Fall TV Week Two Part 3: Where’s Burt Reynolds When You Need Him?

Week two comes to a close!  We made it!  Only two more new shows launching here at the tail-end of week two, with a few more trailing in next week.  I’m heading out of town for the week next week, so may not get a post up.  You guys talk amongst yourselves, and I’ll be back to comment on stuff when I’m home.

Except! I saw Ironside and it was a massive disappointment.   I tell you what: trying to make a cop who doesn’t give a rip about anybody else’s civil rights the hero of your story is sort of losing its charm for me.  Plus, yawn.  I might try the second episode, but it’s only because I love Brent Sexton.

Friday, September 27

masterchefjunior_goodgodwerelettinghimtalktokidsMasterchef Junior – 8pm – FOX – Hold the phone.  We’re going to let Gordon Ramsay talk to CHILDREN?  Have we lost our minds?!

Undercover Boss – 8pm – CBS – Don’t watch, but it appears to involve a lot of happy crying, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Hawaii Five-0 – 9pm – CBS –  Season FOUR?  It seems like only yesterday this series launched and I only made it through half the pilot!

bluebloodsBlue Bloods – 10pm – CBS – I don’t watch this one, but it’s not for any good reason.  I just didn’t manage to catch on fast enough when it started and now I’m too far behind.  At some point, I will rent season one and jump in.  Double ex-BoTW cast: Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck!

Sunday, September 29

onceuponatimeOnce Upon a Time –  8pm – ABC – I lasted about 7 episodes.  Maybe 8?   And then I found myself letting them pile up on the DVR and not ever having the urge to watch them (same thing with the last two episodes of Under the Dome, incidentally).  It’s not a bad show, it’s just not my thing, I guess.  I love how creative the concept is, though I was surprised to learn they’re already launching a spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which I have a feeling is going to end up being one Once Upon a Time too many for most people.  But what do I know?  I know nuthin’, is what.

The Amazing Race – 8pm – CBS – As I’ve said before, this show is really entertaining, and I cannot watch it because it gives me panic attacks.

The Simpsons – 8pm – FOX – This is still on?  Huh. Go figure.

bobsburgersBob’s Burgers – 8:30pm – FOX — Okay, Bob’s Burgers, people!  I had never even heard of this series until last year when a friend on Facebook started raving about it.  After he raved a couple more times, I finally checked out season one (streaming on Netflix), and it is HILARIOUS.  I only watched about 5 episodes and then I was kind of done, but I do plan on going back.  And twice so far, I’ve seen “Bob’s Burgers Live” on the marquee of the theater up the street, which, if I see it again, I will attempt to attend.

The Good Wife – 9pm – CBS – I’ve seen season one on DVD and it was good.  It’s just that it wasn’t quite good enough to get me to rent season two.

homelandHomeland – 9pm – Showtime – As William Faulkner once wrote, “And sure enough, even waiting will end. . . if you can just wait long enough.”  This is what I tell myself as I wait ENDLESSLY for shows like this to come out on DVD.  I’m just too cheap for premium channels, is the thing.  It’s my own damn fault, really.

Revenge – 9pm – ABC – Don’t watch, don’t know.

Family Guy – 9pm -FOX – Don’t watch, not a fan of talking babies of any sort.

American Dad – 9:30pm – FOX – Made by same guy as Family Guy, etc.

mentalistThe Mentalist – 10pm – CBS – Wait, this is still on?  Should I have been watching this? To be honest, I was too busy watching Psych make fun of The Mentalist to actually tune in for The Mentalist.  But maybe I should rethink that?

Betrayal – 10pm – ABC – In theory, this show is already boring me — blah blah blah two ridiculously beautiful people have a torrid extra-marital affair.  But then again, there’s also a murder case involved, and James Cromwell is wandering around in there somewhere too.  I’ll give the pilot a shot.

Eastbound & Down – 10pm – HBO – Eastbound and DOWN, Snowman!  Bandit out!  (Wait, this show isn’t about Smokey and the Bandit?  How is that possible? Somebody get Burt Reynolds on the phone immediately!)

Masters of Sex – 10pm –  Showtime – Another show I can’t watch, and perhaps would not want to anyway.  Even if I did, I could hardly admit it here, where my mom might see it — it has the word SEX in it, you guys! Sheesh!

helloladies_stephenmerchantHello Ladies – 10:30 – HBO – I don’t have any idea what this is about, aside from the bit where it’s a British fish out of water sort of story.  But it has Kevin Weisman in it (wheeee!!!!!) and therefore is already saved to my queue at Netflix.  (See above re: WAITING, ARGH.)

5 Responses to “Fall TV Week Two Part 3: Where’s Burt Reynolds When You Need Him?”

  1. Brian Toohey Says:

    I’m with you on Ironside– as I posted before, I caught the pilot early on Hulu, and I like Blair Underwood, and Kelsey Grammer’s daughter was pretty good– but a decent cast just couldn’t do anything for the show. It seems like the creators thought the plot would be a little seedy and boundary-pushing, but in today’s world we’ve already seen many variations on this and the whole affair was just cliched and yawn-worthy. Not bad by any means, but no reason to watch.

