Fall TV Week 1, What Day Is It Again?


Coming later today, humina humina.

It’s the end of week 1. And luckily, there’s nothing on, so we have a night to catch up on Scream Queens, which we still haven’t had time to watch yet.  I keep saying “we,” when I mean “I.” Listen, it’s been a long week.


Last Man Standing – ABC – I have no idea what this is. What is this? Wait, this has been on for four years? Whoops.

The Amazing Race – CBS – I feel like no TV series should ever go longer than 26 seasons. 27 is definitely 1 too many.


Shark Tank – ABC – Why? Don’t answer that.

Hawaii Five-O – CBS – Question: is that an O (oh) or a 0 (zero)? Don’t answer that.


Blue Bloods – CBS – Nope.

2 Responses to “Fall TV Week 1, What Day Is It Again?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    (Liz) LOL, LOL! Hawaii 5-0 (??) is a bit boring, but we’re sticking with it. But Blue Bloods has definitely improved. The writing is uneven, but the acting is pretty uniformly good, and what a fun ensemble of actors! Also – alert, alert, Meg – ZNation returned to SYFY a couple of weeks ago! Enjoyable, on an over-the-top level.

    • megwood Says:

      Can’t find the comment in which you mentioned Insidious 2 now, but wanted to thank you for it, because I had forgotten about that movie! Just watched it and really liked it (huge fan of the first one). Also watched chapter 3, which was a little pointless but still entertaining!

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