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Fall TV Update: Sunday, September 30

October 1, 2012

Sorry I missed yesterday’s post, y’all!  It was my 11th anniversary with my spouse, though, and I decided maybe I better spend it with him instead of with my laptop.  It’s okay, though!  You didn’t really miss much!  Here’s what happened last night on the Tube de Boob (and there’s nothing to report for tonight, by the way!):

Sunday, September 30

Once Upon a Time — 8pm (ABC) — I watched the first half or so of this show last year and really enjoyed it.  The problem was I fell behind and then didn’t have enough time to catch up (this happens kind of a lot these days, I’m afraid!).  Rather than letting the episodes pile up on my DVR, I deleted the series with the plan to get it on DVD later instead.   Now that we’re entering the rainy-day AND flu seasons, I was excited to see season one is now available for streaming at Netflix.  When that perfect rainy sick day rolls around, I’ll have it ready to go at a click, which is a soothing thought to keep tucked away.  I inevitably get one really crappy illness each winter (last year, a truly heinous sinus infection), and it’s nice to know that when it happens this year, I’ll at least be able to keep myself entertained and in good cheer.

Amazing Race — 8pm (CBS) — I’ve seen one season of this show and I found it extremely entertaining, but so incredibly stressful to watch I have never, ever tuned in again.  I can’t take it.  There’s just too much scrambling and running and me on the edge of my seat yelling, “GET ON THE TRAIN, YOU FOOLS, YOU FOOLS!!”  Whew.  I’m exhausted just thinking about this show.  You watch it.  You guys with all the stamina and stuff.  This is the show for you.

Revenge — 9pm (FOX) — I skipped this series last year thinking it sounded kind of dumb, but then kept reading it was one of the most entertaining “guilty pleasures” of the year.  Luckily, it also just showed up on Netflix streaming, so I should go back and see if it’s my kinda thing.  Anybody a huge fan of this one?  What do you like about it?  Tell me everything!

The Good Wife — 9pm (CBS) — Here’s another great show I somehow keep failing to watch.  I got the first season on DVD from the library about a year ago and LOVED it and then had to return the disks before I was done because of the due date and no renewals allowed and all that jazz, and somehow I have since failed to finish up.  Why?  I don’t know.  (He’s on third. . .)  Season 1, at the very least, was excellent (p.s. Chris Noth, yum yum!).  Shoot.  What am I doing not watching this?  I’m dumb.  I’ll go stick this at the top of the Netflix queue right now.  Click, click, CHECK!

Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad — (FOX) — Those of you who watch these sorts of things, they started last night.

Dexter and Homeland — (SHO) — I no longer get Showtime, but even if I did, I probably wouldn’t bother tuning in for Dexter this year.  I really enjoyed it for a few seasons there, then I got frustrated with the lack of development in Dexter’s (and everybody else’s, for that matter) character.     Homeland, on the other hand, was pretty damn spectacular.  I considered resubscribing to SHO this fall simply so I could see season 2 of this one (but that would be an incredibly dumb financial move since I’ll be able to rent the whole thing on DVD for less than a single month of the premium subscription would cost — I hope you’re listening, Showtime).  If you missed season 1, I highly, highly recommend it!  Fascinating and extremely thoughtful, plus: Mandy Patinkin times Damian Lewis equals yay!

The Mentalist — 10pm (CBS) –Not-funny rip-off of Psych.  Why would you bother when you can just have the real thing?

666 Park Avenue — 10pm (ABC) — I would’ve totally been game for this show had they not given it such a stupid title.   Really?  666?  You know what that tells me?  That tells me there isn’t going to be a single original bone in this show’s whole dumb body.  Did anybody watch last night?  Was I right?  I bet I was right.  I am almost never right about anything, but I have a good feeling about my rightness right now.

Coming tomorrow:  An update for the whole rest of the week, BA BAM!!  Hold onto your hats!

MOVIE: In the Loop (2009)

August 17, 2009

Several years ago, a British reader of the Boyfriend of the Week sent me a couple of CDs that contained six episodes of a sit-com she was mad-crazy about called The Thick of It.  Not only did she want me to watch the series and tell her if I liked it, but she was especially keen on one of its stars, an actor and stand-up comedian named Chris Addison.

