Fall TV Update: October 10-16

So, let’s see, where were we?  Oh yes, talking about new TV.  We’re winding down the fall launch season, with only a few new shows still to come, three of which hit tonight.  So far, I have to confess, I haven’t ended up keeping much of the new stuff in the ol’ DVR program.  I thought after the pilot that Last Resort might be the keeper, but then I’ve had the second episode sitting around for two weeks now with no real interest to return to it — that can’t be a good sign.  And Elementary?  Okay, maybe Elementary for a little while longer, but man, it needs to stop talking down to the audience or I’ll have to quit on principle.

Perhaps something still to come will be The One.  Here’s what’s coming up new in the next week or so (I’ll be out of town until mid-week next week, so I’m giving you Tuesday’s newbie here as well):

Wednesday, October 10

Arrow — 8pm (CW) — “Based on characters appearing in comic books and graphic novels by DC Comics”:  I’m pretty sure that’s all that needs saying about this one.  You’ll know from that sentence whether or not this will be your thing.  Well, either from that sentence or the picture of that dude’s abs.  Mrrowl.

Chicago Fire — 10pm (NBC) — This show is probably going to be absolutely TERRIBLE.  My only hope is that it’s absolutely terrible in a really fun sort of way.  Which could happen!  Starring Jesse Spencer from House and Eamonn Walker from Oz doesn’t hurt its chances either, if you ask me.  Plus, in the middle of countless hospital and cop shows, it’s nice to see something a little different.  Been a while since we had a series about firefighters on network television (Third Watch is the last one I can remember).  And firefighters are frequently handsome devils, especially TV firefighters.  “Handsome devils” will take you a long, long way with me.  As well you all know.

Nashville — 10pm (ABC) — This one looks like good old fashioned cheesy soap opera fun, set in the country music world.  That sentence, too, is probably all you need to know in order to determine your plan on this one.  I’ll be DVRing it, and then watching it with one finger over the mute button just in case.  (Singing: argh.)

Thursday, October 11

Vampire Diaries — 8pm (CW) —  TEAM JACOB.

Beauty and the Beast — 9pm (CW) — Homicide detective who looks way too young to be a homicide detective falls in love with a doctor  who looks way too young to be a doctor AND turns into a terrifying RAGE BEAST whenever he gets mad about something.  Yep, it’s the CW, all right.

Monday, October 15

The Walking Dead — 10pm (AMC) — Argh.  I can’t go on.  I won’t go on.  I must go on.  I will go on.  Sigh.

Tuesday, October 16

Emily Owens, MD — 9pm (CW) — At least in this one, the doctor looks like she’s old enough to be a doctor (it’s Mamie Gummer, from last year’s series doctors-in-the-jungle series Off the Map, which I was enjoying, I confess).  But then again, we ARE talking about the CW here, and their demographic does not include my demographic.  For a reason.  It’s hard for people my age (ripe old 38) to stomach inanity.  We burn out on inanity right around age 32, right, ladies?  And CW shows tend to have an AWFUL lot of really dumb romantic plot lines and characters who say and do incredibly silly things.  That said, I watched the first ten minutes or so of this one online last night and didn’t hate it, and I really like Mamie Gummer, so I’m game for giving it a shot.  WE SHALL SEE.  Maybe a little silly in my week isn’t such a bad thing?

11 Responses to “Fall TV Update: October 10-16”

  1. Brian Toohey Says:

    Unfortunately, Chicago Fire is from Dick Wolf, producer of the Law & Orders, who never seems to have heard of things like interesting characters or compelling relationships. Yep, Chicago Fire is more complete tedium and forgettable… snort… sorry, just fell asleep mid-sentence. But yeah, Chicago Fire isn’t bad in that good-bad way, simply in that “I’m forgetting what’s happening even as it’s literally happening right in front of me.” Sorry, Jesse Spencer, catch you on your next show, hopefully next season.

    Here are the shows I’m still watching, after only a couple of weeks: 666 Park Avenue (I know, I can’t believe it either…. but this is turning out to be the exact kind of good-bad tv you’re talking about, Meg), Ben & Kate, Last Resort (giving it one more episode for the many elements to start functionally working together, and in general I’ve been pretty disappointed by this one as a result of its hype as the best new show)… and that’s it. Still watching The Mentalist, The Voice, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, The Office (it’s actually getting better again), Fringe and 30 Rock (both probably because they only have half-seasons left, as they’re both sinking in quality), and Grimm (I just wish the show got rid of its series’ lead and focused exclusively on Monroe and Rosalee, who have more light, life, and color than the three main leads). Looking forward to the return of Happy Endings, Community, and The Walking Dead.

  2. RogerBW Says:

    The great Ken Hite described Elementary as “half a Holmes solving Columbo crimes, but it’s less sexist and racist than the BBC version, so there’s that.” Seems fair to me. And hey, Lucy Liu.

