Fall TV Week Four: Let’s Get This Thing Over With Already

tvset1Hi, everyone!  Sorry for missing the first few days this week — I was out of town Monday and Tuesday for a work-related thing and then my brain was fried Wednesday night.  But you haven’t missed much, as I’m sure you’re already aware. I’m not gonna proofread this one, so I can get it the hell up already, so if it’s riddled with errors and uses the word “actually” 9,000 times blame Autocorrect.  (Because why not.)

Here’s what’s happened this week already, and what’s coming up at the end of it (hint: braaaaaaains!).

Monday, 10/6

The Originals – 8pm – CW — I have no idea what this is!  It’s something about some originals of some kind!

Tuesday, 10/7

theflashThe Flash — 8pm — CW.  I actually meant to record this one, but I blew it.  And that’s probably for the best, because I have a feeling I’m going to be all superheroed out just keeping up with Gotham (already behind on that one).  This is a spin-off of the CW’s series Arrow, about, you know: A REALLY FAST DUDE!  The part that intrigues me about this is that The Flash is apparently a forensic investigator, who uses his superhuman speed to. . . analyze DNA?  I don’t really know.   I might try to catch the pilot this weekend if it’s on Amazon or something.  Did anybody watch this?  Was it fun?

supernaturalSupeNatch – 9pm – CW — Good heavens, this show is still on?  I gave up when the whole angel thing really got hot and heavy — just found that incredibly boring for some reason. Angels schmangels; I want Ghost Facers! Is it still focused on all the heavenly stuff?  If not, I might give it a shot again.  I do miss those boys and their wacky antics.

Wednesday, 10/8

Arrow – 8pm – CW — Never seen it. I’m the worst TV reviewer on the planet.  Why are you still here?

kingdomKingdom – 9pm – DirecTV  – I am a DirecTV subscriber, so theoretically I could watch this show, which I think is their first original series. Which, by the way — must EVERYBODY make their own TV shows these days?  I mean, what’s next — Coming soon to ABC:  Safeway’s newest courtroom drama, “Clean Up in Aisle Five”? This show has gotten really strong reviews, though, so despite the fact it’s “set in the bruised and bloody world of mixed martial arts” (TV Guide), which is not exactly my world, I might see if I can figure out where I go to watch it.

freakAmerican Horror Story: Freak Show — 10pm — FX.  I didn’t bother with the last round of this series, Coven, because my interest in witches is nil, and because this show, even when it’s interesting, can get draw nigh to the Line of Insufferability fairly often for me.  But I just watched a documentary about freak shows/side shows (Bound by Flesh), and man, what a fascinating world that is/was/whatever.  I’ll definitely be giving this year’s story a shot, if only to get a chance to see what Kathy Bates looks like with a beard.

Friday, 10/10

cristelaCristela – 8:30pm – ABC – Another sit-com centered around a comedian — this seems to be the thing this year (Mulaney, e.g., which I haven’t seen yet).  The one interesting element to this is that it’s about a Mexican-American family; that’s kind of nice to see.  I have no intention of watching this show, but hey, way to be diverse, ABC.

Sunday, 10/12

walkingdeadThe Walking Dead – 9pm – AMC.  I’m still watching this!  I DO NOT KNOW WHY!  SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! Clearly the zombies have eaten my braaaaaaains!

TO RECAP:  Questions:  Did you watch The Flash and was it fun?  Are the SuperNachos still hanging with flying dudes from above?  And WOULD you, in fact, watch a courtroom drama titled, Clean Up in Aisle Five?

6 Responses to “Fall TV Week Four: Let’s Get This Thing Over With Already”

  1. Alisaj29 Says:

    I only watch SuperNatch for Dean, otherwise I could care less. I”m still watching WD, can’t help it, I just like it. But I do want to slap the son, but I blame his mother for that. I didn’t really care for Coven last season, but hubs liked it. I’m looking forward to Circus, but hubs isn’t. LOL I’ll watch if only to make sure that Jessica Lang isn’t going to do another horrible NE accent. As for the rest, no thanks.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    WALKING DEAD! WALKING DEAD! YAY! I really love this show! I think the characters and their various interactions are fascinating. The “walkers” I often find rather just a part of the background – the environment they’re all trying to deal with (though, admittedly, a dangerous part). They’re not very scary any more, but still provide good action scenes, and are still threatening.

    I only started watching AHS for the Coven series, and I got so hooked! I’m really looking forward to Freakshow. Neither of these shows would possibly interest my husband. However, we’ve both remained loyal viewers of SuperN. It did get weird and heavy-handed with all the angel stuff, but we stuck it out. I’m with Alisaj29, though – Dean remains interesting, but Sam has become quite annoying. I’m avoiding those other shows like the plague!

    • megwood Says:

      I liked the second season of AHS a lot better than the first, but still got annoyed by it fairly frequently. Nevertheless, they did some really interesting things, and I like the way they keep reusing cast members in entirely new stories each season. Creative show, for sure! Hoping this one is fun! I should try Coven, since I’m hearing from a lot of people that it was pretty good too. Just not a big witch person, for some reason!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Coven used “Witchcraft vs. Voodoo” as a pretty blatant (and heavy-handed) allusion to racism – ie. “White vs. Black.” It has a lot more going on, though – some pretty cool, some pretty “meh.” But if you like Kathy Bates (and I know you do), you should watch it just for her. She’s amazing – goes from monstrous to pathetic, with some humour thrown in, and a certain amount of outrageousness. Didn’t she win something? Golden Globe? Emmy?

  3. Catherine Says:

    I really like The Flash; not as dark as Arrow. Tom Cavanagh is one of the stars. I first found your boyfriend site looking for info on him!

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