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Fall TV Week Two Part 3: Where’s Burt Reynolds When You Need Him?

September 27, 2013

Week two comes to a close!  We made it!  Only two more new shows launching here at the tail-end of week two, with a few more trailing in next week.  I’m heading out of town for the week next week, so may not get a post up.  You guys talk amongst yourselves, and I’ll be back to comment on stuff when I’m home.

Except! I saw Ironside and it was a massive disappointment.   I tell you what: trying to make a cop who doesn’t give a rip about anybody else’s civil rights the hero of your story is sort of losing its charm for me.  Plus, yawn.  I might try the second episode, but it’s only because I love Brent Sexton.

Friday, September 27

masterchefjunior_goodgodwerelettinghimtalktokidsMasterchef Junior – 8pm – FOX – Hold the phone.  We’re going to let Gordon Ramsay talk to CHILDREN?  Have we lost our minds?!

Undercover Boss – 8pm – CBS – Don’t watch, but it appears to involve a lot of happy crying, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Hawaii Five-0 – 9pm – CBS –  Season FOUR?  It seems like only yesterday this series launched and I only made it through half the pilot!

bluebloodsBlue Bloods – 10pm – CBS – I don’t watch this one, but it’s not for any good reason.  I just didn’t manage to catch on fast enough when it started and now I’m too far behind.  At some point, I will rent season one and jump in.  Double ex-BoTW cast: Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck!

Sunday, September 29

onceuponatimeOnce Upon a Time –  8pm – ABC – I lasted about 7 episodes.  Maybe 8?   And then I found myself letting them pile up on the DVR and not ever having the urge to watch them (same thing with the last two episodes of Under the Dome, incidentally).  It’s not a bad show, it’s just not my thing, I guess.  I love how creative the concept is, though I was surprised to learn they’re already launching a spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which I have a feeling is going to end up being one Once Upon a Time too many for most people.  But what do I know?  I know nuthin’, is what.

The Amazing Race – 8pm – CBS – As I’ve said before, this show is really entertaining, and I cannot watch it because it gives me panic attacks.

The Simpsons – 8pm – FOX – This is still on?  Huh. Go figure.

bobsburgersBob’s Burgers – 8:30pm – FOX — Okay, Bob’s Burgers, people!  I had never even heard of this series until last year when a friend on Facebook started raving about it.  After he raved a couple more times, I finally checked out season one (streaming on Netflix), and it is HILARIOUS.  I only watched about 5 episodes and then I was kind of done, but I do plan on going back.  And twice so far, I’ve seen “Bob’s Burgers Live” on the marquee of the theater up the street, which, if I see it again, I will attempt to attend.

The Good Wife – 9pm – CBS – I’ve seen season one on DVD and it was good.  It’s just that it wasn’t quite good enough to get me to rent season two.

homelandHomeland – 9pm – Showtime – As William Faulkner once wrote, “And sure enough, even waiting will end. . . if you can just wait long enough.”  This is what I tell myself as I wait ENDLESSLY for shows like this to come out on DVD.  I’m just too cheap for premium channels, is the thing.  It’s my own damn fault, really.

Revenge – 9pm – ABC – Don’t watch, don’t know.

Family Guy – 9pm -FOX – Don’t watch, not a fan of talking babies of any sort.

American Dad – 9:30pm – FOX – Made by same guy as Family Guy, etc.

mentalistThe Mentalist – 10pm – CBS – Wait, this is still on?  Should I have been watching this? To be honest, I was too busy watching Psych make fun of The Mentalist to actually tune in for The Mentalist.  But maybe I should rethink that?

Betrayal – 10pm – ABC – In theory, this show is already boring me — blah blah blah two ridiculously beautiful people have a torrid extra-marital affair.  But then again, there’s also a murder case involved, and James Cromwell is wandering around in there somewhere too.  I’ll give the pilot a shot.

Eastbound & Down – 10pm – HBO – Eastbound and DOWN, Snowman!  Bandit out!  (Wait, this show isn’t about Smokey and the Bandit?  How is that possible? Somebody get Burt Reynolds on the phone immediately!)

