MOVIE: The Possession (2012)

possessThis movie, about a little girl who buys an ornate wooden box at a garage sale only to find it, and then herself, possessed by a Jewish demon called a Dybbuk, is really, really silly.  Though I will say this is the first Jewish exorcist movie I’ve ever seen, after a long, long list of Catholic ones, so props for originality for that, I suppose.  (Also, I like how Jewish demons turn little girls into cute little emo goths instead of making them look all gross with vomit all over them and stringy hair and stuff.  That makes Jewish demons seem way classier than Catholic ones somehow.)

This movie is based on a true story, by the way — at least, inasmuch as some Jewish people believe Dybbuk boxes (boxes that contain demons and are sold at garage sales) truly exist.  Oh, you really, really silly people.  (Though, I suppose if I wake up tomorrow speaking in tongues after having insulted a Dybbuk, we’ll know who the REAL really, really silly person was. . . Ha ha, sorry, Dybbuk demon dude!  I’m totes just joshin’ witcha!)

I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan (obviously), but not even his cute little dimpled smile could save this movie from drowning in a self-made vat of dreck (instant dreck: just add dreck!).  Though, for the record, I wasn’t really expecting it to be any good.  I just really, really like that cute little dimpled smile.  Ah, me.  Talk about really, really silly. . .

[Netflix it | Buy it (no, don’t)]

Genre: Horror, Crap
Cast:  Natasha Calis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Grant Show, Madison Davenport

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9 Responses to “MOVIE: The Possession (2012)”

  1. Richard Harland Smithi Says:

    Is it just me or does Jeffrey Dean Morgan seem like the offspring of Javier Bardem and Brad Garrett?

  2. briantoohey Says:

    By the way, this movie was originally called Dybbuk Box as a script and through production. Then I guess they thought Joe Lunchpail wouldn’t be able to handle ordering a ticket for a movie with a word as foreign to him as dybbuk, so they renamed it the much more generic and Joe Lunchpail-friendly “The Possession.”

  3. RogerBW Says:

    It’s pretty impressive how much this thing has extended itself into traditional folklore… when you remember that the dybbuk box (as opposed to the dybbuk legend in general) was invented by Kevin Mannis (a writer and furniture repairer… hmmm…) in 2003. Still, “make a joke in Glastonbury and within ten years it’s an ancient pagan tradition”.

    • megwood Says:

      Smart ass. But you’re right — I had it wrong. It’s the Dybbuk that is the lore, the box is the fiction. Well, I’m going with them both being fictions, but you know what I mean. (p.s. “Smart ass” is a term of endearment in my family, not an insult! You know, kind of like the ancient Hebrew term “wisenheimer.”)

      • RogerBW Says:

        Sorry, wasn’t aiming to attack you – more laughing at the way that I hear elsewhere about “Dybbuk boxes” as if they were a real thing going back for centuries.

      • megwood Says:

        I know you weren’t attacking me! No worries! If I thought you were, I wouldn’t have called you a smart ass, I would’ve called you an asshat. (Maybe I need to do a glossary?) True about the box thing, though — I read an article about them, I think in Entertainment Weekly last year, that is what made me think the boxes themselves were part of the old lore. Mannis must feel pretty smug for having succeeded in creating such a successful little urban legend-y kind of thing, though then he should feel like a total asshat (usage example!) for the fact his idea was ultimately turned into such a crappy movie. THANKS FOR THAT, KEV.

  4. Liz Says:

    This movie not only sounds stupid, but also dangerous! Like the DaVinci nonsense, it’s messing with some religious beliefs that are more or less valid, and mixing them up with garbage – to the point where one doesn’t know where to draw the line! I’m glad all the readers and writers of THIS blog are smart enough to recognize “hooey” when they see it, but still realize that some of it might be valid – or at least somewhat historically accurate.

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