    I quite enjoyed the second Last Resort but it’s not to be taken even faintly seriously even though it wants to be.

    I’m not planning to pick up any of these new shows unless someone reasonably reliable says something good about them. The only CW show I’ve watched recently was Nikita, which was fun enough for the first season but seemed to get bogged down after that.

    • megwood Says:

      Wow, where’d he come up with “less sexist”? Did he see last week’s episode with ye olde “You need to get laid” comment to Watson? Followed up with (over-explained, alas) joke next day of “I can see you didn’t take my advice” (which, fine, tolerable comedic moment there if you can overlook the disgusting sexist nature of the original comment in the first place, but then he went on to qualify IN THAT YOU DIDN’T GET LAID which is the “dumbing down” element I was referring to earlier).

      Dear All Men: Just because we get irritated when you’re acting like obnoxious children doesn’t mean we need a dick stuck in us, pardon my French (hi, Mom!). Sincerely, All Women.

      Can’t recall feeling as annoyed by anything similar on the BBC version. Possibly because there aren’t as many women, which maybe that’s what Hite is getting at? But then, the BBC version is more tightly based on the original stories, which mostly just had rich bitches or trollops (often with hearts of gold, aw) in them. I’m cool with them sticking to the script in that way. As long as I never, ever have to hear Benedict Cumberbatch say, “You need to get laid” to anyone. Except maybe Robert Downey Jr. Cuz that’d be cool.

  3. Alisaj29 Says:

    I’m on the fence about Arrow. I’m a comic book tv and movie fan. Just re-watched The Avengers for like the 3rd time over the weekend. Love that movie. If hubby watches Arrow then I’ll give it a chance.
    On a different note, can’t wait for The Hobbit to come out and re-watched the last Hellboy, the one that Del Toro produced, and I know it was panned, but I still liked it. My kid is going to be such a nerd. 🙂
    Anyway, hubby will be happy that Vamp Diaries is starting. I tease him and I’ll say, when we got married I didn’t realize that I married a girl. LOL
    Can’t wait for Walking Dead and Talking Dead w/Chris Hardwick after. 🙂

  4. Florence Says:

    My hubby is a firefighter so I could not watch Chicago Fire if I wanted to, unless I wanted to subject myself to incredulous tirades about “real firefighters” and what they do and don’t do outside of Hollywood-LOL. But thats ok because I think you are right, this one looks bad, and not in a good way. Only one of these I am still watching is Last Resort, and really not sure ho much longer that will last. And I agree about the Office-thought it might have jumped the shark, but then laughed my tookus off at last week’s episode-it needed some new blood I think.

  5. megwood Says:

    Ha, Florence! My Dad was a career Marine Corps fighter pilot, so if I even SAY the words “Top Gun” to him, he’ll go off for an hour about everything that movie totally screwed up. Takes a lot of the fun out of the beach volleyball scene, I must say. Your story about your hubby made me think of that. 🙂

  6. Florence Says:

    LOL-Gotta love em though. Semper Fi to your dad 🙂

    • megwood Says:

      For sure! (If you ever meet my dad, tell him your favorite Top Gun scene was the one in the “head” where they’re all sitting around together only wearing towels. Make sure I’m there for this moment. Preferably with a direct uplink to YouTube at the ready.)

      • Florence Says:

        LMFAO-I am on it! But you must return the favor-with of course the scene from Backdraft where Kurt Russel goes into a raging fire without his mask on!:)

  7. Liz Says:

    ARROW – I’m trying desperately hard to keep my husband from noticing it. The PR about it reminds me of why I grew to dislike SMALLVILLE so much (the first few seasons were very good). 666 PARK AVE. – I quite liked the first ep., and, wonder of wonders, so did he. I even looked up “drake” (the name of the bldg,) in Wikipedia, because I knew it was related to “dragon.” There’s even a “Drake Fairy,” which I just bet will be addressed in the show.
    ELEMENTARY – not bad! And I’ll put up with a fair amount of – whatever – to watch Jonny Lee Miller. BTW, that sexist stuff goes both ways: I recently watched a rerun of BUFFY, in which the principal told Buffy she was expelled, to which she replied, “You never had even one date in high school, did you?”
    WALKING DEAD – Yay! Hurray! I watched the first segment of the first ep, and it was brilliant! There was no dialogue, but I was riveted. I’m saving the rest for later.
    REVOLUTION – I wanted to give it up, because it’s on against both CASTLE and HAWAII 5-0 – but my husband likes it, so we’re watching it on “On Demand.” It’s actually not bad, but I’m just waiting for it to get totally bogged down.

  8. Don Bross Says:

    These shows are amazing, especially Arrow. I watch every single episode and it gets better eveytime.

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