Fall TV Week 1, Thursday: Why Are We Reborning Heroes, Again?

I was out at the movies last night so I haven’t seen anything from yesterday yet.  Review of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. soon, though!  Here’s what’s coming up tonight (p.s. Spoiler alert for Grey’s Anatomy below, so skip that one if you aren’t caught up):


heroesHeroes Reborn – NBC – Because it did so well the first time around, so why not?


The very fact this show exists — with the same original characters in it, no less! — totally bums me out. We’re so out of fresh ideas we’re rebooting shows that dropped like bombs after their first season?  What’s next? 666 Park Avenue Reborn? (Don’t get any funny ideas, ABC.) Needless to say, this isn’t going in the DVR line-up.

greysGrey’s Anatomy – ABC – I wasn’t at all surprised when McDreamy got bumped off last season; he’d been in the news here in Seattle weeks before the episode aired on what definitely had the feel of a farewell tour.  I’m still bummed, though, because his crinkly-cheeked smile was one of the things about this show that kept me tuning in. Despite the repeated losses of many of my favorite characters (still mad about George), I can’t give up on this one for the same reason I couldn’t give up on ER.  Even though [insert rant about dropping helicopter on Romano], I got invested in the characters, and I wanted to know what happened to them, even while what was happening to them was patently stupid. I don’t know why, I just did.  That said, if they kill Kevin McKidd off next, I’m not only out, I’m taking all of you with me. OWEN GOES DOWN, WE ALL GO DOWN.  (FYI, same for Carol on The Walking Dead. Watch yourself, AMC.)


Scandal – ABC – I don’t watch this one. I hear it’s great, but I’ve tried season 1 twice and couldn’t get into it.  Win some, lose some, Shonda.

blacklistThe Blacklist – NBC – Few female actors on television irritate me the way Megan Boone irritates me, which is why I didn’t last 3 episodes into this one.  Admittedly, she got off on a seriously wrong foot with me in the pilot, when her character suggested her husband take his grade school students to the zoo on their field trip, instead of the air and space museum, because the zoo is “gender neutral.”  I mean, wow, in this day and age, to suggest that little boys wouldn’t be interested in engineering, math, and science is just inexcusab. . . wait, she meant the boys, right?  Because surely no professional woman in 2013 would think little GIRLS wouldn’t be interested in engineering, math, and science?  Uh huh. Shut up, Megan Boone.




The Player – NBC – When I heard the title of this one, I got a little excited, thinking it might be a series about Hollywood studio executives and muuuurder. And who could blame me? I’ve certainly heard worse ideas for a show (see next sentence). Alas, according to what I’ve read, it’s actually just another in a long line of rip-offs of CBS’s Person of Interest, which is a copycat epidemic I don’t fully understand, since that show is terrible. I’ll probably watch the pilot just in case (I don’t mind Wesley Snipes), but it doesn’t sound like this is going to end up being a keeper.  Is ANYTHING this year going to end up being a keeper?  Sheesh.

murderHow to Get Away with Murder – ABC – I wanted to like this series, and I watched all of season one, much as I kept wanting to bail, on the off chance it might be able to save itself by the end. What a mess, though, frankly. This is a series that would’ve been SO GOOD if it had been a 8-episode limited run. Instead, stretched out to twice that, it ended up needing way too much “case of the week” filler, none of which was remotely intriguing or even tenuously relevant. It was just got in the way of the more interesting story, which, ultimately, also ceased to be very interesting. Additionally, while Viola Davis started out as a delightful powerhouse in this thing, by the halfway mark, her perpetual lip-quivering and eye-bawlings-out were starting to get on my nerves.  Much as I admire her and the fact this is a series starring a 50 year-old woman who is strong, smart, AND sexy (trifecta of great female casting!), I’m not that excited about season 2 and probably won’t stick with it long.

Incidentally, Davis just won an Emmy for this, and her speech was incredible.  If you haven’t seen it yetyou should go watch it right now.

Oh hey, that’s it. Whew!

6 Responses to “Fall TV Week 1, Thursday: Why Are We Reborning Heroes, Again?”

  1. RogerBW Says:


  2. Marni Says:

    We tried How to .. when it first started and could not get into it either. I’m proud that you made it all the way through! Thanks for your review of the Muppets. I DVR’d it and am looking forward to watching it with the kids. Remember how fun it was to watch “The Cosby Show” when we were little? I want a TV show with my kids too.

  3. Tanja Cooper Says:

    I totally get what you’re saying about Blacklist, but James Spader is so scenery-chewing delightful that I can forgive just about anything to watch it. That’s how much I love him. Plus it’s one of about 3 shows my husband will watch (b/c of James Spader) so it’s something we can share.

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