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Nuthin’ New This Week!

October 3, 2012

Oh, hey, there isn’t anything new starting up this week on the tube, I just realized.  Merely a few returns:  Hart of Dixie and Raising Hope last night, Supernatural tonight, and 30 Rock tomorrow night. New stuff comes back next week, so I’ll have more to say about dat dem stuffs den.

As for Supernatural: I gave up SupeNatch early last season when it became clear they were STILL going to be doing the damn angel war thing.  Holy tedium, Batman!  If that storyline is finally over and done with and we’re back to monster-of-the-week episodes, somebody let me know?  I’d be willing to dive back in for that, and that alone.  If not, I’ll just rewatch the early years whenever I need a Winchester Bros. fix.  Which is still surprisingly often.  Or perhaps not so surprisingly often, considering:  humina humina.

Aside from that, I have naught else to report.  (Except for the eight book and movie reviews I’m behind on.  TRA LA!)

Comment fodder:  What, if any, of the new shows have you decided to stick with a little longer?  So far, I’m still watching Revolution (though I am not paying terribly close attention and it’s probably going to disappear from my DVR shortly if it doesn’t pick up soon) and I’m game for episode 2 this week of Vegas (surprisingly enough).  That Animal Practice sit-com with the monkey, though?  OH HOLY HELL.  I didn’t last 6 minutes.  What about youse dudes?

Fall TV Week One Reporting for Duty: Mon 9/7 – Sun 9/13

September 7, 2009

Hello, and welcome to Fall TV season 2009!  I’ll be breakin’ it down for you each week, as per tradition, so check back every Monday for the schedule for the upcoming seven.  The bulk of the premieres don’t get started for another week or two, but a couple of favorites are back this week, so there’s still plenty to be excited about.  Well, okay, “plenty” is a bit of an overstatement.


9021090210 (CW), 8pm — I watched about four episodes from the first season of this series and then threw in the towel with a resounding THWACK.  It’s unlikely I’ll bother with it this year either, though I did read a lot of reviews last spring that said it had improved dramatically.  Whatevs.  If Luke Perry shows up, somebody call me.  Otherwise, I think I’ll keep sitting this one out. [web site]

melroseplaceMelrose Place (CW), 9pm — I guess the CW thought 90210 was doing so well, they might as well dredge up the other big hit from my teenage years, Melrose Place.  I was not, I will confess, a fan of this series when it was on.  Even then, I was kind of annoyed by the angst of maudlin 20-somethings (a feeling that only got worse when I later turned into an angsty, maudlin 20-something myself, mind you).  That said, the updated version of this series. . . nope, sorry, still looks terrible.  Color me surprised. [web site | trailer]

sonsofanarchySons of Anarchy (FX), 10pm — Look, it’s flawed, okay?  But it’s also intriguing, entertaining, and original.  Plus, goddamn, Charlie Hunnam looks good with his shirt off, and the producers of this series KNOW IT.  Season two brings two new enemies to the Sons — a white supremacist played by Adam Arkin (last seen on Life) and a rival gang leader played by Henry Rollins.  I’ve been waiting for Henry Rollins to show up, actually; hope that won’t be the shark-jumper.  In any case, Hunnam is back, and so is his killer hair and torso.  Sign me right up. [web site]


antmAmerica’s Next Top Model (CW), 8pm — SMILE WITH YOUR EYES, for pity’s sake.  Don’t make me have to tell you again, ladies.   I confess that as long as they keep putting these out, I’ll keep watching.  I can’t stop; it’s just too ridiculously entertaining.  But this year, I think we ought to take bets — with real money — on which girl will cry first.  I always call it, and I might as well make  a little money while I’m at it.  I’ll put a twenty down on the girl with the baby at home who gets all her hair cut off in the makeover episode.  Too obvious?  [web site]

sytycdSo You Think You Can Dance (Fox), 8pm — Confession time:  I was a bit dismayed to see this is already back.  I knew it was doing a fall run, but was hoping to have a few more weeks to decompress after the huge time-suck of the summer round before having to sign on for it again.  The perpetual two-hour episodes last season were just too much for me.  Dear SYTYCD:  If you’re going to do multiple seasons a year now, you’re going to have to bring the hour-long Wednesday episodes back, or else you’re going to lose me as a viewer.  Asking me to give you three hours every week, especially in the fall — it’s just too much.   Don’t make me make hard choices, I beg you.   Hard choices stink.  Love, Meg. [web site]

