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Fall TV Premieres, Sept 19-25

September 20, 2011

Week two of Fall TV premieres is a big one — below is the schedule, with notes about all the new shows and a few of the returning shows I had something to say about, plus the deets on what else is returning when.

Monday, Sept. 19

2 Broke Girls (CBS) – 9:30pm – As I’ve said before, I’m not really a big sit-com watcher, so I’m not planning on tuning into this one (I did really enjoy last week’s premiere of Up All Night, though — any show about new parents that features so much curse word bleeping in the pilot alone is A-OK in my book, yo).  But for those of you who do like such fare, this one is about two New York City waitresses in their 20s, Max (Kat Dennings), who was born broke, and Caroline (Beth Behrs), who was born rich but is currently broke.  Hence: title.  They become pals and decide their dream is to open a cupcake shop, but first they’ll have to figure out a way to raise copious amounts of start-up dough.  I haven’t the heart to tell them cupcake shops are SO five years ago and the new big thing is pie.  You tell them for me.  Poor dears. (New)

Castle (ABC) – 10pm – I have a confession to make here — I still have 18 episodes of Castle from last season stored on my DVR, and though initially I was letting them pile up in the hopes I’d get the flu and my consolation would be a week in bed with Nathan Fillion (woo!), it just never happened.  Curses, immune system!  The problem is, now there are too many episodes for me to get caught up on easily, and more are coming starting tonight.  I’m not sure quite what to do about this other than fold my hands and pray for pneumonia.  If there is a God, PLEASE SMITE ME.  Much obliged.  This show’s schtick has gotten a little bit old for me, but I still enjoy the episodes when I get down to watching them.  Hard to resist Nathan Fillion, after all, and that glorious, glorious nose. (Returning)

The Playboy Club (NBC) – 10pm – Sure, it stars Dimples, which ordinarily would be enough to get me to tune in (mrrowl!), but the thing is, I can’t think of a premise for a TV show that could possibly appeal to me less.  And Dimples, while cute, doesn’t inspire confidence it’s going to be terribly thoughty.  Thoughty is the only way a series about Playboy bunnies could work for me.  Without confidence of thoughtiness, I merely have confidence in it inspiring annoyance.  Best to avoid.  I’m plenty annoyed enough these days (hi, Congress!). (New)

Also returning:
Dancing with the Stars (ABC) – 8pm
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – 8pm
Two and a Half Men (CBS) – 9pm
Hawaii Five-O (CBS) – 10pm

Tuesday, Sept. 20

New Girl (Fox) – 9pm – This new sit-com stars Zooey Deschanel, sister of Emily (star of Bones) and an actress with whom I have kind of a love/hate relationship.  When she’s playing up the incongruity of her big ol’ cutesy doe eyes and super-snarky tongue, she can be fabulous.  But the previews of this show make it look like she might be going the way I hate instead — big ol’ cutesy doe eyes and acting like a dolt.  I have little patience for that character.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe this will be great.  She can be great sometimes.  Rare, but occasional.  You guys watch and let me know.   (New)

Body of Proof (ABC) – 10pm – This series, starring Dana Delaney, had a trial run last spring and obviously did well enough to get picked up for the fall.  Good sign!  I like it enough to want to tune in every week, but I’ll admit I’m frustrated that it’s so exactly like every other female ME series I’ve ever seen.  When you have Dana Delaney as your star, you can push some envelopes, people.  She’s good.  She can take it.  This is too much the usual and not enough China Beach. Here’s hoping the writers have gotten a little more confidence and try to bust out of the box a little this time around. (Returning)

Unforgettable (CBS) – 10pm – This new series follows a former NYC cop, Carrie Wells (played by Poppy Montgomery, one of my least favorite actresses OF ALL TIME, and not just because she’s named “Poppy,” although: that too), who suffers from a condition called hyperthymesia, a rare medical disorder that gives her the ability to remember everything, like it or not.  Though she’s gotten out of the cop business, she gets sucked back in when her boyfriend asks her to consult on a case — and there will also be a long-running subplot about her sister’s murder.  I’ve seen the preview for this series and my guess is it’ll be more forgettable than unforgettable.  Whatever.  I’m game for the pilot, but unless it totally blows me away, I won’t be setting the DVR to “series.” (New)

