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Fall TV Boyfriend Alert!

August 10, 2010


It’ll be a few more weeks before I get serious about Fall TV, but since I skipped summer TV altogether (current favorite, by the way, is Louie on FX), I thought I’d at least send out a teaser about some exciting coming attractions.  Namely, a whole heap of new shows slated to start in a month or two that feature ex-Boyfriends of the Week!

Head’s up, people!  There’s some serious cute coming your way this fall!  Detailed descriptions of all these shows coming soon when I dive into the Fall TV swimming pool for reals.


Monday nights, for example, will be bringing us Lone Star, starring ex-Older-Boyfriend David Keith, as well as the Hawaii 5-0 remake featuring Alex O’Loughlin.

Tuesdays will have No Ordinary Family with Michael Chiklis, though I will confess I saw an ad for this show recently and it looks like an ABC Family version of Heroes — meh, will likely skip this one.  Thinking ’bout it.


Wednesdays include The Defenders with Jerry O’Connell, who I hope has eaten a few cheeseburgers since I last saw him without his shirt off on Crossing Jordan (yeesh, Skeletor!).  And I absolutely cannot WAIT for Hellcats as it will star the delightful Ben Browder (dang — see comments for correction of this). Then we’ll have Undercover (the new J.J. Abrams series) with Gerald McRaney (ooh rah!), or (good lord), yet ANOTHER Law & Order, this time in LA, featuring Skeet Ulrich (yippie!).  All in all, Wednesdays look pretty delicious.

Nada much on Thursdays in the way of ex-Boyfriends, but Friday’s got three old beaus:  Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, and Outlaw with Jimmy Smits.


Also, just in case you were wondering who’d try to snag him next, James Tupper of the crazy-gorgeous eye crinkles, will be doing a few-episode arc on Grey’s Anatomy.  Here’s hoping McCrinkly gets a season pass — he’s had some practice now with the medical jargon, after all.

Are you ready?  Man, I am SO READY.

Reruns of Jericho Season One start tonight on CBS

July 6, 2007

Tonight’s the night, y’all!  Reruns of season one of Jericho begin starting tonight and running every Friday through the summer on CBS.  This show, starring ex-Boyfriends Skeet Ulrich and Gerald McRaney, was canceled at the end of last season, but after a successful peanut-sending campaign on the part of its fans, CBS has agreed to make a handful of episodes for next year for a trial second season.  Go CBS and Jericho fans!

If you missed the series the first time around, now’s your chance to get caught up in preparation for it’s short season next winter.  You can also watch the full season for free on the CBS web site:  I myself only watched about the first three or four eps, thinking I’d just save the rest for DVD, so I’m particularly psyched to get to watch it for free this summer instead of having to wait until September for the disks to come out.  Yay.

Please note that after I mentioned the Save Jericho campaign in the So You Think You Can Dance write-up last month, I got a few emails from some fans who warned me that the first few episodes of the series started off kind of shaky and that if I didn’t fall immediately in love with it, I should stick it out until at least episode five.  So, let’s all try to hang in there, even after the scene in which Skeet uses a juice box straw to do an emergency tracheotomy on a kid, okay?  We’ll make a pact right now.  We’re in for at least five, right?  Deal.

Tune in tonight for episode one, 9pm on CBS.  Be there, or run the risk of having 300 tons of peanuts delivered to your front door in protest.

UPDATE: Some bad news — looks like CBS will actually be airing episode one tonight, but then next week will show a recap episode that explains events from the first 11 episodes and then jump right into episode 12.  So, the only option for seeing episodes 2-11 will be via the Internet on the CBS web site, or to wait until September for DVD.  Now I’m torn again about waiting for the DVDs, because watching 10 hours of tv on my computer by next Friday doesn’t really appeal to me too much.  Drat.  Methinks I needs to rethinks.

Oh, and p.s. the new season of Doctor Who starts tonight on Sci-Fi, and I heard FOX will be showing the last two episodes of the canceled Drive with Nathan Fillion next week as well.