gleeGlee (Fox), 9pm — I recorded the pilot of this series, which aired last spring, and then never got around to watching it.  FINALLY busted it out last night, and I didn’t get ten minutes in before I was completely head-over-heels.  First of all, Jane Lynch!  You just can’t expect me to say no to Jane Lynch; it’s like expecting me to say no to being happy, which I only do when I’m chain-smoking and listening to Morrissey.   And secondly, any show with that much Journey in the pilot is bound to be helmed by like-minded 30-somethings.  Like-minded 30-somethings are among my favorite people in the universe.  Try not to kill it before its time, wankers at Fox.  (p.s. if you missed the pilot, you can catch it online at the web site.  But I don’t think you’ll be swimming in confusion if you just dive right into episode two this week.) [web site | trailer]


vampdiariesVampire Diaries (CW), 8pm — Plot description in a nutshell:  Two vampire brothers, one good and one evil, vie for the love of a pretty girl.  I vote with my gut on this one, and my gut tells me GAK.  And no, it doesn’t help that one of the brothers is Boone from Lost.  Why would that help?  I’m asking you a question, CW.  ANSWER ME.  [web site | trailer]

supernaturalSupernatural (CW), 9pm — Bring on the apocalypse!!   Of all the shows returning this fall, this is easily the one I’m the most excited about.  Theoretically, it will be the final season of SupeNatch, and I’m hoping everybody sticks to that plan.  Go out with a bang, not a whimper, you guys.  We might miss you terribly when you’re gone, but I’d rather miss you than disdain you.  I’m sure I’m not alone. [web site | trailer | Jared Padalecki write-up | Jensen Ackles write-up]

MOVIE: Friday the 13th (2009)

May 18, 2009

F13This is going to sound weird (particularly to people have made a surprise visit to mi casa and seen what passes for “housework” around here when we don’t know you’re coming) but when I’m out of town for a vacation or a conference, one of my favorite things to do on my first night in the hotel is to get out the ironing board, unpack all my clothes, and then pick out a pay-per-view movie and watch it while I iron everything I brought with me.  It’s the only time EVER that I iron ANYTHING, please note.  I never do this at home.  But I find it quite peaceful in hotels, and it always seems like a good way to kick off a conference or vacation or whatever.

Anyway, while I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia two weeks ago, the first movie I saw when I went through the PPV listing was this one, and I immediately selected it without looking any further.  Unfortunately, this was a terrible choice, not just because this movie sucks, but because in selecting it so quickly, I neglected to notice that Paul Gross’s latest film, Passchendaele, which is not available in the US, was also available.  That first night ended up being the only one where I had time for a full-length (i.e. 2+ hours) film, so I never got a chance to watch it.  And instead, oy, wasted my first night on THIS stinker.  Which I knew was going to be a stinker, but still didn’t believe it could actually be as bad as it ended up being.

Because, obviously, I am delusional.  And also, I never learn.

About twenty minutes into this not-really-a-remake-not-really-a-sequel, I thought to myself, “Wow, this movie is completely tedious.”  Then I wondered if it was completely tedious because I was totally exhausted (Seattle to Halifax = many hours in travel status).  Or because it was, indeed, actually completely tedious.  By the end, I had my answer.  This movie is completely tedious because of it’s complete tediousness.  Need I say more?

I need?  Okay, here goes:  the story opens with a group of kids out camping near Camp Crystal Lake, where they are promptly picked off one by one by Baghead Jason (nice to see Baghead Jason again, I will confess — I always preferred him to Hockey Mask Jason).  One of the victim’s brothers, played by Jared Padalecki (Sam on SupeNatch), goes to the town near CCL to look for his sister.  There, he is told all kinds of ominous things by the locals about how people who disappear around there aren’t so much missing as DEAD.  Mua ha ha ha!  But instead of taking that as a clue he ought to skedaddle, he hooks up with a young lovely, and the two spend the rest of the movie being chased around by Jason (who, alas, finds a hockey mask about 45 minutes in and, after that, ceased to be of any interest to me whatsoever).