Also returning:
Glee (Fox) – 8pm
Raising Hope (Fox) – 9:30pm
NCIS and NCIS:LA (CBS) – 8, 9pm

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Modern Family (ABC) – 9pm – Oh my god, I love this show.  This is one of the few sit-coms I not only watch, but I watch IMMEDIATELY every single week.  LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  It’s SO funny and SO sweet and it just doesn’t have a mean bone in its body.  This is probably the returning series I’m most looking forward to this week.  Cannot WAIT to hang out with the fam for another year.  YAY! YAY!  YAY! (Returning)

Revenge (ABC) – 10pm – This new series is supposedly an “adaptation” of Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo.  It’s about a young woman named Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp from Everwood) who arrives in the Hamptons looking like the usual rich brat there to soak up society, but who instead has a big fat secret — she’s actually there to seek revenge on the people she holds responsible for the death of her father and resultant destruction of her family.  I’m not planning on tuning in for this one — for one thing, I’m not a big Madeline Stowe fan — but if it gets picked up and the buzz is good, I might try to catch up on it later. (New)

Also returning:
Harry’s Law (NBC) – 9pm
CSI (CBS) – 9pm – Now with 100% more Ted Danson!
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) – 10pm
Criminal Minds (CBS) – 9pm

Thursday, Sept. 22

Charlie’s Angels (ABC) – 8pm – When I was in grade school, Charlie’s Angels was one of my favorite shows.  It was about a group of smart women who solved mysteries and had really, really pretty hair — what’s not to love for an 8 year-old?  But I have no interest whatsoever in this reboot, which looks like the hair is going to be the primary focus rather than the smarts.  The original is on DVD — why mess?


Whitney (NBC) – 9:30pm – Another sit-com.  This one’s about “modern love” (gak) starring a “happily unmarried couple” (ugh) with a bunch of buddies who think they ought to get hitched (yawn).  Blahbbidy blah blah blah.


Prime Suspect (NBC) – 9pm – I desperately want to pretend this show does not exist, but I’ve convinced myself I have to at least watch the pilot before I can officially hate it, so I will.  Have you seen the ads?  They took a classy, smart, emotionally complex woman (Helen Mirren in the original) and turned her into the usual sour, bitchy, gum-cracking, stupid-hat-wearing American female cop character.  The one who can’t keep a boyfriend because she’s just too smart and independent!  The one who abuses her male coworkers to prove she’s as tough as they are!  The one who, and I believe I mentioned this earlier, WEARS A STUPID HAT AND CHEWS GUM WITH HER MOUTH OPEN.  I kind of want to cry, America.  And you thought it was the government making us look like schmucks to the world. . . HELEN GODDAMN MIRREN, people.  This is one British series that should not have been touched by our scummy misogynist hands.

Person of Interest (CBS) – 9pm – Brace yourselves, it’s another J. J. Abrams series!  But, to be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to this one, though I’m also trying not to get my hopes up.  For one thing, it looks like this isn’t going to be a Lost-type thing, with a long, long story arc that fills up with too many clues and not enough explanation.  It looks like there may be an element of that, sure, but that each episode will also have a stand-alone plot.  More like Alias, perhaps.  And the premise sounds kind of fun too — it’s about a presumed-dead CIA agent (played by Jesus) who partners up with a rich dude (played by creepy Michael Emerson) to fight crime.  A little Human Target, but perhaps less playful, which could be good or could be miserably drab.  We can but wait and see.  It ought to at least have some cool gadgets and some decent special effects.  Fingers crossed this one is thoughtful, fun, and intriguing.  Oh, my hopes.  TOO UP!  Stop that!

Also returning:
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – 9pm
Parks and Recreation (NBC) – 8:30pm
The Office (NBC) – 9pm
Big Bang Theory (CBS) – 8pm
The Mentalist (CBS) – 10pm

Friday, Sept. 23

A Gifted Man (CBS) – 8pm – CBS canceled the series Medium last year because, apparently, a show about a woman who could see dead people wasn’t getting them high enough ratings.  To replace it, they’ve developed. . . a show about a MAN who can see dead people.  Hmm.  Hokay.  This one stars Patrick Wilson (last seen in the great horror flick Insidious) as a selfish doctor whose wife (played by Jennifer Ehle, yay!) suddenly disappears, causing him to question his place in the world.  Should he stop being a jerk and try to be more like her?  Oh, probably.  I don’t quite understand what the point of this show is going to be — just a feel-good thing about a guy who decides to be nicer to people?  Or will the primary focus be on solving the mystery of his wife’s disappearance?  If the latter, I’m game.  If the former, I’m going to start rooting for Insidious 2 instead.  We’ll see.