Masters of Sex – 10pm –  Showtime – Another show I can’t watch, and perhaps would not want to anyway.  Even if I did, I could hardly admit it here, where my mom might see it — it has the word SEX in it, you guys! Sheesh!

helloladies_stephenmerchantHello Ladies – 10:30 – HBO – I don’t have any idea what this is about, aside from the bit where it’s a British fish out of water sort of story.  But it has Kevin Weisman in it (wheeee!!!!!) and therefore is already saved to my queue at Netflix.  (See above re: WAITING, ARGH.)


MOVIES: We Bought a Zoo (2012) and Zookeeper (2012)

January 12, 2013

Still playing 2012 catch-up — here are two movies about zoos I saw last year, neither of which really needs a full-length review, so both of which I’m going to haikiew (haiku-review) for you instead.  I enjoyed both of these films, and I think they’d be excellent picks for parents looking for funny, good-natured movies to watch with their kids, but they aren’t, like, brilliant or anything.

weboughtWe Bought a Zoo

Widower buys zoo
To save family from grief.
It’s cheesy but sweet.

Cast: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Haden Church, Patrick Fugit, Colin Ford, Elle Fanning, Angus Macfadyen, Peter Riegert
[Netflix it | Buy it]

zookeeperThe Zookeeper

Talking animals
Counsel lovelorn zookeeper.
Also cheesy but sweet!

(Hmm, notice a theme?)

Cast: Kevin James (kinda have a dorky crush on Kevin James, by the way, which is why I rented this one) Rosario Dawson, Leslie Bibb, Ken Jeong, Donnie Wahlberg, Nick Nolte, Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Cher, Judd Apatow
[Netflix it | Buy it]

Fall TV Part 2b: The Onslaught Continues (Thurs, 9/23 – Sun, 9/26)

September 23, 2010

Here we go with the second half of the week of TV Avalanchedom (asterisks on “Returning” shows are ones I watch either live or later on DVD):

Thursday, September 23

*The Big Bang Theory – CBS – 8pm
*Bones – Fox – 8pm
Community – NBC – 8pm
*30 Rock – NBC – 8:30pm
*CSI – CBS – 9pm
Fringe – Fox – 9pm
*Grey’s Anatomy – ABC – 9pm
*The Office – NBC – 9pm
The Mentalist – CBS – 10pm
Private Practice – ABC – 10pm

My Generation – ABC – 8pm
I’ve been seeing trailers for this series at the movie theater all summer and I have to confess, it has not warmed me to it at all.  STAY OUT OF MY MOVIE THEATER, TV SHOWS!  Is there no freedom from you?  That said, the one thing that makes this show slightly intriguing to me is the faux-documentary format (it introduces us to a group of high schoolers and then shows them to us again 10 years later to see if their predictions, dreams, etc. came true).  We’ve seen it used to great comedic effect in shows like The Office and Parks & Recreation — how about a drama?  The downside, though, is that it sounds like Thirtysomething, except it’s really more like Twentysomething, and the only thing more annoying to me than whiny 30 year-olds are whiny 20 year-olds.  Not planning to tune into this one.  Ya’ll let me know if I was misguided.

$#*! My Dad Says – CBS – 8:30pm
I was an early follower of Justin Halpern on Twitter (where he first began to tweet “shit [his] dad said”) and usually got a pretty good laugh out of 95% of his posts.  But a TV series?  I’m not sure.  I’m just not at all sure.  The upside:  William Shatner!  The downside:  William Shatner!  It all hinges on The Shat, which can be a dangerous situation for any TV show to be put in.  Can he do it?  Probably.  But this may be a one-trick pony whose trick gets pretty old fast.  We’ll see.

Outsourced – NBC – 8:30pm
Inspired by the indie film starring Josh Hamilton, this sit-com is about an American toy company exec sent overseas to train a bunch of Indian call center employees.  Fish outta water.  Been there, done that.  Pass.

