Fall TV Week Three: Cyber iZombie Top Model Horror Story (I’d So Watch That Show)

Not a ton coming through this week, so let’s wipe it all out with one blow.  My recap on keepers and losers coming soon, by the way!

10/4 Sunday

Madam Secretary – CBS – 8pm –  I hear this is really good, but I didn’t watch it and now it’s just too late. IT’S TOO LATE, I’M SORRY! I CANNOT HELP YOU!

goodwifeThe Good Wife – CBS –  9pm – I’m a relatively new Good Wife convert; I binge-watched my way into season 6 the summer of 2014 and haven’t missed an episode since. This is a damn good show. Even when it’s kind of dumb, it’s still incredibly entertaining.  And it doesn’t hurt that Chris Noth still has a very delicious nose, I tell you what. (Old timers here will remember that time an interviewer for Mademoiselle read my Boyfriend write-up about Chris Noth TO Chris Noth, and be pleased to learn he’s still as sexy as ever. I used to have a copy of that article somewhere. I should dig that out.)

CSI:Cyber – CBS – 1opm – It’s back!  I don’t know why! Can somebody explain why? ANYBODY? Kthx.

10/6 Tuesday

The Flash – CW – 8pm – Nope.

izombieiZombie – CW – I enjoyed season one of this show — it’s not brilliant, but it’s sort of weirdly sweet for a series about a girl who eats brains. I like all the characters, and the idea is a clever pairing of two steadfast TV genres (zombie drama, medical examiner mystery). I admit I got a little tired of it toward the end, but reviews for season 2 are strong.  I’m game.

10/7 Wed

Arrow – CW – 8pm – Nope.

Supernatural – CW – 9pm – I can’t come back until there is no more talk of angels. Has that happened yet?

ahshotelAmerican Horror Story: Hotel – FX – 10pm – This series has been really hit-or-miss for me.  Misses: Murder House (S1), Coven (S3). Hits: Asylum (S2), Freak Show (S4).  Where will Hotel fit in?  Pattern suggests miss, since it’s an even-numbered season.  But Lady Gaga, on the other hand, suggests hit. So does the fact it’s similar to Asylum in root concept — taking a location pretty famous in the horror genre world and using it as a springboard for something new.  Plus, I’m a sucker for stories set in contained spaces or contained communities (prep schools, isolated British estates, nuns, army).  All signs point to yes.  We’ll see what happens.

10/8 Thursday

The Vampire Diaries – CW – 8pm – Nope.

The Originals – CW – 9pm – Nope.

10/9 Fri

Undateable – NBC – 8pm. Nope.

Reign – CW – Nope. (This isn’t very helpful, is it.)


America’s Next Top Model – CW – I used to watch this show every year, for many, many years.  And then I got sort of disenchanted with it.  I should’ve hated it from the start, because it’s all about the commodification of women, of course.  But there was something about the women early on that was intriguing to me.  I cannot explain just what. Partly, it’s because I was younger and dumber back then and I’m more sensitive about these things now that I’m a full-on grown up (somewhere, my mother is laughing at that sentence). But it also seemed to get dumber and meaner with every passing season and I had to quit.  I see they’ve now added male models, which might be interesting in terms of being able to compare of how they’re seen and treated by the same people (photographers, designers). But I only have just so much tolerance these days for incessant bickering, which is mostly what this show is about. That was a long way of saying, “Nope.”

10/10 Sat

lastkingThe Last Kingdom – BBCAmerica – 10pm. This series, based on the Saxon Stories novels by Bernard Cornwell, looks like the BBC’s attempt to capitalize on the success of Game of Thrones, which is certainly goin’ around these days. The upside is the cast, which features Alexander Dreymon from American Horror Story, Emily Cox, Matthew Macfadyen, and, hello, Rutger Hauer. It’s probably going to end up being too “heroic epic” for me, but I’m definitely game for episode one.


2 Responses to “Fall TV Week Three: Cyber iZombie Top Model Horror Story (I’d So Watch That Show)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Madam Secretary – Agree
    Good Wife – Agree
    CSI Cyber – Disagree; I like P. Arquette & cast And Ted Danson is joining the cast
    Flash – Agree
    iZombie – Agree
    Arrow – Agree
    Supernatural – Still watch, even tho’ it’s not as good. I don’t mind the angels on his show, but the show, Dominion, on SYFY – horrible!
    Am. Horror Story – Started watching 3rd s. – Coven – liked it! 4th s. -Freak Show – liked it a lot! Not crazy about Lady Gaga, but should be good
    Vampire Diaries – Agree
    Originals – Agree
    Undateable – Agree
    Reign – Agree
    Am. Top Model – Never watch!
    Last Kingdm – Agree
    Glad to see we agree on so much!

  2. RogerBW Says:

    CSI Cyber: because the CBS audience likes to be reassured that good code is in green and bad code is in red. Not following any of the rest of these.

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