Also returning:
Supernatural (CW) – 9pm
Fringe (Fox) – 9pm
CSI: NY (CBS) – 9pm
Blue Bloods (CBS) – 10pm

Sunday, Sept. 25

Pan Am (ABC) – 10pm – I have a feeling a fairly high percentage of people loathe flying on airplanes just as much as I do.  So whose bright idea was it to make a television show about flying on airplanes?   To me, this looks like a soap opera set a few miles above land, which sounds even more staggeringly boring than a cross-country flight.  My neck hurts just thinking about it.  Somebody get me a cocktail and some peanuts.  PASS!

Also returning:
Desperate Housewives (ABC) – 9pm – Final season
CSI: Miami (CBS) – 10pm
The Good Wife (CBS) – 9pm

That’s it for this week!  What are you exciting to try out?  What are you gakking on in theory?  What did you think of last week’s new stuff?  TELL ME EVERYTHING!

MOVIE: The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

May 13, 2010

I had some complaints about Neil Marshall’s 2005 film The Descent, mostly about the cave creatures themselves, which made little scientific sense to me (for example, we’re supposed to believe they’ve evolved out of using their sense of sight because they live in caves with no light and therefore have no use for it.  But this makes no sense because they also hunt above ground — and frequently, if the sequel is to be believed.  But in any case, even if they did evolve out of using their eyes, why did they also evolve out of using their noses?  Because they clearly also have no sense of smell, not even a regular sense of smell, and that makes no sense whatsoever).

BUT WHATEVER.  Despite those complaints, after watching it a few more times in the past few years, I’ve grown to appreciate many things about the original.  It’s extremely entertaining, for sure, but it also has very solid characters, fully-drawn with complex, intriguing relationships.  It’s not just about cave monsters and blood and guts — it’s about the six women friends themselves and the way they work and don’t work together, the way their various personal problems get  in their way, and their resiliency and reactions under stress.  Good writing in this film, is what I’m saying.  Also, it has some truly suspenseful/scary moments, which is a rare thing in a modern horror flick, at least for me.

So, appreciating the original as I finally do, it was with some trepidation that I sat down a couple of nights ago to watch the sequel, which I’d been hearing about for a few years and was surprised to find had gone straight to DVD (never a good sign!).  But, wonder of wonders, I actually enjoyed it!  It pales in comparison to the original, in part because it suffers from the usual problems with horror sequels (excessive focus on gore instead of characters/plot, e.g.), not to mention a ridiculous number of story elements that make no sense whatsoever.  Nevertheless, it’s still pretty fun to watch, which both surprised and pleased me greatly.

It starts off roughly where the original left off — with the character Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) finally escaping the caves and getting back to civilization.  Covered in blood, she’s rescued and taken to a local hospital, where the cops begin to question her and discover she’s lost all memory of the previous few days and has no idea where her friends are.

The search and rescue team that has been exploring the cave system in the meantime has had zero luck in finding any trace of Sarah’s pals, and they know the longer they go, the less likely they are to find anyone alive.  So the cops decide the only solution is to send Sarah back into the caves herself. . . because what could possibly help more than sending a severely traumatized woman with ZERO memory of her ordeal back into the very place that severely traumatized her to begin with, right?

Er, wait. . .  Yeah, that makes no sense.  But never you mind, people.  Never you mind.

In any case, the search and rescue team (trained cavers) and two cops (total caving rookies — it made no sense to send them in either, if you ask me) go back down into the caves with Sarah, where, naturally,  they are viciously attacked and killed one by one by sightless, smell-less ex-people-thingies.  Lots of blood and gore this time — way, way more over the top than in the original — but most of the obnoxious characters are put out of their (our) misery right off the bat, and soon we’re left with just Sarah, the female cop (who I really liked and was rooting for all the way), and, well, I won’t tell you who else.


The last scene has a “twist” I saw coming from the very beginning of the film, and anybody who has watched a lot of Scooby Doo episodes will probably see it coming too.  But overall, this is a pretty entertaining sequel and I had a good time watching it.

