Fall TV Coming Soon!

soaIt’s nearly here!  Fall TV season! Wheeeee!

In fact, it kind of starts tonight, if you’re a fan of the FX series Hamlet on Harleys. (Okay, okay, technically it’s named Sons of Anarchy, but you know what I’m saying. )

SoA returns for its final season tonight, and I tell you what, I am ready.  For it to end!  I can’t stop watching Sons of Anarchy, but I have desperately wanted to for about 2 seasons now.  Here’s hoping Jax finally quits acting quite so much like Hamlet, Prince of Dithering, and starts acting a bit more like, say, I don’t know.  . . Let’s go with Harry Truman. For better or for worse.

Also, just FYI!  Book reviews may be on a bit of a hiatus this fall, as my plan is to make my way through all 3 volumes of Shelby Foote’s The Civil War: A Narrative series at long last.  That’s exactly 2,847 pages, my friends.  It may be a while.  We’ll see if I can make it through McClellan’s Pennsylvania campaign without throwing the book aside in disgust (talk about the prince of dithering!).

Check back next Monday for the official launch of Fall TV!  The crisp in the air!  The crap on the tube!  It’s going to be a fine autumn!

6 Responses to “Fall TV Coming Soon!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    (Liz) I love that line: “The crisp in the air! The crap on the tube!” but there IS good stuff on TV; I just think there’s still prejudice against TV fare. Of course, there IS some crap!

    I STILL haven’t read the Shelby Foote books, tho’ I used to see him on TV, and I did hear him live once. Good luck!

    • megwood Says:

      There’s absolutely good stuff on TV. However, last fall’s new shows were mostly terrible — I think Elementary might be the only one I watched all season, and it’s not exactly brilliant. And honestly, this year’s fare does not look much better! I’m talking about network TV, though, not cable channels like AMC or FX.

      • RogerBW Says:

        When I look at the list of new major-network shows for last year, pretty much everything I enjoyed got cancelled (in the case of 666 Park Avenue not before time, but I liked The Last Resort and even Cult and Zero Hour). Under the Dome has the guts to get away from being a recreation of the book, but I’m still finding it very patchy.

        I watched about half an episode of The Neighbors before I gave up in disgust at the stale sitcom roles; I found Revolution tedious in the extreme; I stuck with Elementary, but like you I wasn’t terribly excited by it. (I was hoping for a cheesy failure to understand the premise but with less misogyny than Sherlock, and instead I got a fairly generic misfit-detective show.)

        Looking at this year’s list and what I can find out about them so far, I’m seeing quite a few shows where I’ll at least watch the first episode… Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Black Box, Killer Women (because Tricia Helfer), Mind Games if it becomes the new Lie to Me, Super Fun Night because Rebel Wilson dammit deserves a role that’s something more than “the fat chick”, Intelligence because Marg Helgenberger even if it does look an awful lot like Chuck, The 100 if it’s not the new Revolution, The Tomorrow People in the hope of cheesy garbage, Almost Human ditto, and The Blacklist.

        …and did you catch the pilot of Rewind on Siffy a few weeks ago? That actually looked kind of promising.

        As always, looking forward to your list.

        • megwood Says:

          Under the Dome I was game to ride along with until it got picked up for a second season — that’s just way too long for a show with such a limited concept. If it were more focused on survival issues instead of pink stars and magic eggs, I might be more game to keep going. It really needed to be a 6 hour miniseries. They aren’t being given enough interesting stuff to do, and the magical hoo-hah is something I can swallow only if the characters and other plot elements are really strong. Not happening here, even though I have a massive crush on Natalie Martinez!

          Missed Rewind — will investigate!

        • RogerBW Says:

          I wrote: “

          Super Fun Night because Rebel Wilson dammit deserves a role that’s something more than “the fat chick”

          “Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be it.

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