New Boyfriend is Up! (I’m Not Kidding!)

There is a new Boyfriend of the Week write-up!  A few of you are going to barf.  My apologies in advance. Go check it out at and then come back here to comment!

Also, I didn’t want to go without saying something about James Gandolfini, former Boyfriend of the Week (2001!) and an actor I greatly admired, who died yesterday at the insanely too-young age of 51, so here’s what I’m going to say:  You will be missed, sir.  (It’s not a very interesting or original thing to say, but it’s the truth, so there you have it.)  You can comment about him here too, if you want.

10 Responses to “New Boyfriend is Up! (I’m Not Kidding!)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I think I might have actually squealed when I got the email saying a new boyfriend had been posted. I’m just sayin’. It’s been missed.

  2. Breeza Says:

    Woo hoo, so glad you’re back!

  3. RogerBW Says:

    Glad to see the Boyfriend post! Not so keen on the subject, but hey, your taste isn’t mine. That face just reeks of “nasty small-minded bully” for me. Which is probably grossly unfair to the guy as well as to his acting ability.

    • megwood Says:

      Oh, I get that. It’s similar to how I felt about him when he was in his 20s. I have yet to hear complaints about him being a bully, though — usually that stuff gets out (though admittedly, I don’t actually read much of the stuff where that stuff usually gets out). He’s passionate about the environment, donates a lot of money to charities, and seems like kind of a nice guy. Who knows, though — I generally feel the less I know about a Boyfriend of the Week in real life, the better.

  4. linnerlu Says:

    Welcome back, Meg! We’ve missed your Boyfriend of the Week posts, OH, SO MUCH!
    Thanks for the note about Mr. Gandalfini, too … I was just sick when I read of his way-too-early death yesterday.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    (this is Liz) You know what? I’ve never seen “The Sopranos!” (Tho’ I’ve read about it.) Now I’m going to watch the repeats – they’re on all over. What a tragic death – and I know he was highly regarded, and very talented.

    As for the BOTW, all I can say is: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I seem to recall you’re SWEARING that you’d never make “Leo” a boyfriend! I actually think he’s quite a good actor, and it hadn’t occurred to me that he kept playing the same part. In “Titanic,” once I realized that the real protagonist was the ship, I didn’t mind the humans so much. I was VERY impressed with “Gilbert Grape,” “Aviator,” and “Inception.” I agree with you on “Shutter Island,” but I also liked him in “J. Edgar.” did you see that? I also want to see “Gatsby.” As for your idea of a rom-com … No, no, no! He wouldn’t be very good, and I don’t like them anyway. Just saying’.

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