If you liked the original, I think this one is going to be worth a rental for you.   You’ll be disappointed, for sure, but I think you’ll still come away glad you saw it, and it’ll likely give you new appreciation for its predecessor.  I’ve certainly seen dumber movies set in caves (The Cave, for example, which, despite its serious lamenesses, I still greatly enjoyed — in no small part because Dimples is in it, humina humina).  Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

[Netflix it | Buy it]

Genre:  Horror
Cast:  Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Krysten Cummings, Gavin O’Herlihy

Dimples Divorces!

July 22, 2009

CibrianI wonder with what tone Eddie Cibrian’s (future ex-)wife delivered the line, “Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other. . .”

Oh, Dimples.  If only you’d met me first. . .  I wish you luck, sir.  Don’t be a dick to your kids.

K-Ville, Monday nights on FOX

September 18, 2007

Last night, FOX started its Fall TV season by bringing back Prison Break for it’s new year and starting up one of its most anticipated new shows, K-Ville. (The real TV Premiere Week, by the way, isn’t until next week — so watch for lots of TV-related posts on this blog in the next 14 or so days!).

To be honest, I gave up on Prison Break about halfway into last season, so I won’t be tuning in for that at all this time around. Seriously, there’s a reason we call Wentworth Miller “Permasmirk” in my house, and while it was kind of endearing for the first 22 episodes (so concerned! so brow-furrowed!), by about the 26th ep, I found myself wondering if our mothers had been right about funny-faces freezing that way, and by the time the 28th rolled around, I’d stopped caring about his forehead wrinkles altogether. Go ahead, look old before your time, Permasmirk. See if I care.

On the other hand, Cole Hauser, of FOX’s new show K-Ville, previously starred in a really bad underwater-cave-monster movie (The Cave) with Eddie “Dimples” Cibrian, and that has endeared him to me for life. Well, that and his eyes, hair, and cute butt, of course. I don’t ask for much.

K-Ville, which debuted on FOX last night at 9pm (with the pilot rerunning tonight at 9), is about a white cop named Trevor (Hauser), who has moved to New Orleans two years post-Katrina, and been paired up with an African American cop named Marlin (Anthony Anderson, last seen kicking ass on The Shield). Marlin was born and raised in NOLA and stayed on through Katrina and its aftermath, helping with the rescues, the nightmares, and now, two years later, the ongoing, neverending clean-up.

There’s tension between the two new partners right off the bat — for one thing, Marlin is suspicious of Trevor’s motives because he thinks only someone completely insane would choose to come to New Orleans to be a cop right now (incidentally, the revelation of Trevor’s true motives comes at the end of episode one and was a bit of a stretch for me, but I’m willing to just go with it for now). Iin the reverse, Trevor isn’t too sure he can trust Marlin either, as Marlin is still reeling from the loss of his partner Charlie, who literally ran away when things got too hard after Katrina. Though Marlin insists he’s fine, he drinks on the job and doesn’t seem at all pleased to have to work closely with anybody again.

The first episode is spent the way most pilots are, with heavy-handed “WE ARE IN NEW ORLEANS NOW” hint-dropping (“Hey, let’s get some gumbo!”) and lots of stilted dialogue and over-exposition. The mystery plot of the pilot was more intriguing in theory than in practice, too, unfortunately. However, Cole and Anthony were nothing short of awesome, in my opinion, and I’m really looking forward to the next few episodes when the plots and characters should start to even out a bit more.

Additionally, though some have said they think it’s too soon for TV to be “exploiting” post-Katrina NOLA as a setting, I couldn’t disagree more with that. I think it will do us all some good to have the astonishing lack of rebuilding in New Orleans thrust into our faces each week, frankly, and also to get a better sense of what the various communities and residents are still going through (the scene in which the bad guys stick a firehose into the window of Marlin’s daughter’s room was just horrific, and really brought home for me the kind of trauma little kids who went through Katrina must still be struggling with even now).

All in all, I enjoyed the first episode, thought the New Orleans elements were handled very well, and am looking forward to next Monday’s episode. Did you watch? If not and you’re now intrigued, tune in tonight at 9pm on FOX. If so, what did you think? Post in comments and let me know!

Official K-Ville site: