New Boyfriend Write-Up Coming Soon! (Swearsies.)

john_oliver2-620x412Okay, so John Oliver’s been the Boyfriend of the Week for, like, 9000 years, I know.  I know!  I KNOW!  I knnnnnnow!

He’s awfully cute, though, isn’t he?  I mean, sure, I have a new write-up nearing completion at last, and I’m hoping to get it launched this week or next at the latest, but I’m going to miss having Oliver’s face right there all the time. It’s not easy moving on. Believe me, I’ve done it a lot.

Meanwhile, have you been watching his new show on HBO (“Last Week Tonight”)?  If not, try to catch it if you can. Clips show up constantly online — seek them out.  And read this article from Salon, because it’s a good summation of just how much butt he’s been kickin’ (answer: a LOT of butt):

Stay tuned in July for a new Boyfriend write-up and about 80 gazillion movie and book reviews that are currently half-finished.  OMG, summertime.  It’s a madhouse!

One Response to “New Boyfriend Write-Up Coming Soon! (Swearsies.)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    (Liz) – PLANET OF THE APES (Charlton Heston), right? That’s what we should do! Make lists of movie quotes!

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