Fall TV is Here! (And So Am I!)

tvset1Well, sort of, anyway. The onslaught slaughts on next Monday, but tonight brings us two early birds.  Watching either one?  Excited about anything coming up?  Hit the comments! Let’s chat! (And hello, by the way! Sorry I’ve been MIA all summer — I’ll tell you all about it later, yo.)

TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 15



bestBest Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris – NBC – 10pm. This is described as “a variety show,” which, to my mind, immediately puts it into competition with original The Muppet Show, which means: big shoes to fill. (Some bigger than others, see Sweetums, stage right).  Weirdly enough, we’re also seeing a return this year of The Muppet Show, only it’s NOT a variety show. I don’t know. It’s confusing. I like Doogie Howser, though, and it’s an 8 episode commitment, this one; I can do that. All it’ll take to keep me interested is the occasional magician, really. If it’s all musical numbers, on the other hand, I won’t make it past episode 2. Watch the song and dance, Doog, and we’ll get along just fine. Pick a card, any card!

bastardThe Bastard Executioner — FX — 1opm.  I’m not totally sure what to think of this one, which I saw described somewhere as being “like the movie Braveheart, only worse” – that, my friends, is NOT a good sign.  Throw Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter plus a 14th century setting together, and I suspect the story’s treatment of women is going to make my ladybits explode with rage a minimum of 12 minutes into the pilot.  But there’s nuthin’ else on until next week, so why the hell not.  Is where I’m going with this one.  You don’t have to come too.  I won’t make you.  I’ll report back if there’s anything worth paying attention to here.

See you next week, when the madness (otherwise known as “Supernatural is STILL ON? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”) begins!

6 Responses to “Fall TV is Here! (And So Am I!)”

  1. RogerBW Says:

    Hey, welcome back! I haven’t been paying any attention to new shows this year. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up.

    There’s an amusing review of The Bastard Executioner on Slate which describes it as “a mound of gorgonzola stuffed into a dead catfish’s gullet, smoked in sulfur, doused with heavy cream and left to rot for weeks inside a port-o-potty in full sun”. I don’t think she liked it much.

    • megwood Says:

      Oh man, that just made me laugh so hard. Now I REALLY can’t wait to watch it!

      • Anonymous Says:

        (Liz) I’m afraid I have the same reaction. Also, when I found out that it takes place in Wales (or has something to do with Wales, or … something), and my husband is of Welsh ancestry, thought I’d better try it. I also plan to try “Best Time Ever,” and, true to my interesting music, I say, bring on the singing and dancing! (Sorry, Meg.)

  2. briantoohey Says:

    Not watching either of these, but I have been really enjoying Married in its second season on FX, the best comedy show on TV imo! Also Fear the Walking Dead and Show Me a Hero, and plan on checking out Project Greenlight which just started up again on HBO. I still haven’t caught up with the most recent seasons of Orange Is the New Black, Orphan Black, or Masters of Sex, but they’re all in the queue. I also have the season finale of Mr. Robot left, most of the last season of Hannibal, and I’m trying to finish off the previous seasons of Homeland and The Affair before those start back up again on October 4th. Plus, I’m about to rewatch Season 1 of True Detective with my girlfriend because she wants to see what it’s like when it’s not godawful. Plenty of good stuff!

    Best Time Ever looks like it will instantly be dated and a sign of the year it came out. I doubt it will get renewed and could see it being cancelled after 1-3 episodes. I like NPH, but this just looks really stupid.

    As for The Bastard Executioner, I saw the trailer and thought it looked insufferably terrible. But I still have yet to jump onto Sons of Anarchy, so maybe I’m not giving Kurt Sutter enough credit? I do look forward to one day bingeing SOA.

  3. Jamie Perryman Says:

    You don’t know me from beans but I’m glad you’re back. You’ve been missed.
    Not that interested in much new this fall. I’ll give Heroes Reborn a shot and maybe Quantico.

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