I watched the first episode with some hesitation, I’ll confess,  because I’d just finished watching the first season of the British version of The Office and didn’t end up loving it as much as everybody seemed to think I ought to.  That is, I didn’t hate it — but. . . meh.  I figured if I ended up not loving The Thick of It either, the entire United Kingdom might write me off at long last.  That would be horrible!  I like the British!  They talk so cute!

Five minutes into episode one of The Thick of It, though, and I was absolutely in love.  The series, about the bumbling spin machines at work behind the British government, was not only one of the most riotously funny things I’d ever seen, but it was absolutely goddamn brilliant to boot.

The problem with the request of my reader, though, was that when I was done with the six episodes she sent, I wasn’t in love with Chris Addison.  I mean, his character Ollie (“Toby” in the movie, but essentially the same guy) is absolutely my type in real life:  a super-enormous, highly intelligent dork.   But the BotW isn’t about real life, it’s about fantasy.  And in my fantasy world, the character for me was definitely going to be Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi.   Despite the fact Tucker’s an absolutely vicious bastard, his brutal directness holds the same appeal to me as Hugh Laurie’s Gregory House. I probably think to myself, “SPIT IT OUT, ALREADY” 19 times a day when I’m talking to people, and if there’s one thing I absolutely lack patience for, it’s people who tiptoe around topics.  Drop someone in front of me who not only spits it out, but launches it across the room like a SCUD missile, and I will immediately fall prostrate at their feet like the the penitent Magdalene.

This movie, in case you hadn’t already made the connection, is based on that British series (which, as far as I know, only had the one season, though I heard a rumor from someone today that director Armando Iannucci is planning a second season for 2010).  It features a lot of the same cast, including Peter Capaldi and Chris Addison, but also has a few notable additions, like Gina McKee (better known to some of us as Irene from The Forsyte Saga with Damian Lewis and Ioan Gruffud) and James Gandolfini. The backbone of this movie is about the escalation of the British and American governments towards war in Iraq.  But in reality, this film is a cutting satire about media strategy and political spin, and the dunderheads on both sides who flail around in a sea of absolute nonsense day in and day out.  Oh, yeah, and it’s also about us poor schlubs — the politicians’ constituents — and how very, very unimportant we truly are.

The disaster starts when government minister Simon Foster (Tom Hollander) says in a radio interview the sentence, “War is unforeseeable.”  Though that line is absolutely meaningless in every way, it immediately sets off a gargantuan mess of frenzy, beginning with Malcolm Tucker blackmailing a reporter into pretending it was never said, and ending with Foster’s flying off to Washington DC to meet with the American government.  There, we get a shot of the spin at work behind the scenes of our own political process, complete with an absolutely spot-on-hilarious subplot involving a secret “war” committee that may or may not have actually existed before the news of its existence was leaked to CNN, and a never-ending stream of jokes about how young most of our political go-to people are compared to their counterparts in the UK (“your f*ucking master race of highly-gifted toddlers. . .”)

I took my husband to see this with me because I knew that as a political news reporter, he was either going to laugh the entire time or get really cranky — kind of a win-win for me in terms of entertainment.   As it turns out, he loved it too, and even laughed out loud when someone in the film referred to “the media forces of darkness.”  I suspect, though he would neither confirm nor deny, that his job resembles this movie a lot of the time.  And you know what else?  He’s totally a Malcolm Tucker.  Which is why we get along so well.

If you’ve seen the film and you’re curious about the TV series, you can find a bunch of it on YouTube.  The first part of episode one is here (for the rest, you’re on your own):  But you don’t have to see the show to appreciate the movie.  If you like sharp political satire, or the hyperarticulate wit of cranky British people, you could not do better than In the Loop.   Except maybe with Yes, Minister, which I hope they movie-ize next for those of us living ‘cross the pond.  Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can turn the English subtitles on — I’m pretty sure I missed at least two dozen snipy insults in “surround bollocksing” due to fast-moving British accents, a fact that will haunt me from now until the day I manage to catch and make note of them all.  F*ckity bye!

