woot!  Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Post your own Sawyer nicknames in comments, ‘kay, guys?  I want to hear what the others are (surely, one of them will be “Chewie”?  “Freckles”?  “Col. Kurtz”?), but I’m too lazy to try to figure out all the possible answer combinations!