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Patrick Swayze, dead at age 57.

September 15, 2009

Thank you for everything, Mr. Swayze.  You will be missed.

Two Great Tastes: Red Dawn and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

September 14, 2009

SUPERNATURALOrdinarily, news that there is a planned remake of Red Dawn, one of the best Kevin Reynolds films of all time (which is saying a LOT considering the fact he also wrote, well, nevermind. . .), would send me spiraling into a rage tornado.

But then I read this morning that they are planning to cast ex-Boyfriend Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Lt. Col. Tanner, the Air Force pilot who gets shot down in the original movie and teams up with the Wolverines to help lead them to victory.  That’s actually kind of perfect casting, if you ask me.  Plus, I’d love to see JDM in a flight suit — sex-ay.

Therefore, I have now reconfigured my knee-jerk response from “IS NOTHING SACRED?!” to, “Oh, in that case, WORD.”

Go about your day.

Five More ex-Boyfriends Headed for TV!

August 27, 2009

Okay, so we already knew about Paul Gross in Eastwick (ABC, Wednesday, Sept. 23), Tim DeKay in White Collar (USA, Oct.), Alex O’Loughlin in Three Rivers (CBS, Sunday, Oct. 4), Chris O’Donnell on NCIS:LA (CBS, Tuesday, Sept. 22), and Timothy Olyphant on Lawman (FX, 2010) (okay, okay, he’s not an ex-Boyfriend YET, but he will be soon enough).

BUT I just found out today that five more ex-Boyfriends will be starring or co-starring in shows coming to cable and network television this fall/winter.  Man, I might have to quit my day job just to keep the DVR from exploding.  Life is good.  (p.s. Know of any other new shows coming soon that star old Boyfriends of the Week?  Hit the comments!)

We’ve got:

James Marsters playing terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley in SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica prequel series, Caprica. (Jan. 2010)

John Hawkes playing a new character on ABC’s Lost — some kind of businessman described as “scruffy, edgy, and charismatic.”  You had me at “scruffy,” ABC. (Jan. 2010)

Chris Noth co-starring with Julianna Margulies in CBS’s The Good Wife, a series about a stay-home mom who finds herself reentering the workplace after her husband’s very public sex and political corruption scandals land him in jail.  Sounds terrible.  Sign me up.  (Tuesday, Sept. 22)

The delightfully-voiced Clancy Brown co-starring in ABC’s new lawyer drama, The Deep End, which will focus on a law firm and its fresh-faced recruits.  While I’m definitely sick (and tired) of lawyer shows, those are two adjectives I’ll likely never apply to my feelings about The Clance (which sounds like an STD but isn’t; if it were, I’d be happy to contract it, though), so clearly I’m on board. Plus, Tina Majorino!  Yay!  (TBA, Fall)

And last, but certainly NOT least,

James Tupper, humina humina, coming to NBC in Mercy, a medical drama told from the perspective of nurses and described as having “a totally unique point of view.”  You know, except for all those other shows on TV right now about nurses.  Oh really, like we care if this one’s unique.  As long as nobody tries to tidy up his hair, I’m in.  (Friday, Sept. 23)

(By the way, I was going to reduce this photo of JT a bit.  But then I decided life’s too short for cropped photos of James Tupper.  You’re welcome.)


I’m Crazy Busy! And So Is Tim DeKay!

August 24, 2009

Sorry the blog has been a bit dead the last week — I had family in town last week and am about to enter the week before my best friend’s wedding as well, so don’t expect much over the next seven days!  You’re lucky I’m still alive, frankly.

timdekayTo tide you over, I’ll be posting a review of District 9 this week, and also wanted to mention that I was watching Psych the other night and saw an ad for a new USA series starring ex-Boyfriend Tim DeKay!  It’s called White Collar and will be debuting this fall.  It sounds sort of like Catch Me If You Can, as it’s about a con artist (Matt Bomer) who finally gets caught by an FBI agent (DeKay) and instead of being sent to jail, gets put to work by the Feebies helping them catch other elusive criminals.    Could be fun.   And, of course, I’d watch Tim DeKay do (almost) anything after falling madly in love with his Jonesy in HBO’s Carnivale.  (I say “almost” because even DeKay couldn’t save Tell Me You Love Me from the abyss of self-important inanity.  Win some, lose some, Timmy.)

More soon, swearsies!

Mike Farrell Makes My Day. . .AGAIN!

August 1, 2009

megandmikeGuess who just got email from Mike Farrell again.  ME, la la la!

You see that part at the end where he says it was a pleasure to meet me and see my “lovely face”?  That’s Mike Farrell in a nutshell to me.  That’s just a sweet thing to say, Mr. Farrell, and it wasn’t even necessary — it was just sweet.   If I hadn’t been sitting down when I read it, I woulda swooned.

Thank you for all your kind words both in emails and in person.  You’re an amazing, inspiring human being, Mr. Farrell, as well as an actor of many talents, and getting to tell you that in person last month was one of the true highlights of my life.

(For those of you who are new readers, you can catch up on the Mike Farrell Saga du Awesomme here:  Watch for an updated write-up on him, focusing more on his advocacy work and his two memoirs, coming to the Boyfriend of the Week site this August.)

Thanks for stopping by the book event.

Sorry it’s taken so long for me to say that, but I’ve been carrying around the lovely piece you handed me and finally had a chance to sit down and read it. Takes me back.

I’m flattered, again, at all the nice things you said and delighted that you took the time to stop by and say hello. It was a pleasure to meet you and see your lovely face.