[Prequeue me at Netflix | View trailer]

Genre: Comedy
Cast: Peter Capaldi, Tom Hollander, Chris Addison, Paul Higgins, Gina McKee, James Gandolfini, Anna Chlumsky

New & Used TV This Week, Sept. 29-Oct 5

September 29, 2008

Here’s what’s new or returning on Ye Olde Tube o’ Boob this week:

Monday, September 29

Chuck — 8pm, NBC, season 2 — I actually gave up on Chuck after about the first half of last season, and probably won’t bother with it this season either.  Just wasn’t doing it for me; not sure why.  I wanted to like it.  I love Adam Baldwin.  I just kind of. . . meh.  So, consider this a public service announcement for those of you who watch — it’s back tonight, if you care!

Life — 10pm, NBC, season 2 — This intriguing cop drama, starring ex-Boyfriend Damian Lewis,  returns for a second season tonight — count me in (but please, if you care about me, do stop talking about fruit every thirty seconds)!  You can already watch tonight’s episode online, if you are so inclined.

Note that a second episode of Life will air this Friday at 10pm, the show’s regular day/time this season.

Wednesday, October 1

Pushing Daisies — 8pm, ABC, season 2 — Am I the only one who gets that Ween song about pushing the little daisies in their head whenever they think about this series?  Probably.   But it hardly matters — I was REALLY enjoying this total freakfest last year and had my fingers crossed it would survive the strike.  Miracle of miracles — it did!  Now, it’s got to survive season two.  And you can help!  By watching it!

Yes, I know some of you hate the cheesy voice-overs.  But really?  You’d miss out on watching Chi McBride knit sweaters while solving crimes because of a little ham-handedness?  Dude, your loss, yo.  This show is WEIRD, and we really need more weird on TV these days.

(Also returning tonight is Private Practice on ABC, by the way, but I can’t watch this show because it makes me cry seeing Tim Daly stuck in something this crappy.  Thankfully, I can now watch episodes of Eyes whenever I want to on AOL Video.  Helps with the sting.  I love you, Interwebs!)

Thursday, October 2

Biden/Palin Thursday Night Smack-Down — One, one, ONE night only!  This will be a face-off not to be missed!  WATCH as Joe “No Filter” Biden tries to make his opponent cry!  SEE Sarah “No Brain” Palin string eight unrelated talking points together into a single, completely nonsensical answer about the economy (oh wait, that was the Katie Couric interview — who knows what will come out of this lady’s mouth this time around!).   Who will emerge the victor?

On the one hand, Biden is not really known for his tact and if he goes after Palin too aggressively, he’ll just look mean, which only ever works for the Republicans (hi, Dick Cheney!).  On the other hand, I think all Palin needs to do to score herself a victory at this point is NOT fall completely on her face.  With a little coaching (Ahmadinejad, Ahmadinejad, Ahmadinejad: say it with me, Sarah!), she might be able to pull that off.

More worrisome:  Can Biden spend 90 minutes in a room with her and avoid rolling his eyes and sighing dramatically EVEN ONCE?  If so, we’ll know for sure just how strong his character is — because I didn’t last thirty seconds before I called McCain a “stinkbutted poo-poo pants” last Friday.

Which is, in a nutshell, why I have never bothered trying to run for office.  (In case you were wondering.)

Friday, October 3

Sanctuary — 9-11pm, Sci-Fi Network, season 1– This new Sci-Fi series stars Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG-1 as Dr. Helen Magnu, a scientist who “holds the secrets of a clandestine population:” a group of strange and sometimes terrifying beings that hide among humans. Together with a couple of sidekicks, she tries to keep the freakazoids safe, all the while attempting to determine where they came from.  Dude, I don’t know: could rock, could suck. I’m game to find out which.

Supernanny — 9pm, ABC, season something-or-other — Oh my god, I love this show.  I have no children of my own, so it’s the one time in life I’m allowed to criticize bad parenting skills.  In real life, if you try to say something like, “Hey, have you ever considered giving your kid a time-out when he kicks you in the teeth like that?” to a parent, you immediately get a snarl and a, “How would YOU know what I should do, you barren, childless, non-woman!  Why don’t you take your lame fallopian tubes, shove them up your empty uterus, and go home to your stupid cat!”

