Fall TV Week 1, Wednesday!

Tuesday recap!

muppetsThe only Tuesday n00b I’ve had a chance to see so far was The Muppets, and I have a few things to say about it. (Surprise!)

First of all, I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to. Moving it from the set of the old variety show over to the set of a late night talk show worked well for me, in that it maintains a little room for the variety elements we so loved as kids, but also modernizes it pretty smoothly. There were some great lines, too — they got some sharp writers.  Bodes well.

However.  While this mattered not at all to me as a little girl, because what the heck did I know, it was harder for me to ignore last night that The Muppets is sorely, SORELY lacking in strong female role models.

Miss Piggy gets worse every year; she’s a textbook narcissist, right down to the deep, painful insecurities fueling her irrational mood swings, rage, and self-absorption. And who else do we have?  Janice?  Janice is cool, obviously, but she’s not too bright, and she barely gets any lines anyway.

So here’s my question: why can’t they modernize Miss Piggy while they’re at it?  They’re bringing the rest of the characters into 2015 — heck, Fozzie’s in an interspecies relationship, for pity’s sake. Why can’t Miss Piggy be older, wiser, more comfortable with herself?  Wouldn’t that actually make her more interesting?  Wouldn’t that open up more room for good storytelling?  I think it would. I bet I’m not alone in that.

Also, for the record, Kermit is a big dumb jerk who doesn’t deserve a girlfriend in the first place.  Yeah, yeah, I know: #notallfrogs. Still: THAT FROG.  I have it out for that frog.

Coming up tonight!


rosewoodRosewood – Fox – USA Today described this one as “pathologically dumb,” and, well, I figure they would know, since that’s sort of their specialty (ba dum CHING!). The story’s about a pathologist named Beaumont Rosewood (formerly an instructor at Hogwarts, obviously) who teams up with Miami PD to solve crimes.  Pluses:  both the stars of this series are people of color (Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz), and it was created by a guy who used to write for Psych, which was one of my favorite crime comedies of all time. Still, the trailer sure makes it look like it’s gonna be the same ol’ co-ed crime drama.  I set the DVR, but I won’t be in a hurry to watch this one.

The Mysteries of LauraThe Mysteries of Laura – NBC – I wanted to like this one, because I love Debra Messing, not to mention Josh “Ol’ Crinkly Eyes” Lucas, but I kind of hit the wall on the goofiness after a few episodes.  This is another series I will probably slurp up at some point when I’m stuck at home recovering from the flu or something, but until then, it’s low on my list of priorities.

The Middle – ABC – Sit-com, don’t watch.

survivorSurvivor – CBS – I haven’t watched this in ages, but on a related note, I watched that series The Island this summer (hosted by Bear Grylls), and I really enjoyed it.  Similar concept, in that it’s a group of guys (all guys for this one) dropped on an island together with little to work with, but there’s no competition, which made for a really interesting dynamic.  Because, of course, competition cropped up anyway, despite the obvious benefits of their working together.  I would love to see another season, this time with all women. As a side note, about 3 episodes in, I realized the bazillion plastic water bottles they were using weren’t things they’d brought with them — they were all over the island, washed up from the ocean trash heap.  Sobering.  Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Survivor. I’m sure it’s fine. Jeff Probst was also a BotW once, by the way!


The Goldbergs – ABC – Sit-com, don’t watch.


Modern Family – ABC – Sit-com, WATCH!  Still love this show, even though that little girl is like the most annoying little girl of all time.

Empire – Fox – Terrence Howard is an abusive bully; I’m not interested in looking at his face.

svuLaw & Order: SVU – NBC –  I like that the main character of this show is a strong woman who has her shit together both at home and at the office. How refreshing!  But when you “rip from the headlines” stories about real women being victimized and then gussy them up to increase their capacity to entertain, and you do it over and over, it’s hard for me not to think “exploitation” at every other turn. At the same time, there’s something to be said for a show not afraid to talk about the things this show has sometimes talked about, and if there’s one point this series has worked hard to make, it’s that it’s never the victim’s fault.  I appreciate that.  I don’t watch this series regularly, but I dip in periodically.  I’ll probably stick with that approach.


black-ish – ABC – Sit-com, don’t watch.


nashvilleNashville – ABC – Oh hey, this is still on. Should I be watching this?  (I bet that’s word-for-word what I said last year about this series.)

Thoughts on The Muppets?  Scream Queens (haven’t seen it yet; looking forward to watching it later today)?  SVU?  The Pope?  Hit the comments!

4 Responses to “Fall TV Week 1, Wednesday!”

  1. briantoohey Says:

    Not interested in anything on this list except for Modern Family, which I still need to watch from the beginning. And I only have thoughts/feelings about two other shows.

    Empire: I watched all of season 1, and despite loving Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson as actors (and with Howard I’m very specific about the “as actors” part), the show just didn’t do much for me. A lot of the writing felt lazy, and a lot of the supporting actors I thought were pretty mediocre. I understand why it was as successful as it was, but for me, watching it felt like the equivalent of doing homework as I waited for it to get better. And as someone not into hip hop and who can’t stand autotune or the subsection of the music industry that has become completely reliant on it, the music of Empire, perhaps its biggest selling point, just didn’t do anything for me, either.

    The Muppets: I doubt I will even check it out, which makes me sad. I’m sure you’re right about Miss Piggy, Meg, and you’re also right that they could have updated her in exactly the way that you’ve suggested and provided bumps in the Kermit/Ms. Piggy relationship that way… instead of going the lazy route they have. That would have actually made the show relevant, and if written smartly, they could have critiqued a lot about lazy, modern culture in a smart way. Maybe that didn’t occur to them, or it just felt to difficult to maintain as a status quo. Either way, it’s only one part of a larger problem based on everything else I’ve read, which is that while it’s occasionally funny (and I do mean occasionally) it’s lost all of the idealism and hope and joy of The Muppets. No thanks.

    • megwood Says:

      YES, great points about The Muppets! Also, I forgot that I watched Minority Report last night too, and the reason I forgot is that it was totally forgettable.

      AUTO-TUNE. Can’t we get the Pope to do something about THAT?

  2. Tanja Cooper Says:

    The Rosewood pilot wasn’t good. Morris Chesnut is exceedingly easy on the eyes and the Psych cred is enough for me to keep it on the schedule and see if it gets better.

  3. Kim Says:

    I agree with Brian on the Muppets, the show just seems sad and tired. If you want to watch something really good about the Muppets, watch “I am Big Bird” the documentary about Carrol Spinney and his journey as the big yellow guy. It was interesting, funny, touching, and in couple spots I even got a little misty. Well worth your time and a much better reminder of all the was good about the original Muppet Show. I’m off to YouTube to find all the episodes and immerse myself in the joy of it for awhile.

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