Nuthin’ New This Week!

Oh, hey, there isn’t anything new starting up this week on the tube, I just realized.  Merely a few returns:  Hart of Dixie and Raising Hope last night, Supernatural tonight, and 30 Rock tomorrow night. New stuff comes back next week, so I’ll have more to say about dat dem stuffs den.

As for Supernatural: I gave up SupeNatch early last season when it became clear they were STILL going to be doing the damn angel war thing.  Holy tedium, Batman!  If that storyline is finally over and done with and we’re back to monster-of-the-week episodes, somebody let me know?  I’d be willing to dive back in for that, and that alone.  If not, I’ll just rewatch the early years whenever I need a Winchester Bros. fix.  Which is still surprisingly often.  Or perhaps not so surprisingly often, considering:  humina humina.

Aside from that, I have naught else to report.  (Except for the eight book and movie reviews I’m behind on.  TRA LA!)

Comment fodder:  What, if any, of the new shows have you decided to stick with a little longer?  So far, I’m still watching Revolution (though I am not paying terribly close attention and it’s probably going to disappear from my DVR shortly if it doesn’t pick up soon) and I’m game for episode 2 this week of Vegas (surprisingly enough).  That Animal Practice sit-com with the monkey, though?  OH HOLY HELL.  I didn’t last 6 minutes.  What about youse dudes?

2 Responses to “Nuthin’ New This Week!”

  1. alisaj29 Says:

    I could care less about Supernatch. I only watch because I need my Jensen Tackles fix, if I oogle, I mean watch I go threw withdrawals.

  2. RogerBW Says:

    Revolution‘s picked up a back-half renewal (9 extra episodes on top of the existing 13), so clearly somebody likes it. The only shows I’m giving a second try are 666 Park Avenue, Elementary and Last Resort, and any of them could still lose me with one bad episode.

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