Here’s the problem in a nutshell — this movie uses every horror movie cliche ever, and if it was intended to be satirical in that manner, it failed.  You immediately know who is going to buy the farm and who will be the Final Guy/Girl, because some of the characters get naked and smoke weed, and others refuse to have sex with their boyfriend and say no when offered a joint.  Really?  We’re still making slasher movies with morality lessons tucked away in between the machete scenes?

Even worse, way, way too much of this film is spent running and running and chasing and chasing and then running and running some more.  I know that slasher movies are about slashers chasing youngsters around, trying to do them in.  But it can’t ALL be chase scenes — there needs to be SOME character development.

I know at least six people who just burst out laughing at that last sentence, by the way.  Character development?  In a SLASHER movie?  But seriously — I’d argue the original F13 actually pulls that off, and so do a number of its sequels.  If I don’t care about you — if I don’t know anything about you other than that you’re a prude who eschews the inhaling of illicit substances — why am I going to root for you to get out alive?

Answer:  I’m not.  Not even if you are totally cute, like Jared Padalecki.

To put this in terms the kids will understand:  This movie totally blows.

[Netflix me | Buy me, if you are a sucker]

Genre: Horror
Cast:  Jared Padalecki and a bunch of other good-looking kids ripe for killin’

New/Used TV This Week, Sept 15-21

September 15, 2008

Hokee dokee, here’s what’s up this week, y’all.

Tuesday, September 16th

House — 8pm FOX — I read an article about this series recently that said this season is supposed to fix all the mistakes made last season.  Unfortunately, the article didn’t ALSO say they were finally going to stop making life harder for chronic pain patients everywhere by perpetuating ignorant misinformation about opioid addiction, so I’m still boycotting this evil stinker, ptew ptew!  Those of you who loved it until last year, however, might want to give it a second try this year.  I hear the old team is supposed to have more screen time, House and Cuddy are going to make out, and Wilson’s going to start rethinking his friendship with Mr. Crankypants altogether.  What remains to be seen:  how many patients House will ALMOST kill before he accidentally stumbles on the correct diagnosis at the last minute and saves the day.  My guess?  All of ’em.  As per usual.

Master diagnostician, my ass.

Thursday, September 18

Supernatural — 9pm, The CW — SupeNatch is back!  Yay!  And so is Dean!  Yay!  And so is Sam!  Yay!  I love this show.  Yay!

Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!

The end.

Really? Joan ALLEN?!

July 30, 2008

When I first heard they were making a remake of Death Race 2000, coming to theaters soon as simply Death Race, my immediate response was this: “Mrrrrrraarrrrrghhhhhh!” Which, oddly enough, was the same way I reacted upon hearing they were doing a new Friday the 13th movie, which apparently is a remake of parts 2-4 in a single movie (good luck with that).

Are there NO original horror movie plots left in America? Am I going to have to start cranking out scripts MYSELF?

I was all set to boycott the new Death Race until I found out it was going to star Ian McShane and Joan Allen. And then my immediate response went from “Mrrrrrraarrrrrghhhhhh!” to “”Mrrrrrraarrrrrghhhhhh. . . wait, what??”

I’ll watch Ian McShane in anything, which is why I’ve seen Agent Cody Banks. And Joan Allen? JOAN ALLEN? SIGN ME UP.

The remake will also star Jason Statham, who I could’ve sworn I’d made a Boyfriend of the Week after I first saw him in the absolutely brilliant film Snatch. But I must have just imagined that, because he’s not in the archives. And since then, I’ve seen him in a few things where I liked him less. We’ll see how this one turns out for the guy.

Here’s the trailer:

Am I a horrible, HORRIBLE person if I say I think I might actually try to see this one in a theater? It’s not that I ENJOY watching people get run over with cars (except for bicyclists, of course — KIDDING!). It’s just that Death Race 2000 was one of the first horror movies I ever saw, and it thus holds a special place in my heart. Right on up there with Alien, Jaws, and this freaky Richard Thomas flick I saw on TV that was so scary my sister and I had to turn the sound off during some of the scenes to keep from peeing our pants.

And what if this remake turns out to be GOOD?  I mean, stranger things have happened.  Like, for example, Ian McShane showing up in Agent Cody Banks.  Seriously, if every other word coming out of McShane’s mouth ISN’T the word “c___sucker,” I just get disoriented.  It’ll be nice to see him back in a film where I’m sure he’ll get to swear a LOT.