    I also caught The Michael J. Fox show and what I feared was proven true. His disease just makes sharp comic timing impossible. They did their best to instead achieve it with editing cuts and reaction shots. And the show still could have worked– it was at its best when it was being honest and cutting about Parkinson’s and dealing with the reality of living with a life-debilitating disease. I also thought Betsy Brandt was the highlight of the show and had the only 3 or so lines over the hour premiere that made me smile or laugh. Which is ironic, because on Breaking Bad she’s one of the weaker links, but that just goes to show how strong that show is. I feel like she does well with comedy and is a great fit here and had a warmth that really added something. But more often than being honest or cutting about Parkinson’s, the show was just overly sincere and cloying, cheesey, feel-good sympathy-baiting. Also, Tracy Pollan’s guest spot (and plastic surgery face) were just disturbing.

    Just like with Trophy Wife, I was surprised by Back in the Game. It was a lot more honest and funnier than I thought it would be. I doubt it will make my rotation like Trophy Wife probably will, but I’ll watch a couple more eps. Maggie Lawson was great, but I guess if you like Psych you already know that. Still need to catch the obligatory premieres of The Millers and The Crazy Ones on Hulu.

    Regarding next week, there’s nothing that I watch premiering except for The Mentalist. The Mentalist at its height was right up there with House in my opinion (brilliant misanthrope forced to work with people & brilliantly manipulating patients/clients/suspects), but it’s slid downhill a little bit in the last couple of seasons (much like people accused House of doing). On the flip side, this is the final season, and much of the slide was the show losing focus about the main narrative and story “mythology” and getting lost in meaningless stand-alones. That shouldn’t be a problem anymore, but the show also seems to have lost a little of it’s first-several seasons brilliance, and nothing ever seems to wrap up in a satisfying way with network television programming anyway. I’d definitely recommend you catching the first season on Blu-ray or streaming– it’s fantastic and will give you an idea if you want to follow it for the whole run. If you do like the show, you wouldn’t want to come on board now in its final season as the plot is wrapping up and you have no investment.

    A lot of stuff I don’t watch because I either find it painfully terrible (Once Upon a Time, NCIS franchise, The Vampire Diaries) or I gave it a shot and, like Ironside, I just found it rote, forgettable, and tedious (Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, Hawaii 5-0, Elementary, Chicago Fire). CSI lost me at some point when they had 3 shows, but I’d like to go back and catch up with all of them, because I did actually enjoy them. At that point I’ll probably also watch Criminal Minds and the last couple seasons of Without a Trace I similarly abandoned (it was procedural overload at the time). And there there’s the shows I never got on board with that I would like to watch from the beginning, mostly Modern Family, but also Supernatural and The Good Wife and possibly Castle and The Big Bang Theory.

    And finally are the premium cable shows that I can’t watch since I don’t subscribe and eventually watch instead on Blu-Ray. Won’t go into them here since it’s a long list, but of the shows you list, I still haven’t started Homeland but am excited for it, will eventually catch Eastbound and Down past the first season I’ve seen, and am also excited to eventually watch Masters of Sex.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    (Liz) How did you do that? Watch “Ironside” BEFORE it actually premiered? Did you see it on “Hulu,” as Brian did? I got all scared – well, annoyed – because I thought I had missed DVR-ing the premiere. However, I bet I’m going to agree with both of you about it (especially as I quite liked the original).

    I thought the “M.J.Fox” show was LESS of a pity-party than I had expected – more acerbic and UNreverent – but I’m dismayed to think that I naively didn’t think about comic timing and reaction shots. I did think they were all speaking awfully fast, and wondered if they were trying to match Fox!

    “HI 5 – 0” is still entertaining to us, if not great drama. “Blue Bloods” is much improved, and fun to watch for all the myriad people in the cast. and “The Good Wife” is quite good – especially when Alan Cumming joined the cast, and Juliana Margulies’s character left off with stupid Josh Charles’s character!

  3. megwood Says:

    The Ironside pilot was available widely from a variety of places weeks before it’s debut. Most cable-based “On Demand” services had it, it was free on iTunes (where I got it), etc. They used to do that with several of the pilots each fall, but this year, that was the only one of the major shows to release it in advance.

    I SO wanted to like Michael J Fox Show, but it was just agonizingly painful. I didn’t find it funny at ALL, and found it just bizarrely self-serving. Yes, yes, we get it — you can still have a LOT of sex when you have Parkinson’s! After about the fourth scene in 2 episodes about him getting laid, I couldn’t help but be reminded of this terrible indie film I saw probably 20 years ago, written by, directed, and starring the same 20-something guy, and featuring a scene in which he is surrounded by multiple women all oohing and aahing over the size of his penis. Frustratingly stupid, which is too bad because if they’d gotten better writers, I think that show would’ve had a real chance. I don’t see it making the full season as it stands now, though. Hope he keeps trying!

  4. Lorraine Says:

    I suggest starting with last season’s “The Good Wife” and then watching this season. It may be good before last season but that is when I started watching. You catch onto the relationships real fast. And this year has been exciting.

    I do think that the show focuses too much on flash and surprise, causing a lack of substance. It always leaves me thinking that the episode could have been so much more. But it has really terrific acting and really the best guest stars.

    How did I fall away from your blog? I guess other things got pushed ahead. But your new boyfriend brought me back and it’s fun talking about the new shows.

    • megwood Says:

      I’ve actually just started watching “The Good Wife” on Netflix — starting at the beginning. So great! Looking forward to catching up! I keep reading it’s totally on fire this year — I could use a little fire. FIYAH! Welcome back, Lorraine!

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