Thanks again. Take care.

Mike Farrell

Dimples Divorces!

July 22, 2009

CibrianI wonder with what tone Eddie Cibrian’s (future ex-)wife delivered the line, “Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other. . .”

Oh, Dimples.  If only you’d met me first. . .  I wish you luck, sir.  Don’t be a dick to your kids.

Seven Signs of the Apocalypse

July 14, 2009

eccelston1 – What Were You Thinking?: Christopher Eccleston starring in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  One season as Doctor Who, a couple of episodes on Heroes, and suddenly, he’s relegated to crap like this?  No, Christopher.  NO, I TELL YOU.  THIS CANNOT STAND.

2 – Necessary?: Miley Cyrus wrote a memoir?   Isn’t she, like, 14  years old or something?

3 – Ominous: Did you know there’s a television show called Life After People?  I am unnerved by this, not in the least because it seems somewhat moot to work hard at figuring out what will happen to Las Vegas after all the human beings are gone from the planet.  Why would we care?  Won’t we not be here anyway?  I’m confused.  I hate being confused.  Can’t you just go back to showing Band of Brothers reruns in perpetuity instead, History Channel?  Currahee!

macgruber4 – Unspeakable!: After years of taunting us with occasional news reports that MacGyver might be revived in movie format, we’re instead officially brought. . . MacGruber in movie format.  I hate you, Saturday Night Live

5 – BLAAAAARRRRGH:  Sam Raimi to remake The Evil Dead (and ruin it, I’m assuming, because he’ll actually have a budget this time — money alone will suck half the awesome right out of the whole thing).  Don’t make me hate you, Sam.  I don’t want to, but I WILL.

sawvi6 – IT WILL NEVER STOP: Saw VI scheduled for release in October 2009.   Talks in progress for Hostel 3 sans Eli Roth, while I’m at it.

7 – And Neither Will This Butthead, Apparently: Joe Jackson hoping to take Michael’s three kids on “Jackson Three” tour?   Bravo, sir.   (Please note that I recognize this may just be a rumor — the source here is not that trustworthy.  However, seems his style, I will confess.)

Those were in no particular order, and I’m sure I missed some.  If you’ve got any horrifying entertainment news to report on, hitten zee comments.

Of Mule, Man, Mike, and Meg.

June 22, 2009

Hey, everybody!  How was your weekend?  It was good?  Oh good, glad to hear it.

I’m sorry, what was that?  Oh, you ask how MY weekend was?  Well, to be honest, my weekend. . .


Guess who I met yesterday?


Yep, that’s me and MIKE “The Beej” FARRELL!!

Mr. Farrell was in town yesterday doing a book reading for his new memoir, Of Mule and Man, which is about a cross-country road trip he took a couple of years ago while on a book tour for his 2007 memoir, Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist.   The book tour featured dozens of stops, each sponsored by an advocacy organization for human rights, and Mike did the 8000+ mile road trip alone — just him and a rented Prius, a car he nicknamed the Mule for it’s combination of  hybriditude and stubbornness.   As with the man himself, the book features an engaging, irresistible amalgam of comedy and seriousness, a combination that makes Mike Farrell the kind of  progressive thinker I think it’s easy for all sides to listen to, interact with, and learn from.  He’s a gentle soul with emphatic, passionate beliefs — a rather delicious and deadly combination.

The reading itself was amazing — he didn’t actually read from the book at all, but instead told us a few funny stories about his trip and then said he mostly wanted to hang out and chat.  So, that’s what we did!  He encouraged us to ask him anything, and our reward was getting to listen to him talk about his incredible advocacy work (special focus on anti-death penalty activism — yay, Mike!), as well as a few stories about M*A*S*H and his experiences as an actor in general.  Both of his books talk a lot about his life as an activist, if you’d like to learn more, and you can also read journals from his trips to places like Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia, and other war-torn places on his web site, Mike Farrell Online.

After it was over, we each got a few minutes of one-on-one time with him while he signed our books, and I got to tell him face-to-face how much I respected him and how grateful I was to him and his co-stars for the impact that M*A*S*H had on me as a kid.   Being able to tell him that in person was one of the high points of my life, I kid you not.  Even better:  he seemed genuinely pleased to hear it, and was more than happy to pose afterward for the above photograph as well.

Thank you, Mr. Farrell, for being so gracious and accessible to us all yesterday, and for taking the time to talk to us about the things you are so passionate about.  You’re an inspiration.

Additional thanks go to my friend BCL, because if you hadn’t emailed me about Farrell’s reading yesterday, I would’ve MISSED IT, which would’ve been a goddamn crime.

And, of course, gratitude size XXL to my husband, Mr. Meg, whose store of patience appears to be infinite.

Great frakkin’ weekend all around, my peoples.  Might even have been one of the best.

Crap, Now I’m Going to Have to Watch 24

June 9, 2009

kateeEx-Boyfriend Katee Sackhoff just landed a major role in season 8 of 24, where she’ll play a data analyst at CTU.

This would be great news EXCEPT THAT I HATE THAT SHOW.  And now I’ll have to watch it, just in case she gets to kick someone’s ass.  ARGH!

Man, it’s hard to be me sometimes.

Paul Gross to star in new ABC series Eastwick next Fall!

June 8, 2009

paul_gross_img2“Everywhere he goes, he stirs up sex. . . and trouble.”

You said it, lady.

By the way, he’s topless in this preview AND THERE IS KISSING.

You might want to make sure you’re somewhere private when you watch it in case you begin to weep shamelessly from joy.  Like I just did.