Fall TV Week 2: Sunday and Monday

tvset1I missed posting yesterday, but you didn’t miss too much.  Once Upon a Time is back, if you watch that one (I stopped after season 1), and so are The Simpsons and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, neither of which I watch anymore either (nothing against B99; I just got kind of burned out on it).

The Last Man on Earth also returned, and while I watched the first half of season 1 and loved it, my DVR failed to record the second half (must’ve been a conflict) and I haven’t gotten around to catching up. Man, I really need to get the flu this year.

csiCSI also had its final episode last night, a two-parter.  I haven’t watched yet, but, for the record, CSI has been a favorite of mine since it started, and I haven’t missed an episode. Even when it wasn’t that great, I still loved it.  Ted Danson totally killed it on that show, pun intended, and I’m going to miss him the most.  LUCKILY, he leaves CSI just in time to appear in Fargo (October 12), which I’m pretty excited about. Season 1 of Fargo was crazy fun. Emphasis on crazy.

Last night was the launch of Quantico, which I watched this morning.  It’s about what I was expecting — lots of pretty young people being pretty and young but not doing a whole lot else yet.  I like the idea of setting a series at the FBI Academy, but what I wanted was, like, gritty Silence of the Lambs stuff, and that’s definitely not what we’re going to get. Since the FBI program is only 20 weeks long in the first place, I suspect the academy parts won’t last the season and that we’ll soon be doing ye olde “new agent/seasoned agent” full-time instead of just in the flash-forwards.  Too bad.  Also, it appears to be focused on terrorism, which, frankly, doesn’t excite me either. The “Welcome to the FBI Academy” speech to the students was all about how unsafe America is, and man, if I want to listen to that kind of paranoid nonsense, I’ll switch over to Donald Trump on 60 Minutes. I’ll be back for more, at least for now, but I’m hoping it picks up fast.

tv_trevorAll we’ve got tonight that’s new is The Daily Show with Trevor Noah; I’m withholding comments on that one until I see it. Fingers crossed!  More tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Fall TV Week 2: Sunday and Monday”

  1. briantoohey Says:

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine: still watch it. I wouldn’t say it’s gone stale, but it does seem to have hit its peak point and has become slightly routine and predictable while delivering what it does.

    Once Upon a Time: I stopped after a couple of episodes back when it premiered; thought it was pretty poorly done.

    CSI: stopped watching it back when William Peterson was still on it. I just got tired of the genre when the market was flooded and there were 3 of them. At some point I would like to go back and catch up.

    The Last Man on Earth: I had a few problems with the show, in terms of sympathetic characters, but it was different from everything else on television and I did enjoy a good deal of it, and I’m willing to give it another half season.

    Quantico: it looked terrible. Another of those shows designed by studio suits to hit a lot of notes that might resonate with the public because other shows have already been there. I don’t care about high concepts or shows that walk through overly familiar, recycled plots; I want new compelling stories that do something different from what we’ve seen before. And the lead actress looked pretty insufferable to me on the commercials.

    Fargo: liked but didn’t love Season 1. Looking forward to Season 2 and think it may be even better.

    The Daily Show: well, I won’t be watching it. And I saw a recent promo with Trevor Noah that looked so unfunny, that I thought to myself… is it even possible that CC would pull the plug on this after a few eps, or will they keep it going indefinitely and give Noah a long, long leash to run with, in the hopes that he eventually rebuilds some kind of an audience, even if that audience and the quality of the show is a very faint shadow of what it once was?

    • megwood Says:

      Daily Show ended up being better than I was expecting, largely because it’s a show that depends more on the writers than the host. I liked Noah a lot better as the host than I did in his single-episode stint as a correspondent, too. He’s cute and he’s smart, and his delivery was fresh — Stewart’s schtick was starting to get a little old for me. I’ll definitely keep going and see what happens! They also got a great new older black correspondent with a seriously terrific deadpan thing going on — I might end up liking that dude a LOT. We’ll see!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    (Liz) I was pleasantly surprised by QUANTICO. I decided to try it at the last minute, and found it to be moderately interesting. I don’t care an awful lot what people look like, but I agree that all those FBI recruits were a bit too good-looking. Still – not a bad plot-line so far – we’ll see where it goes.

    HEROES REBORN was 2 lo-o-o-ng hours of set-up. If something doesn’t happen soon, I’m quitting.

    I didn’t think MINORITY REPORT was bad, either. I just don’t know how much future (please excuse very small joke) it has.

    Did you guys try the Neil Patrick Harris show, BEST TIME EVER? More like MOST ANNOYING TIME EVER to me! And I like NPH! But that show! I deleted my recording of the 2nd ep. without even watching it! That’s how awful I thought it was!

    Haven’t seen MUPPETS yet, or CSI FINALE but will probably like them both. (CSI – made it thru Lawrence Fishburne; Ted Danson saved the show, imho; William Peterson BY FAR my favorite.)

    Can’t wait for FARGO and AM. HORROR STORY.

  3. RogerBW Says:

    Lawrence Fishburne nearly killed CSI for me, but I agree that Ted Danson brought it back to distinctly watchable. Sure, it’s problematic (be a woman who isn’t in a strictly conventional monogamous relationship, and you’re either a killer or a victim) but for what it’s attempting to do it does it pretty well.

    I haven’t watched any Last Man on Earth since the third person showed up. They’re up to, what, eight now? The very first section, with Phil on his own, was the bit I enjoyed most.

    I’ll give Quantico a shot.

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