Jared Padalecki is in the new Friday the 13th, by the way (along with a kid named “Travis Van Winkle” — for whom the jokes in grade school must’ve written themselves).  You know I’ll be seeing that one too.  EVEN THOUGH I DON’T WANT TO.

Because I am powerless against the forces of evil.  Amen.

More Ex-Boyfriends Coming to a TV or Theater Near You!

April 9, 2008

I recently found out about three more ex-Boyfriends with new projects coming out in the next year and thought you guys might like to know about them too, since this IS ostensibly a “Boyfriends in the News” blog and no exes have been arrested or anything more juicy like that (well, as far as I know, anyway — surely it’s about time for another Lost cast member to get a DUI?).

The first of the three new Boyfriend projects is one I learned about the hard way when I made a joke in an email to a friend regarding recent remakes of “classic” 70’s/80’s horror movies and ended my message with, “I bet you a million bucks someone has the audacity to remake Friday the 13th next.  Because lord knows 25,789 sequels just AREN’T ENOUGH. . .”

My friend sent me an email back that said simply, “*snort*” and provided this link:,0,4784646.story

Yep, it’s Jared Padalecki, starring in the remake.  Coming to theaters in 2008.

I am both utterly disgusted and extremely excited, of course.  That’s just how my brain works when it comes to things like this.  I think the original Friday the 13th is a brilliant film, personally, and I know for a fact that modern-day filmmakers will take everything that was unique and interesting about it and turn it into a stereotypical gorefest with no character or heart whatsoever. 

And yet at the same time, that Jared Padalecki sure is SUPER CUTE. . . 

Luckily, yesterday I got some GOOD news, which is that Anthony Stewart Head (oftentimes simply called “Tony Head,” but I prefer the whole shebang) is coming to network television next fall in a series entitled Merlin which will be a fantasy show about. . . like, DUH . . .  Camelot.  It sounds pretty fun except for the part where NBC tacked on this extra clause in its description: “. . . but inspired by 21st century storytelling.”  Because when someone refers to “21st century storytelling” these days, what they usually mean is Lost and I’m not sure I can handle another series like Lost right now.  Frankly, I can barely handle the Lost I already have. 

Nevertheless, I’m hoping they can make it work because it really does sound like fun.  Read more about Merlin here:

And, last but not least (I hope not, anyway), J. J. Abrams has a new show slated for September called Fringe which will star none other than ex-Boyfriend Joshua Jackson, who I still have a MIGHTY crush on, fueled most recently by reruns of Dawson Creek I’ve been catching a few times a week on some cable channel or another.  Fringe sounds a bit like Supernatural crossed with the X-Files, and is about a “unit” of scientists and Feebies who investigate “sci-fi mysteries.”  Could be good, could be just mind-bogglingly awful.  I look forward to finding out which! 

Here’s more on Fringe, if you’re curious:

Hooray for ex-Boyfriends still getting work!

TV Shows That, Like Me, Are Improving With Age

November 2, 2007

First, some blog business. I realized yesterday that WordPress had added “tags,” in addition to “categories,” so I went back through all the relevant posts last night and added tags that essentially relate to genres (thriller, horror, etc.). You should be able to click on those on the right side of the screen (scroll the page down until you get to the bottom of the linky content on the right) if you want to look at all the horror movies/TV, all the Westerns, etc.

These are different from the “Categories” links, which I’m mostly using to classify posts by ex-Boyfriend or general topic (movie review, TV show, e.g.). If you’re a librarian, you can think of categories as being equivalent to subject headings, and tags as being equal to descriptors (if only because I’m not going to be that careful about controlling the vocabulary in the “tags” section). If you’re not a librarian, you should just count your lucky stars I haven’t started classifying each post using the Dewey Decimal System. Nerd alert!

As most of you old-hat bloggers already know, the bigger the font size in the “tag cloud” display, the more posts that have been tagged with that term. So, the word “thriller” is huge because I’ve watched a lot of thrillers lately, while “crap” is still reasonably small. Based on my usual movie watching tendencies, however, I suspect “crap” will quickly expand in size over the coming weeks.

Okay, now onto the (extremely long!) post. I’ve already done a run-through of all the NEW shows this year (though I’ll give you another update on some of those soon as well, since my feelings on a few have changed recently). But, I didn’t want to neglect some of the “old” shows, especially since there are a few I think are having their best seasons so far.