Friday, September 24

*Medium – CBS – 8pm
Smallville – The CW – 9pm
CSI: NY – CBS – 9pm
The Good Guys – Fox – 9pm
*Supernatural – The CW – 9pm

Blue Bloods – CBS- 10pm
This is one of the few shows this year I’m kind of hopeful about.  I like three of its stars (Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynhan), and I’m intrigued by the idea of a cop family — cop dad, cop kids, cop everybody — as the focus of a TV series.   Don’t be too precious about this one, though, CBS.   Is my suggestion.

Sunday, September 26

The Simpsons – Fox – 8pm
The Amazing Race – CBS – 8:30pm
Desperate Housewives – ABC – 9pm
*Dexter – Showtime – 9pm
Family Guy – Fox – 9pm
Bored to Death – HBO – 9pm

MOVIE: Prey (2006)

September 14, 2010

This movie surprised me by being fairly satisfyingly suspenseful.  It’s essentially Cujo set in the African desert:  a new stepmother (Bridget Moynahan) and her husband’s two kids find themselves stranded in a Jeep after their tour guide takes them off-road and promptly gets eaten by a lion.  The lions, having tasted the deliciousness of human blood, decide to hang out for a while and see if the Jeep’s other tasty snacks are dumb enough to venture out (spoiler: they are!).  Meanwhile, the husband/father teams up with a local hunter (not unlike the Quint character from Jaws) to try to track them down.

It’s not terribly original, of course, but it had many of the same elements that made Cujo fun for me:  a fear I could relate to (not so much with lions where I live, but certainly with other big cats, as well as, of course, the most terrifying beasts of all:  raccoons), authentic suspense, and fairly well-crafted/well-acted characters who create their own intriguing interpersonal drama when the lions are off napping or plotting.  Plus: gorgeous scenery!  And real lions!  Eep!

It’s not a brilliant film, but I definitely enjoyed watching it and would say it’s  well worth the rental fee if you like this sort of thing.  Bridget Moynahan, by the way, will be starring in a new TV show this fall called Blue Bloods (co-starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg — veritable ex-Boyfriendapalooza).  Having seen her in this flick, I’m looking forward to seeing what more she can do.

[Netflix it | Buy it at Amazon]

Genre:  Adventure
Cast:  Peter Weller, Bridget Moynahan, Carly Schroeder, Jamie Bartlett

Fall TV Boyfriend Alert!

August 10, 2010


It’ll be a few more weeks before I get serious about Fall TV, but since I skipped summer TV altogether (current favorite, by the way, is Louie on FX), I thought I’d at least send out a teaser about some exciting coming attractions.  Namely, a whole heap of new shows slated to start in a month or two that feature ex-Boyfriends of the Week!

Head’s up, people!  There’s some serious cute coming your way this fall!  Detailed descriptions of all these shows coming soon when I dive into the Fall TV swimming pool for reals.


Monday nights, for example, will be bringing us Lone Star, starring ex-Older-Boyfriend David Keith, as well as the Hawaii 5-0 remake featuring Alex O’Loughlin.

Tuesdays will have No Ordinary Family with Michael Chiklis, though I will confess I saw an ad for this show recently and it looks like an ABC Family version of Heroes — meh, will likely skip this one.  Thinking ’bout it.


Wednesdays include The Defenders with Jerry O’Connell, who I hope has eaten a few cheeseburgers since I last saw him without his shirt off on Crossing Jordan (yeesh, Skeletor!).  And I absolutely cannot WAIT for Hellcats as it will star the delightful Ben Browder (dang — see comments for correction of this). Then we’ll have Undercover (the new J.J. Abrams series) with Gerald McRaney (ooh rah!), or (good lord), yet ANOTHER Law & Order, this time in LA, featuring Skeet Ulrich (yippie!).  All in all, Wednesdays look pretty delicious.

Nada much on Thursdays in the way of ex-Boyfriends, but Friday’s got three old beaus:  Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, and Outlaw with Jimmy Smits.


Also, just in case you were wondering who’d try to snag him next, James Tupper of the crazy-gorgeous eye crinkles, will be doing a few-episode arc on Grey’s Anatomy.  Here’s hoping McCrinkly gets a season pass — he’s had some practice now with the medical jargon, after all.

