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Fall TV Premieres Are Here! Sept. 12-18, 2011.

September 12, 2011

Hi, everyone!  It’s that time of year again!  The time of year where I tell you what new shows are starting up, which ones (old and new) I’m planning to watch and why, and how much I hate Law & Order: Special Victims Unit even though I KEEP WATCHING IT FOR GOD’S SAKE SOMEONE STOP ME.

Here’s what’s up this week (I’ll try to hit all the new shows, but as for returning series, will only be mentioning ones I watch or ones I want to make fun of — you’re on your own for the rest).  Feel free to hit the comments and tell me/us what you think about the new shows, what you think about the old shows, which new show you’re the most excited about, which new show you think won’t last past its second episode, and how you feel about “reduced-fat Oreos” (personally, I’m against ’em).

Ready, set. . . DVR!

Tuesday, Sept. 13

Ringer (CW) –9pm.  Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  Well, she’s back, only she’s not fighting vamps anymore (more’s the pity. . .).  In this new series, Buffy plays a woman named Bridget who, after witnessing a murder, flees to New York City to hide out at her estranged, wealthy, identical twin sister’s house.  When he sister dies suddenly in a boating accident, Buffy decides, well, if the bad guys are after Bridget, then why don’t I just become Siobhan? (p.s. Bridget and Siobhan? What kind of twin names are those??)  I have a feeling this isn’t going to work out as well as it always did in Sweet Valley High, friends.

I’m looking forward to this one, and not just because of Buffy (I’ve always liked Sarah Michelle Gellar), but also because ex-Boyfriend Ioan Gruffud is in it (I think he’s the rich twin’s husband).  Granted, Ioan can be pretty hit or miss, but overall, I think this show sounds like it could be an action-packed blast.  Fingers crossed for good writers.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

Parenthood (NBC) — 10pm — This show isn’t perfect — it’s gotten somewhat repetitive and is often a little on the fakey, plastic side — but I still really enjoy it, and the reason is the cast (namely Lauren Graham, Bonnie Bedelia, Craig T. Nelson, and ex-Boyfriend of the Week Dax Shepard).   I confess by the end of last season, I was getting a little bored, but I read this summer that Jason Ritter may be coming back, as the CRAZY-handsome English teacher madly in love with Lauren Graham’s character, and that would make the series well worth tuning back into for me.  Peter Krause’s character, on the other hand, is starting to annoy the bejesus out of me, and I’ve never liked Monica “Weird Eyes” Potter.  Luckily: Mae Whitman.

Wednesday, Sept. 14

Up All Night (NBC) — 10pm — I’m not  a big sit-com watcher, but I’m looking forward to Up All Night, the first of two new comedies on NBC Wednesday nights this fall.   This one stars Christina Applegate as a new mom trying to maintain her self-identity (cool career woman) in the face of every new mom cliché she’s ever heard and loathed.  Will Arnett (from Arrested Development, yay!) plays her husband, a stay-home dad trying to support his wife’s attempts to have it all.  The cast is so great it might just be grand.  But it could all too easily be insipid and unoriginal instead.  Fingers crossed it ain’t.

Free Agents (NBC) — 10:30pm — This comedy is based on a British series that starred Stephen Mangan (currently starring in Showtime’s terrific series Episodes, which I ADORE) and that means one thing and one thing only:  This show is going to suck.  (Name one Brit/US crossover comedy that hasn’t, I double-dog dare you.)  The one thing that sounds good about it is the cast.   Anthony Stewart Head was in the original and will be playing the same part, I gather, in this one (the office boss).  And I also really like Kathryn Hahn, who played the administrative assistant on Crossing Jordan.  Hank Azaria, the star of the series, is a bit more hit or miss for me.  But I’m game for episode one at least.  We’ll see.

Thursday, Sept. 15

The Secret Circle (CW) — 9pm — I don’t know anything about this series, other than the fact it’s based on a Young Adult novel series about witches and, naturally, is set in Washington state, where doom and gloom always look so pretty (just ask fans of Twilight).  The one semi-promising element of this series is that it’s executive produced by Kevin Williamson.  But that’s not promising enough to pique my interest, I’m afraid.  No plans to tune in for this one unless the buzz after several episodes is strong.  Anybody read the books, by the way?

Next week is the big week for returning shows, with a smattering of newbies tossed in for good measure, so check back here next Monday for the week’s schedule!  I’ll be posting these every week until the fall season has fully launched (mid-October), and I’d love to hear what you think of the shows as they start to roll out!  Hit it!

More Ex-Boyfriends Coming to a TV or Theater Near You!

April 9, 2008

I recently found out about three more ex-Boyfriends with new projects coming out in the next year and thought you guys might like to know about them too, since this IS ostensibly a “Boyfriends in the News” blog and no exes have been arrested or anything more juicy like that (well, as far as I know, anyway — surely it’s about time for another Lost cast member to get a DUI?).

The first of the three new Boyfriend projects is one I learned about the hard way when I made a joke in an email to a friend regarding recent remakes of “classic” 70’s/80’s horror movies and ended my message with, “I bet you a million bucks someone has the audacity to remake Friday the 13th next.  Because lord knows 25,789 sequels just AREN’T ENOUGH. . .”

My friend sent me an email back that said simply, “*snort*” and provided this link:,0,4784646.story

Yep, it’s Jared Padalecki, starring in the remake.  Coming to theaters in 2008.

I am both utterly disgusted and extremely excited, of course.  That’s just how my brain works when it comes to things like this.  I think the original Friday the 13th is a brilliant film, personally, and I know for a fact that modern-day filmmakers will take everything that was unique and interesting about it and turn it into a stereotypical gorefest with no character or heart whatsoever. 

And yet at the same time, that Jared Padalecki sure is SUPER CUTE. . . 

Luckily, yesterday I got some GOOD news, which is that Anthony Stewart Head (oftentimes simply called “Tony Head,” but I prefer the whole shebang) is coming to network television next fall in a series entitled Merlin which will be a fantasy show about. . . like, DUH . . .  Camelot.  It sounds pretty fun except for the part where NBC tacked on this extra clause in its description: “. . . but inspired by 21st century storytelling.”  Because when someone refers to “21st century storytelling” these days, what they usually mean is Lost and I’m not sure I can handle another series like Lost right now.  Frankly, I can barely handle the Lost I already have. 

Nevertheless, I’m hoping they can make it work because it really does sound like fun.  Read more about Merlin here:

And, last but not least (I hope not, anyway), J. J. Abrams has a new show slated for September called Fringe which will star none other than ex-Boyfriend Joshua Jackson, who I still have a MIGHTY crush on, fueled most recently by reruns of Dawson Creek I’ve been catching a few times a week on some cable channel or another.  Fringe sounds a bit like Supernatural crossed with the X-Files, and is about a “unit” of scientists and Feebies who investigate “sci-fi mysteries.”  Could be good, could be just mind-bogglingly awful.  I look forward to finding out which! 

Here’s more on Fringe, if you’re curious:

Hooray for ex-Boyfriends still getting work!