Fall TV Week Two Part 2: Return of the Returning Things

sleepyhollowQuick recap:  Sleepy Hollow‘s second episode sure seemed to annoy a lot of people!  Apparently, they didn’t like the parts of the episode that didn’t make sense historically.  The parts where it didn’t make any sense because it was about a guy who came back to life after 250 years in the ground because of a magic witch spell on the other hand. . . I rest my case.

I will say, however, that it sure would be nice of somebody to buy that poor fella a new outfit.  I’ve washed clothes in a hotel sink before — you can really only get away with that once, and I have a feeling that goes double for clothes that were underground for 250 years (yet oddly intact — it’s nice when the witch remembers to protect your duds from wear and tear too, isn’t it?  I bet The Hulk is jealous.)

I talked about Blacklist and the Hostages in Monday’s comments section, if you wanna read.

shieldAgents of SHIELD:  I loved it but I do have one complaint and it’s not the first time I’ve made it in response to a Joss Whedon project.  Everybody loves Joss Whedon’s dialogue — he’s the king of witty banter, right?  The problem is, you can’t make every character a clever, witty banter-er.  And they can’t speak in witty banter 85% of the time.  It starts out fun and funny, and ends up like this:  “Oh, shut up already. God.”

Also, I’m wondering if it makes the most sense to put the official logo of your secret-agent agency on all the vans your secret agents drive around town.  I’m just asking.  I still loved it.  I’m 100% on board.  I was just wondering.

Not a lot of new stuff coming out tonight and tomorrow night, but bunches of old stuff returns for a new season.  For better (Modern Family) or for worse (Two and a Half Men).  Here’s what’s up, buttercup.

Wednesday, September 25

revolutionRevolution – 8pm – NBC – I tried so hard to like this show, and then there was some kind of magic amulet or something, and I had to give up.  Anyway, it’s back and apparently the power is back on, so at least they can get online and order up some supplies from Amazon.com.

The Middle – 8pm – ABC – Don’t watch, don’t know.  Enjoy.

backinthegame_needscropBack in the Game – 8:30pm – ABC – Wait, this has Maggie Lawson in it?  Does that mean she isn’t going to be on Psych anymore?  No!  Anyway, this is another “single mom has to move back in with her parents” sit-com, though at least this one includes James Caan and baseball jokes.  Not for me, but you go ahead — the only baseball joke I need is “Who’s on First.”

modernfamilyModern Family – 9pm – ABC – You know how a season or two ago, Lily aged about 4 years over a single summer, was given lines in the script, and was INCREDIBLY ANNOYING?  That was a bummer.  But I still love this show, so there.

Law & Order: SVU – 9pm – NBC – This is still on.  I’m still watching it.  I don’t know why.

Criminal Minds – 9pm – CBS – This is still on.  I’m still watching it.  I don’t know why.  . . I’m noticing a trend here.

Nashville 10pm – ABC – Not my thing, but I do love Connie Britton.

csiCSI: Coke Classic– 10pm – CBS – The original is still the best, and Ted Danson totally revitalized it for me.  Is it the only one still on?  That’s probably for the best, though I did like seeing Gary “The Grump” Sinese every week on CSI:NY.

Thursday, September 26

parksrecParks and Recreation – 8pm – NBC – I’m still a couple of seasons behind on this show, but it’s hilarious so if you never tuned in, let this be the year you seek out season one.  It’s on Netflix.  And on DVD.  And all that.  And that one dude with the mustache is just friggin’ hilarious.  Seriously.  My husband will even watch this one, and he won’t watch much, my peoples. RINGING ENDORSEMENT!

bigbangtheoryThe Big Bang Theory – 8pm – CBS – Theoretically, this should be my favorite television show of all time.  But, as I’ve said before: laugh tracks!  I can’t stand ’em!  What really needs to happen on Big Bang Theory is that one of the characters needs to hear the laughing and become comically confused, which cues more laughing, which cues more confusion, which cues more laughing.  And then this needs to continue in an endless loop until finally he throws his hands up and yells, “Impossible termination condition!” And then the episode ends.  When they do that, you let me know and I’ll start watching.

millersThe Millers8:30pm – CBS – I’m tuning in for this one because I love both reporters and Will Arnett, and in The Millers those two things have been rolled into one.  But I’m not expecting brilliance, and I’m still mad they canceled Up All Night, the end.

Glee – 9pm – FOX – I don’t watch this one, but I was still really sorry to hear about Cory Monteith.

mjfox_needscropThe Michael J. Fox Show – 9pm (2 episodes)- NBC – When I first learned of this series, my initial reaction was that it was a pity project that was going to make everybody uncomfortable.  But then I saw a preview, and now I’m kicking myself in the butt for being such a butt.  The last time I saw Fox, he was killin’ it on Rescue Me, so what was I thinking?  I wasn’t thinking.  I’m an idiot, and I can’t wait.

crazyonesThe Crazy Ones – 9pm – CBS – I can do weekly Sarah Michelle Gellar.  But I cannot do weekly Robin Williams.  Robin Williams is best experienced in small, sporadic dosages, in my experience, and starring in a sit-com is not how you go about that.  No, sir, it isn’t.

greysGrey’s Anatomy – 9pm – ABC – You know what’s funny?  After all these years of mocking this show because every other week there was a thunderstorm, which we really don’t get here all that often, we just spent an August getting thunderstorm after thunderstorm.  After thunderstorm.  Ha ha ha, NUTS.  I’m still not calling them “ferry boats” or “mocha lattes,” though.  I draw the line at weather.

Two and a Half Men – 9:30pm – CBS – Ugh.  Srsly?

parenthoodParenthood – 10pm – NBC – I’ve been watching this one since it launched, but honestly am not that jazzed about its return.  It might be totally great.  I’m sure it will be.  It’s just that I’m not that jazzed.  I can’t get jazzed about it.  There’s no jazz here.  Also: no pizazz, in case you were wondering.  But whatever, it’s fine.

elementaryElementary – 10pm – CBS – This show has a few flaws, primary among them being that it isn’t the Sherlock we actually want to see, it is merely the Sherlock we might as well see while we wait around (forever!) for the other one to return on BBC America.  Nevertheless, it grows on you over time.  And at least they dumped that stupid “sober companion” ruse.  That was getting in my way.  And now it isn’t.  Plus, Moriarty’s a chick!  That rulz!

The end until Friday!  Hit the comments with. . . er. . . comments!

2 Responses to “Fall TV Week Two Part 2: Return of the Returning Things”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Elementary – “The Sherlock we might as well see while we wait around for the other one to return on BBC America” – brilliant! Maybe he’s too busy being “Smaug.”

    CSI:Coke Classic – see above re brilliant! Ha, ha – the original is the last CSI standing!

    Back in the Game – I looked up “Psych” in Wikipedia for exactly that reason.

    Glee – Wait a minute! Didn’t you used to like that show?

    The Blacklist – The jury’s still out on that one, but I rather like “Old Wierd James Spader.”

    Sleepy Hollow – We thought it was amazingly NOT terrible, and rather like it!

  2. RogerBW Says:

    Enjoyed Sleepy Hollow #2 — if that’s the non-pilot level they’re pitching at, I can live with it. Not too much Great Big Plot, plenty of moment-to-moment. (I’ve been burned on Great Big Plot, by Alias in particular — because I know the writers don’t really know what’s going on, they just make stuff up whenever they need a new mystery.)

    Very much agree with you on CSI — I love Larry Fishburne but those scripts were really not right for him.

    Yeah, the laugh track kills Big Bang Theory for me, and the stereotypes make it feel like geekface. I’m much fonder of Community (at least until the most recent season).

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