Are you ready?  Man, I am SO READY.

MOVIE: Annapolis (2006)

August 26, 2007

We have the STARZ movie channel for free this weekend, and when I noticed this flick was playing on it, I decided to record it and give it a shot. It had been on my list of potentially-bad-movies-to-watch-anyway, and I figured if it was going to be free, there was no excuse for not finally getting down to it.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. That is, though it was exactly what I suspected — An Officer and a Gentleman starring James Franco as Richard Gere — it was nowhere near as BAD as I expected. Franco plays Huard, a young man who has grown up in the shipyards across the water from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, dreaming his whole life of escaping his father’s career as a riveter and getting into the Academy instead. Though his grades were crappy, his application caught the attention of a lieutenant (Lt. Burton, played by the ubiquitous Donnie Wahlberg) and Burton pulled some strings to get him in at the last minute (eventually becoming a mentor to Huard when Huard finally learns an important lesson about the importance of asking for help).

The movie has absolutely nothing original to offer in any way — there’s the fat underdog kid who can’t get through the obstacle course and when he finally does, teaches us all an important lesson about heart; there’s the big African-American tough-guy superior (a Marine, naturally) who attempts to make Huard’s life a living hell and finally teaches him an important lesson about leadership; and there’s even a scene at the end featuring Huard’s estranged father (Brian Goodman — love him) looking just like Mr. Miyagi at the end of The Karate Kid, nodding in silent pride as his son stumbles out of the ring, and teaching us all an important lesson about “not giving up on your father even when he acts like an ass most of the time.”

Wait, “the ring”? Oh yeah, forgot to mention there’s a lot of boxing in this movie, too. Don’t ask, just go with it. At least it means you get to see James with his shirt off a lot, right?

What saves this movie from being a crappy rip-off of a much better film, though, is, in a phrase: James Franco. I’ve had my eye on James for years now, ever since he was in the great series Freaks and Geeks, but it wasn’t until about the last year or two that I really started to notice just how incredibly damn good he really is. Every movie I see him in these days just impresses the bejesus out of me (I also recently saw him in The Dead Girl and really enjoyed him in that as well), so watch for a Boyfriend write-up on him soon.

In any case, I’m glad I finally got a chance to see this movie, and if you are a fan of James, Donnie , or An Officer and a Gentleman, you too might find this flick surprisingly satisfying. It’s not a great film, but had I gone ahead and paid $4 to rent it, I wouldn’t have felt I’d just wasted any dough. ‘Nuff said.

[Netflix me | Buy me]

Genre: Drama

Cast: James Franco, Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Goodman, Jordana Brewster, Vicellous Reon Shannon, Roger Fan.

The Company, The Kill Point, and Flash Gordon — An Update

August 18, 2007

Just a quick update on a few new TV shows I had alerted you guys about (finally had a chance to get a bit caught up on stored DVR stuff this weekend!):

TNT’s miniseries, The Company, is a total blast. Great acting, a complex and engaging storyline, and lots and lots of nifty spy stuff. Lovin’ it. Haven’t seen part two yet, but am hoping to watch it tonight before the final part airs tomorrow (Sunday the 19th). Damn, that Chris O’Donnell is ha-ZOT. He’s just getting cuter with every passing moment.

Spike’s original series The Kill Point, on the other hand, is pretty bad, though I confess I’m still watching it. Donnie Wahlberg’s cop character is so annoying I kind of want to shove a pencil in his eye. His “quirk” is that he’s obsessed with grammar — he corrects everybody’s sentences all the time, and when they say things like, “Seriously? Three bank robbers are holding 8 people at gun point and you’re upset because I split an infinitive?” he replies with, “Hey, I’m a hostage negotiator — one wrong word in this job and PEOPLE DIE.”

I try to hold back the derisive snickers (especially when he’s just corrected someone incorrectly, which has happened twice so far), but I fail every time. Not a good sign.

The show is also ripping off left and right from Al Pacino’s Dog Day Afternoon, not to mention just about every other bank robbery movie or TV show ever made, but John Leguizamo is doing a pretty good job with his part and there have been some moments in the first three episodes (haven’t seen last week’s yet) that I thought were pretty well done. All in all, not a great show, but it’s pretty watchable.