But in the privacy of my own home?  Watching Supernanny?  I totally call you kid-whipped.  I mean, seriously, at least my cat doesn’t BITE me when she doesn’t get her way.

Oh, wait. . .

Plus, I love the way Jo says the word “unacceptable.”  Unassesseptible.  That’s just so cute!

Numb3rs — 10pm, CBS, season 5 — Yep, I’m still watching this one.  AND STILL LOVING IT.  I don’t really know why, but I blame a combination of Mr. Universe and The Biscuit.  Also, they talk about math!  EVERY WEEK!  On a popular television show!  That’s like Geek Heaven for those of us who know our sines from our cosines.  Not to mention our quarks from our leptons.  Our string theory from our string cheese.

Mmmm, string cheese. . .  Wait, what was I just talking about?

Sunday, October 5

The CW is starting up two new shows Sunday night, neither of which I’m planning on watching, but I figured I’d give you guys the heads-up in case your Sundays are in need of cheap thrills.

The first is Easy Money, a comedy about a family that owns one of those payday loan places.  It’ll mix stories of the family with funny stuff about firm’s hapless clients.  Because, as we all know, there ain’t nuthin’ funnier than people so broke they are willing to get payday loans with interest rates as high as 400%.  Ha ha ha!  Poor people are so adorable. . .

The second is Valentine, which is about a family of Greek gods living in Los Angeles whose mission it is to help the lovelorn stop being so lorn of love.  Meh, not for me.  If you watch and it’s good, let us know?

That’s it for this week!  Watch Pushing Daisies!  You don’t have to like it, you just have to keep it from being canceled!  FOR MY SAKE!

The Good, the Bad, and the Utterly Unwatchable

October 14, 2007

Okay, everybody, I’ve given almost every new show at least two episodes now to hook me or lose me, and I have the final tally for Fall TV hits and misses. You know, in case you’re interested in MY stupid opinions on things like this (fools!).

The UTTERLY AWESOME (which means enjoy it while it lasts because some idiot will surely cancel it soon):

Pushing Daisies — ABC Wednesdays, 9pm. I think this series is absolutely brilliant. In fact, I’m loving it so much I’m actually watching it LIVE instead of just recording it and catching it later. I never do that, people! Never ever ever! But, put simply, this show has everything I love — it’s clever, funny, gorgeous (I keep describing its visuals to people as “Tim Burton-y” and getting lots of nods of agreement), and completely kooky. And, not to jinx it or anything, but it looks like it might even make it, as it won its timeslot the first week, and last week only lost out to Deal Or No Deal. Unfortunately, my Mom says she read last week that they’ve cut the budget (apparently, each episode has been costing them a fortune to put together), and also that the director has been (demoted?) to producer instead. That might be bad — hard to say for sure. Nevertheless, I have hope we might truly have a keeper on our hands. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and my TV tuned to ABC on Wednesday nights at 8. (By the way, if you missed it and are now totally intrigued, you can watch all the episodes that have aired so far for free at — go ahead, we’ll wait. . .)


K-Ville — FOX Mondays, 10pm. I still have some issues with the plots on this series, which often have elements that don’t make much sense. Nevertheless, I’m REALLY enjoying Cole Hauser and Anthony Anderson, and they have good chemistry. I also like the setting (New Orleans) and the guy who plays their boss.

Life — CBS Wednesdays, 10pm. Yes, I hated the pilot (in fact, I never did manage to sit through the whole thing), but it’s time to confess that I enjoyed both of the episodes that followed. Damian Lewis is evening his character out a bit and dropping some of his annoying tics, and there are a few things about the series I find kind of interesting (I like the documentary-esque style of filming at times, and also am pretty engrossed in the mystery of who framed him to begin with as well). It may end up feeling too much like every other crime series out there after a while, but for now, I’m finding it pretty entertaining and unique (and yes, please feel free to say “I TOLD YOU SO” in the comments, you guys, because you were all right about this one and I was wrong, wrong, wrong!)