I’m breaking “old” shows (or “returning series,” in gentler terms) down into three categories: Aging Gracefully, Dying a Much-Too-Slow Death, and Just Plain Getting Old. I’ll start with the Aging Gracefully ones, and do separate posts for the other two categories over the next few days.

Aging Gracefully

Bones Fox, Tuesdays, 8pm — Last season, I enjoyed this show but wasn’t always in a huge hurry to watch it. I did love the guest spot from Stephen Fry as Booth’s psychoanalyist, but I’ve found some of the other characters on the show a bit hard to stomach since day one. Okay, okay, I’ll just come right out and say it: I HATE ANGELA. Everything about her annoys the bejesus out of me, especially her extreme overuse of the word “sweetie.” I realize this makes me a terrible person, since she’s supposed to be the nicest, most caring person in the lab. Nevertheless, I long for the day Tempe will be called in to identify her skull using dental records.

I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

Since I’m confessing, I might as well also mention that I found the early version of Tempe annoying with her unbelievable lack of pop culture knowledge — “I don’t know what that means” was one of her most oft-spoken lines, and more than once, I found myself yelling in response, “NOBODY doesn’t know what that means! Gah!”

Also, of course, I’m a huge fan of the Kathy Reichs mystery series this show is based on, and the Tempe in the books is absolutely nothing like the Tempe on the show. This took some getting used to for me. I’ve enjoyed Bones consistently since the beginning, but it wasn’t really until last season that I started to get a little more enthusiastic about it. So far this year, though, I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed every episode I find myself actually tuning in for it live Tuesday nights (something I never usually do, especially now that I have a DVR).

I’m really enjoying the relationship between Booth and Tempe — they’ve got great chemistry — and Tempe’s quirks have started to become less grating and more endearing for me with time. Booth’s sarcastic sense of humor kinda makes me swoon, and I also love the geeks back at the lab, especially when they start arguing about Einstein and/or superheroes. All in all, this is an extremely charming show, with solid plots, entertaining characters, and an all around “fun” vibe (my mom just cringed at my use of the word “fun” as an adjective, by the way. Hi, Mom!). A keeper, and one I look forward to more and more with each passing week.

NCIS — Tuesdays, CBS, 8pm — This series has had its ups and downs over the years, and I still haven’t stopped hating Lauren Holly in her role as the NCIS director. Yet, there are many other things I adore about this show, and, so far, I’ve been enjoying this season more than ever before. This is a solid, consistent crime series that does a great job of giving us some insight into the characters’ personal lives, without making it feel unnecessary and clumsy (by comparison, think of the very badly-done personal stories peppering CSI periodically — Gil’s hearing loss, his relationship with Sara, all gak-inducing and distracting). I love Abby, the forensics girl, as well as McGee (and not just because he shares the nickname “McGeek” with me). DiNozzo’s penchant for movie quotes has endeared him to me for life, and, of course, Mark Harmon — ’nuff said. The only thing they should stop doing, in my opinion, is having Ziva continue to get American slang wrong — she’s been here too long now to keep confusing the colloquialisms. Aside from that, though, I’m still having a lot of fun watching this one.

Supernatural — Thursdays, CW, 9pm — Oh man, this show is just A BLAST. I thought last year was the best for the series so far (that episode about the trickster was 100% pure comedy gold), but instead, the show is getting smarter, funnier, and more creative with every passing week. I especially predict a LOT of fun now that Dean thinks he’s only got a year to live, as well. Aside from the mandatory artery-clogging burger-eating and the oodles of premarital sex he’s been seeking since receiving the news of his imminent demise (it’s a long story), I think we’ll see a lot more action as he starts to take increasing “death be damned” types of risks when going after Big Bads. That was a great plot development, though I do think they’ll have to be careful not to let Sam sink down too far into moodiness, as he is often wont to do. Because when Sam starts moping around acting all maudlin, I begin feeling twitchy, and with him thinking Dean is doomed, I’m a little concerned the mood of the show might start to crash at times.

No crashing. Crashing = bad.

