Fall TV Week Three: Tuesday & Wednesday – Sitcoms and Stalkers

Only three new shows over the next two days, so I’m combining to save everybody time. Anybody planning to tune into any of these?

Tuesday, September 30

selfieSelfie — 8pm — ABC.  I’m predisposed to loathe this show, simply because A) sit-com and B) named Selfie. At the same time, it looks like it’s going to be a bit of an exploration of the impact of social media on interpersonal skills and self-esteem, and that’s a new, and fairly overdue, story theme.  I recently attended a conference about just that kind of thing and it was fascinating. Plus: John Cho.  However: sit-com. Named Selfie. I don’t know what to do. I’m paralyzed with indecision and fear. I guess one episode can’t hurt, right?

manhattanManhattan Love Story — 8:30pm — ABC.  This one was described by TV Guide as “using the power of voiceover to broadcast the internal monologues of a New York City dude and a Midwestern transplant chick as they navigate an awkward first date and subsequent budding romance.”  I actually find the concept appealing, minus the word “chick,” but unfortunately, TV Guide then went on to say, “What you’ll learn early on from the voices in their heads is that guys like sex and women like purses. . .”  Annnnnnnd, cut.

Wednesday, October 1 (holy crap, it’s October!)

criminalmindsCriminal Minds — 9pm — CBS.  In a comment on yesterday’s post, reader Roger BW said he’s mostly still watching Castle out of “inertia,” which is exactly what I’ve been doing with Criminal Minds.  I don’t like this show, but I keep watching it because, well. . . because I always have. I think this is finally the year I quit, though.  After however-many-years of constant episodes about the torture of women, I started to feel like I couldn’t take much more of it last season, and I’m not feeling any pull to tune in at all this year. I recognize this isn’t really a fair criticism — so much violent crime IS directed at women, and it’s perfectly legit for crime shows, then, to have a lot of episodes focused on just that thing. But, man, I feel like suddenly the real world is excruciating enough; I can’t take quite so much of it in my escapism too.

stalkerStalker — 10pm — CBS.  This is the new Kevin Williamson series, which means it’s likely to be extremely violent and also probably more than a little cliché.  Even worse  is that it focuses on a division of the LAPD that deals with stalkers, voyeurs, and other assailants who hurt women — giving us back-to-back lady-torture shows from CBS tonight.  It co-stars Dylan McDermott, who is a former Boyfriend of the Week mostly because I was young and dumb back then.  He’s not much of an actor, and he’s also super into playing “righteously indignant” characters with righteous indignation so over-the-top it feels less “indignant” and more “indulgent.”  I’ll give it a try, but to be honest, I’m pretty squicked out by CBS’s “Wednesday Night is Hatin’-the-Ladies Night” line-up here.  Maybe this show will be better than that, though?  Maybe it’ll have something useful to contribute to the conversation?  I ain’t holdin’ my breath, but I’ll give it a chance.

9 Responses to “Fall TV Week Three: Tuesday & Wednesday – Sitcoms and Stalkers”

  1. RogerBW Says:

    Yeah, the way Criminal Minds almost always finds an excuse to show a pretty woman in terror in the first few minutes does kind of grind me down. Mostly I watch it for Reid.

    Might give Stalker a shot, but it’ll have to be good to get past that whole “watch the woman in peril, hey, look a little closer, the bad guy will be caught in the end so it’s OK to enjoy it” vibe.

  2. briantoohey Says:

    I watched the first episode of Selfie early and kind of enjoyed it bc of low expectations, and John Cho and Karen Gillan were both good. But I don’t expect my interest to go beyond another episode or two.

    Manhattan Love Story– not interested despite liking Annaleigh Tipton.

    Criminal Minds– another show I have to at some point go start from the beginning

    Stalker– going to give it a shot. I enjoyed The Following as good-bad TV, as this is another Kevin Williamson show. I do agree with you that at this point Dylan McDermott should either get a show, or change his name to, Indulgently Indignant. I friend of mine saw Dylan McDermott in a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (I forget which) a few months back, and said he was somehow able to walk down the aisles despite the fact that 99% of his focus was on his own self-preening.

    • megwood Says:

      “Indulgently Indignant”! Bwah ha! Awesome.

      • briantoohey Says:

        I never find Funny or Die sketches very funny, because usually the idea is good but the execution isn’t. As one of those Funny or Die sketches they probably shouldn’t made but the idea is sort-of funny for about 10 seconds, I suggest a sketch with Dylan McDermott at Trader Joe’s indignantly arguing with the produce guy over melons and haggling over impulse buys like Toblerone Bars at the register. What would really make it work is that most of the Trader Joe’s guys are surfers and stoners too mellowed out to know how to deal with his preening rage-face.

        • megwood Says:

          Ha! Genius!

          • briantoohey Says:

            I wish I had the know-all to make a fake trailer, because I would totally do it. It would be called Indulgent Indignation, and it would feature Dylan McDermott and Tom Cruise facing off against each other, arguing back and forth, getting more and more indignant as the trailer goes on. The tag line, which would reveal the title at the end, would be “Beyond Righteous Indignation Is… Indulgent Indignation,” and possibly at some point in the trailer “It doesn’t matter who’s right, it only matters who’s more offended someone might dare think they’re wrong.”

  3. Cathy Says:

    Two words…JON CHO!

    Thank you.

  4. Cathy Says:

    Dang…can’t even spell his name correctly.

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