Bionic Woman — NBC Wednesdays, 9pm. The heading of this category kind of says it all in regards to this one: bad but still watchable. I like the characters pretty well so far, and I still think it’s got a lot of potential (though it still needs to stop taking itself quite so seriously, in my opinion). Needs work, but so far I’m really enjoying it (and especially Katee Sackhoff IN it, mrrrrrrowl!).

Chuck — NBC Mondays, 8pm. I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with this one after the pilot, but I recorded the second episode and when I finally got around to watching it, I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. It’s kind of dorky and not all that brilliantly written, but I’m like the main character, and who can resist Adam Baldwin as an all-too-serious government agent (a hilarious reversal of character to those of us who primarily know the guy as Jayne from Firefly)? Kinda fun. Might not make it, but should be entertaining while it lasts.

Moonlight — CBS Fridays, 9pm. Wow, yes, it’s REALLY BAD. And, even worse, though I think the lead guy is good looking and has a very lovely smoky voice, there’s something about the clingy shirts he sometimes wears that makes me think “man boobs” every time I see him. That can’t be good. Nevertheless, this show is the sort of bad that really enjoy — it’s good-bad. And also, of course, KEVIN WEISMAN! As a geek! I’m in heaven.

Reaper — CW Tuesdays at 9pm. I’m still watching this series and still laughing every week, but I’m ready to admit it needs some serious work if it’s going to survive. The mystery plots need to be more of a focus each week instead of just the geek jokes, and that means they need to be a heck of a lot more intriguing. Bring in a few new writers and it might have a chance. Otherwise, I think it’s going straight to TV hell. . . in a toaster.

Women’s Murder Club — ABC Fridays, 9pm. This one just started last night so I’ve only seen the one episode, but while I fully expected to find it awful — why is it that on TV, all professional women must spend half their time whining about their crappy romantic lives? — I ended up kind of enjoying it. Yes, it’s BAD. In fact, it’s the exact level of badness one would expect from a series based on a novel by James Patterson (not exactly William Faulkner, that guy). Yet, Patterson novels sell like hotcakes despite their lack of brilliance for the same reason this show might have a shot — they’re cheesy fun. Hopefully this’ll be a good match with Men in Trees (welcome back, James Tupper!) which also returned last night. And by the way, I hope you all tuned in to that one for sure, because I LOVE MEN IN TREES and if it gets canceled, I’m holding all of YOU directly responsible!

The Erased from My DVR Timer Because I Couldn’t Stay Awake:

Journeyman — NBC Mondays, 10pm. I’ve now seen three episodes, and found all three promising but ultimately boring and predictable as hell. Deleted it from the timer after I dozed off twenty minutes into the third ep. Life’s too short, especially since I figure if it does end up being a smash success (seems doubtful, but you never know), I can always catch it on DVD this summer.

Dirty Sexy Money — ABC Wednesdays, 10pm. I watched the first episode of this and thought it was okay but not really interesting enough to be worth sticking around for (shows like this aren’t typically my thing, though, and I can see why others might be enjoying it). Again, if it ends up being a huge success, there’s always DVD.

Aliens in America — CW Mondays, 8pm. I don’t usually watch sit-coms, but I’d read so many positive reviews about this one I decided to tune in. Watched the pilot and was kinda “meh” about it. A week later, I didn’t even last through the whole episode, and the thing’s only half an hour long. I just really don’t get it — it’s not that funny, it’s not that sweet, and the characters aren’t that adorable or charming. What are the critics seeing in this one?

The Erased from My DVR Timer Because It Pains Me to See the Great Tim Daly In Such Crap:

Private Practice — ABC Wednesdays, 9pm. I cannot believe — CANNOT BELIEVE — this show is doing as well as it’s doing. I cannot believe — CANNOT BELIEVE — that this show is doing way, way better than Tim’s series from a few years ago, the utterly awesome private investigation show Eyes, which was canceled after only about six episodes even though it was one of the smartest and funniest shows ever to grace the small screen. This show is COMPLETE CRAP, people. There is absolutely nothing good about it whatsoever. Not ONE THING. Why are you wasting your time with this stupid, stupid show about stupid, stupid women and the stupid, stupid men who hang around them? This show is doing better than Pushing Daisies! That kind of makes me want to throw up. And then move to Canada. If you are a fan of this show, please do not tell me so in the comments, because you will only send me spiraling into despair. Tim! Please please get a better agent! I’m begging you!! Take Taye Diggs and run, man! RUN!