Alas, I could not say the same about Sci-Fi’s new series Flash Gordon, the pilot of which I watched earlier last week. It’s just all over the place, and I didn’t particularly care about any of the actors or their characters. The pilot was 90 minutes, but I gave up around the half-way mark and took it back out of my DVR timer. Oh well! If the show seems to pick up some steam after it airs a few more episodes, I might give it another try. And hey, if you watched episode two this week and thought it improved radically on the pilot, let me know in comments and I’ll see if I can catch it in reruns over the next few days?

Meerkat Manor, incidentally, is as awesome as ever; hope you’re watching. And if you missed any of last season’s great series Men in Trees, starring the ridiculously gorgeous James Tupper, I hope you’ve noticed ABC is rerunning those Thursday nights this summer. The second season will be extra-long, as it will feature the usual 22 episodes PLUS the five or so from the end of season one that never aired last spring (ABC kept trying out new shows in its slot instead and then decided to just roll those final eps into an extended second season). Season Two starts Friday, October 12th at 10pm. So mark your calendars and be sure to tune in and support the show — it was my favorite of all the newbies from last year and I desperately want ABC to keep it going!

Donnie Wahlberg, Darn Stupid and Seth Peterson, Professional Hapless Brother

July 24, 2007

So, over the weekend, I reviewed two movies for you guys — didja notice?  What you DON’T know is that I actually watched three.  I chose not to bother with a review of the third one, though, because I fast-forwarded through the last half of it, finally turning it off about ten minutes before it was over because I just could not stand another SECOND of its unbearable craptacularity.  Can’t really review a movie you not only barely watched, but you only barely watched because REALLY watching would’ve been paramount to have Harry Potter cast a cruciatus curse on you (the writhing! the shrieking! the paaaaaain!).  Guess you guys know what I’ve been reading this weekend, and why I didn’t get the new Boyfriend posted like I said I would (dude, it was the final Harry vs. You-No-Poo smackdown — I couldn’t take a break for mundanities!).

Anyway, that lame movie was called Dead Silence (which I’m now calling Darn Stupid for reasons that are about to become obvious), and it’s by the writer, director, or producer (I forget which) of the Saw movies, which you’d think would’ve been my first clue.  The second clue being it was a horror movie about a killer doll — didn’t we learn this lesson the hard way back in 1988?  Am I the only one who was relieved to see Brad Dourif finally get a REAL job when he was cast as the doctor on Deadwood?

Anyway, the reason I rented Darn Stupid was because it starred ex-Boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg, and I’m sorry, but I’ve missed him!  His show last season (Runaway) got canceled, and even though it was only so-so, I still liked seeing him in my living room semi-regularly.  It was with surprise and joy, then, that after watching his abominable film Sunday, I looked him up yesterday to discover he’s actually back on television RIGHT NOW.  Last Sunday, on Spike TV, a new show called The Kill Point began, and I totally missed it!

It’s a series about a couple of ex-military guys (back from Iraq, maybe — I forget already) who decide to rob a bank.  It co-stars John Leguizamo, who can be a bit hit or miss for me, and it also could end up just being The Nine all over again except without the awesomeness of Tim Daly to keep me interested.  So, it’s a risky venture.  However, it reruns several times this week (Wednesday and Sunday before the new episode), so I’ll be catching the pilot and will report back.

I also wondered if anybody else noticed Seth Peterson, an old, old, ex-Boyfriend (put on the site back when he was on Providence, which was a looooong time ago!), on last week’s Burn Notice?  I can’t say much more about the show, as, yes, you guessed it, there is a relevant Boyfriend write-up in the works.  But it was nice seeing Seth at work again, even if he does seem to be a bit typecast as the luckless brother.

In other news, check out my new post at Rainy Day Gardening if you are a tomato lover.  Or Janet’s post right underneath mine, if you want to learn about poisonous plants at Hogwarts (I think we both spent our Sundays doing the same thing. . .).