Because, oh man, that banter. When it’s flowing, it is some of the best witty dialogue ever to grace the small screen. The writers of this show not only know a ton about supernatural stories and myths, but they know brotherhood and sibling relations like the backs of their hands. In fact, I’d argue that now Veronica Mars is gone, this is the only show left that really does banter. And man, does it ever do banter well. If you’ve never seen the series, I’d advocate for starting with Season One on DVD, because backstory is sort of important. But you could also be jumping into the current episodes while you’re making up for lost time (also, I describe the series in more detail in the Boyfriend write-ups for Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and their dead father, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan — so check those out for more information too). If you like spooky plots, brilliant writing, and two extraordinarily good-looking young men and you are NOT watching Supernatural. . . Dude . . . Seriously. Get on the ball.

Men in Trees — Fridays, ABC, 9pm — Technically, we’re still finishing up season one of this series, so I can’t really start this paragraph off by saying I’m enjoying season two even more than season one. (Last year, ABC cut the first season short so it could kickstart a few late-bloomers in its timeslot, and though that meant a torturous spring for us fans, the nice thing is that it means an extra-long season this year.) But, nevertheless, things have begun to improve radically for all the characters in Elmo, especially now that Lynn has hit the road and a few other plotlines are back on track. It can only get more fun from here, my friends. I feel confident of that. The bad news is I just can’t shake this sinking feeling that nobody else is watching this one and that, because of that, it’s simply not going to survive its second year. I will be more traumatized by its cancellation than I was by the cancellations of Eyes and Wonderfalls, and if you remember me back then, you know I was moping for WEEKS over those two. So, if you aren’t watching this show, I’m begging you to tune in so we can keep the numbers up. Even if you hate the concept (or, more relevantly, even if you hate Anne Heche, an emotion I fully understand), there’s just sooooo much to love about the boys, not to mention the lovely setting. James Tupper as the scruffy outdoorsman Jack! Abraham Benrubi as the bear-like barkeep with a heart of gold! Derek Richardson as the geeky boy toy! There’s plenty for everyone. The only thing so far this year I haven’t enjoyed much is the guest spot from Callum Keith Rennie, and that’s just because he suddenly looks old enough to be my grandfather. A fact I found sort of disturbing, especially since my grandfather is old enough to be DEAD.

CSI: NY — Wednesdays, CBS, 10pm — I watched about the first six episodes of season one of this CSI spin-off when it first started and got so sleepy from all the drearily (un)lit sets that I gave up on it. Besides, nothing irritates me more in movies or on television than a morgue that is badly lit — I refuse to believe medical examiners ever do autopsies in dark rooms, even when they want a cool air of mysterious ambiance. I caught a few reruns last year, and was still sort of “meh” on the series, I’ll confess. But this year, I decided to give it a more serious try after having a few conversations about it with friends and family who are fans, and I’ve been nothing but impressed ever since. They’ve finally shaken off some of the extra-silly darkness (both in the settings and in the characters’ psyches), and the mystery plots themselves have been intriguing instead of old news. I really enjoyed the “Second Life” storyline from two weeks ago, which looks like it’ll stick around for a bit this season, and even the Halloween one, a bit cheesy as it was (set in Amityville, no less), was still pretty fun. All in all, this show seems to be getting better with age. A quality I both admire AND share, if I do say so myself.

Numb3rs — Fridays, CBS, 10pm — I got bored with this show last year when they got rid of Peter MacNicol so he could do 24. I was surprised, really, by how huge a gap that left in the series for me. But I was sucked back in last spring by the season finale with the whole double-triple-cross thing with Colby. I got a bit more caught up with reruns over the summer, and was eager to tune back in when the show started up again this fall. So far, despite the fact I still don’t understand why all the geniuses have stopped shaving, I’ve been really enjoying this year’s round of episodes. I keep waiting for them to run out of ways they can work math into the mysteries, but so far, they’ve managed to continue doing it and in ways I frequently find fascinating and surprising (plus, I just like saying the words “Fibonacci numbers,” not to mention thinking about how cool they are). Geeks are fun; math geeks, doubly so. And I’ve been watching reruns of Northern Exposure lately in spare moments too, which is only making seeing Rob Morrow all grown up on Friday nights that much more entertaining. I can’t believe I haven’t made either of these two guys a Boyfriend of the Week yet. What am I, totally BLIND? Expect to see write-ups on both of them in 2008.

Tune in later this weekend for part two of this series, which will focus on TV shows that should be dead and yet continue to refuse to go gently into that good night. So to speak.