Non-New Shows I Also Feel Like Talking About:

By the way, is it just me or does Heroes kinda suck this year?  Discuss.

What Meg’s Watching Tonight (Wednesday)

September 26, 2007

Okay, so, last night, I watched Heroes, which featured some exciting new developments, but overall I found the episode a bit lackluster — too much set-up, and some of the new storylines are ones I feel like I’ve seen 86 bazillion times on other shows already.  Still love it, but was a bit disappointed in the season premiere.

Luckily, I then started up Journeyman, which I LOVED, and right after that turned on Reaper, which I REALLY loved.   So, if you missed either of those latter two, try their network web sites to see if you can watch the first episodes online, because these are the first new shows I’ve seen so far this season that I’m actually really excited about.   Reaper had me laughing out loud practically the entire hour — oh man, it’s really as good as everybody said it would be — and Journeyman, though very pilot-episode-y, was extremely intriguing, especially when we learned the main character might not be the only one hopping around through time.  I’m definitely in for the long haul with both of those.

Tonight, we have:

9pm CBSCriminal Minds.  Can’t say I was that devastated to hear Mandy Patinkin was leaving — his character wasn’t the one I was tuning into watch (Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson, and Matthew Gubler, on the other hand. . .).  But I will say I’m not too sure how I feel about Joe Mantegna replacing him either.  We’ll see how that goes.

9pm ABCPrivate Practice.  I’ll be watching this one on the ABC web site instead of on regular TV, because I’m fairly certain I’ll hate it, based on what I saw from last year’s preview Grey’s Anatomy episode, and I don’t want to give up somethng else to make room for it in my schedule.  Tim Daly really needs a better agent, is all I’m sayin’.  But maybe they will have successfully retooled it this summer?  I’ll find out when I give it a try on the laptop this weekend.

9pm NBCBionic Woman — I’ve already seen the pilot for this one and, well, to be honest, it’s pretty bad.  Bad dialogue, clumsy acting, and the actress playing Jamie Sommers (Michelle Ryan, see above photo) is pretty blah so far.  That said, the premise was intriguing and very Alias-esque, and who can resist Katee Sackhoff as the EVIL Bionic Woman?  That was a truly inspired choice (though, no surprise since it’s produced by David Eick from Battlestar Galactica — watch for Petty Officer Tyrol to make an appearance as well, BG fans). 

So, I would suggest you tune in tonight, but be warned that there were whooooole sections that had me roaring with laughter — and not because they were actually meant to be funny (best part: when Katee Sackhoff stops mid-fight to light a cigarette — and then remarks, puff puff, that, puff puff, the coolest thing, puff puff, about being bionic, puff puff, is that they can SMOKE, puff puff.   At this point, my husband looked at me to see if my eyes were rolling (yes).  Then Jamie says, “Who ARE you?” and Katee’s character replies, “Not to be all melodramatic about it. . .” and the next thing you know, both me and the spouse are battling a fit of giggles more deadly than Katee Sackhoff’s robot biceps).

Additionally, I’d like to offer these words of wisdom to the writers:  “serious and stuffy” is not the same thing as “having depth.”  Try throwing in some nerdy comic relief characters and see if that helps. And hey, I think Kevin Weisman is even available these days, so there you go!

10pm ABCDirty Sexy Money.  I’ve heard this might be the big guilty-pleasure show of the season, featuring Peter Krause as a lawyer who is sort of forced to start working for one of the city’s wealthiest, sexiest, and dirtiest morality-wise families (headed by Donald Sutherland, who is kind of hit-or-miss for me these days, but we’ll see).  Krause is a great actor and if the show is written brilliantly, it could be really fun.  But this won’t be one I stick with if the pilot disappoints, so it’d better be getting it right the first time or else!

