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“If You Mean Time-Traveling Bunnies, Then Yes.”

June 4, 2008

Okay, so, how awesome was last week’s Lost finale? Answer: DUDE!

I’m still thinking about it several days after finally watching it, and not just because the line in my subject heading for this post made me laugh out loud. But without boring non-Lost fans to death with my latest tediously geeky theories (the island’s in a wormhole, baby!), I thought I’d at least share a few interesting links I came across while going back and forth with my Mom, fellow Lost geek, the other day. You got any theories? Let’s hear them in the comments, yo!


First, a couple of questions to get the theories flowing: what’s the deal with Michael being next to the bomb when it went off? SINCE WE’VE SEEN HIM ALIVE IN A FLASHFORWARD?! Was he dead in that flashforward? Is that why he couldn’t kill himself? Because he was already dead? Or was he in an alternate dimension of some sort?

Additionally, I’d like to know why Widmore hasn’t killed the Oceanic Six yet, since he could easily have done so and we know he’d do anything to both protect AND get back to the island. The Six believed they needed to lie about the island to protect those they left behind, which suggested to me that they were worried Widmore might try to hurt the remaining 815 survivors. But if the remaining survivors are in danger from Widmore, why aren’t the SIX in danger? Especially since we also know that Ben and Sayid are killing off Widmorians left and right? Am I making any sense? Oh shut up — SINCE WHEN IS MAKING SENSE A REQUIREMENT WHEN TALKING ABOUT LOST?

Okay, groovy, informative linkages that even non-Lost fans may find interesting or entertaining:

The Casimir Effect was mentioned in the orientation video that Locke was watching (great moment there when the orientation video guy said, “Never put anything metal in the vault” just as Ben was loading the vault up with metal, by the way — I got a chuckle out of Locke’s facial expression: Um, but. . .?). Now, because I read Discover Magazine, which often has articles about wormholes, I knew the Casimir Effect had something to do with them, but it’s way over my head, that’s for sure. Here’s the complete skinny for all you uber-nerds:

Analysis of the science of Lost in Popular Mechanics:

Ex-Boyfriend Adam Savage weighs in on the finale’s science (and explosives):

Who the hell is Jeremy Bentham (Locke’s pseudonym when he left the island)?: Dead, but not gone! Just like Locke?


MacGyver Mythbusters tonight on Discovery Channel!

February 20, 2008

Hey, everybody!  Just wanted to give you the heads-up on tonight’s episode of Mythbusters, which is the much-ballyhooed (by me, anyway) episode in which the team will be testing out “myths” from MacGyver!

Ex-Boyfriends Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage team up to go mano-a-Macmano with He Against Whom All Others Are Judged!  It’s an episode not to be missed.  At least at my house.

9pm tonight on Discovery Channel.  Have fun!

Very, Very Disappointed in You, My Readers!

December 12, 2007

Okay, after lo, these many years, I would like you people to explain to me right now why, despite the fact you guys claim to be MY FRIENDS, I had to hear about the upcoming MacGyver Mythbusters episode from MY DAD.

You guys!  I can’t believe nobody emailed me about this!  YOU ARE ALL SO FIRED RIGHT NOW!  You can’t rely on MY DAD to remember to tell me important stuff like this!  I mean, I love my Dad, but he’s a guy!  He can barely remember my NAME half the time (“Hey, you, uh, Marni, Josh, shoot, what’s your name again??”).  (Hi, Dad!  Just teasing!)

Anyway, I went online this morning to check it out, and yessiree bub, they mentioned the upcoming MacGyver special in their “Pirates 2” episode earlier this season (coincidentally, the ONE episode I missed this year — that’ll teach me to click “Skip” on the DVR just so I can record some dumb crime show instead).  Still no word on the actual airdate for the episode, but my guess is it’ll be in January, after a brief hiatus for the holidays.

This week’s episode sounds like a good one too — can a rookie really land a 747?  I have often wondered, given the frequency with which that seems to happen in movies.  And then next week brings us their annual Holiday Episode, though how they can top last year’s Rube Goldberg machine, I have no idea.  I still watch a clip of that thing on YouTube periodically (here, go watch it right now yourself — don’t say I never gave you anything for the holidays).  Love it!

As soon as I find out the actual airdate of the MacGyver episode, I’ll let you guys know.   In the meantime, I’ll be downloading “Pirates 2” from iTunes tonight just so I can hear the official announcement.  That’s how dedicated a fan of my web site *I* am.  Go ahead — post your lame excuses in comments (“My dog ate my email!” “I was abducted by aliens before I could hit ‘Send’!”).  I forgive you.  THIS TIME.  *Sniff!*