10pm NBCLife.   This is one I strongly urge you not to bother with, despite the fact I know you and I both adore Damian Lewis.   I saw the pilot for this one the other night too, and I didn’t last fifteen minutes (alas, not long enough to see Robin Weigart, who will always be Calamity Jane to me, god bless her, but I hear she’s totally wasted in this anyway). 

I’d love to say the problem with Life, which is about a homicide detective wrongfully imprisoned for murder who is finally exonerated and gets his job back, is bad writing, bad premise, plot holes, and ridiculously convenient plot devices.  And, actually, those too.  But to be honest, the reason I couldn’t sit through it was Damian Lewis himself.  I love that man, but he is just ridiculously awful in this. Have you seen him in Dreamcatcher?  You know when he gets possessed by the alien and starts tipping his head and pinching his lips a lot to look weird and foreign and confused about what it’s like to be living in a human body?  That’s him in this show too.  Really, really bad.  Bad acting, bad plot, bad everything.  What a waste of some fine talents and a relatively decent concept, frankly.  If Raines couldn’t survive, my guess is this one won’t last three weeks.  Which might actually be good, as it’ll free Damian and Robin up for what might end up being something better down the line.

I’m shuttin’ up now.  Did you watch Journeyman and Reaper?  Did you love them?  What up, my peeps??

What Meg’s Watching Tonight (Tuesday)

September 25, 2007

So, I saw last night’s Chuck, and think it has promise, though it could use some polishing up.  I also watched last night’s K-Ville, and darned if it’s plot wasn’t just as hole-ridden and badly thought-out as the pilot’s, so now I’m a bit concerned it’s going to take a dive soon.  That’ll be too bad, because the premise has real promise, and I like the characters a lot too (plus Cole Hauser is totally sex-ay, I’m not ashamed to admit it).   While I was at it, by the way, I also watched the pilots of Damian Lewis’s new show Life, as well as Bionic Woman (both were available on our Dish On Demand thing), but I’ll tell you about those tomorrow since they don’t start until tomorrow night.

Tonight, I’ll be watching the rest of last night’s shows (Heroes and Journeyman), as well as the following which start up this evening:

8pm CBS – NCIS is back!  I needs me some Michael Weatherly and I needs it STAT.

8pm FOX – Bones is back!  I needs me some David Boreanaz and I needs it STAT.

9pm CW – Reaper.  This new show is one of the few that’s getting really excited critical response.  It’s about a young guy who finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil, and the devil has decided it’s time to collect.  Ensue hilarity, right?  Yeah, I’m not sure I get it either.  I’ve listened to Robert Johnson — I know what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.  But hey, whatever!  I’m willing to go along with it since it sounds like it could be the funniest new show this year, based on what I’ve read — plus, I’m glad to see Tyler Labine getting work.  His character (the scatterbrained blogging brother) on Invasion was one of my favorite parts of that series.  Cute AND funny.  And also, fuzzy.  A good combination. 

By the way, I hope you’re impressed that I’ve just managed to describe Reaper without once making the seemingly-mandatory Blue Oyster Cult reference, though I will confess I get the Gus version of that song (from the movie Scream) in my head whenever I think about it.

9pm BBC America — Ultimate Force.  I may not stick with this show, depending on what else shows up in this time slot on regular ‘Merkin television later on, but I figured I’d give it a shot since it stars Mohinder from Heroes (Sendhil Ramamurthy).  It’s about a group of counter-terrorists in England, and looks like it might be pretty action-packed and intelligent.  At the very least, lots of cute guys, and that’s really all it takes to get me to tune in. 

10pm NBC – Law & Order: SVU is back!  I needs me some depravity (and Christopher Meloni) and I needs it STAT!

Before you ask, “What about Cane with ex-Boyfriend Jimmy Smits?” I wanted to say I’m not really all that interested in that one so I’m not planning on tuning in.  From what I’ve read, it’s not very good — I believe “boring” is the word I’ve most frequently seen associated with it.  I don’t really do “boring.”  But if you watch tonight and you think it was great, please post in comments to let the rest of us know?