Fall TV Update: Thursday Sept. 27

Okay, Thursday, NOW we’re talkin’.  There are TWO new shows on tonight I’m planning to check out.  I mean, granted, it’s highly unlikely either one will be any good.  But, at least I’m intrigued, which is more than I can say about other new shows this season.

The Two I Care About:

Last Resort — 8pm (ABC) — Okay, this series sounds about as dumb as they come.  It’s about the crew of a Navy sub who “go rogue” when ordered to nuke Pakistan and find themselves facing the wrath of the entire US in response.  Declared outlaws, they start their own new society on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere in the ocean.  Ha ha!  Hooooo boy.  So, why do I care about this show?  Two words:  Andre Braugher.  I’ll put up with a lot for a little Andre Braugher, especially now that the wonderful Men of a Certain Age is gone (oh, I loved that show so much — SO MUCH).  Fingers crossed that if this is stupid, it’s stupid in a fantastically entertaining way and not an insufferable one.  COULD HAPPEN.

Elementary — 10pm (CBS) — Eli Stone as Sherlock Holmes?  I don’t know what to expect.  I’m trying not to expect too much.  It can’t beat Sherlock on BBC/PBS, obviously, and yet it’s clearly been triggered because of that show’s smashing success.  For CBS to succeed with its take on the classic, though, Elementary has got to be whip-smart, well-written, and very, very careful with the Sherlockian elements.  It’s especially got to avoid ALL HAMMINESS when it comes to Sherlock’s signature oddities  — think House and not TNT’s Perception, in other words.  Go heavy-handed with the cuckoo-nutso, and it’s toast.

Additionally, I’ve read they intend to make Sherlock’s infamous drug habits a key part of the story — in fact, the “Watson” in Elementary, played by Lucy Liu, is the Sherlock character’s sober living companion.  This makes me incredibly unhappy, and I’ll tell you why.  First of all, House regularly botched its treatment of addiction, and in ways that, in my opinion, were both irresponsible and potentially destructive.  You long-timers have seen me rant about that in the past, so I won’t go into it again here.  The fact this show’s very premise is based on something no responsible drug treatment group would EVER do (i.e., put a sexy lady and a hot dude together as sober living companions) is not a good sign.  As someone who works in the addiction field, I’m tense already about all the things they’re about to screw up here, because, you guys, misconceptions about drug addiction do serious damage.  Then again, I do love everything Holmesian, and I also love Johnny Lee Miller.  I’ll go in fully braced for awful, and maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  COULD HAPPEN!

The Rest:

Big Bang Theory — 8pm (CBS) — This might, in fact, be the current sit-com I loathe the most out of all the current sit-coms.

Two and a Half Men — 8:30 (CBS) — CORRECTION!  THIS is the current sit-com I loathe the most out of all the current sit-coms.

Grey’s Anatomy — 9pm (ABC) — Well, I’m glad Lexie’s dead, at least.  She was getting on my nerves.  Unfortunately, McSteamy is leaving this season, and though he was also getting on my nerves, it was in a whooooole ‘nother way, if you catch my drift.  Nudge, wink, SAY NO MORE.

Person of Interest — 9pm (CBS) — Someone is still watching this?  WHO?  Is it you? Well, cut it out!

Scandal — 10pm (ABC) — I confess I’ve never even heard of this show, though apparently it’s launching its second season tonight.  Did I miss anything good?  If so, I can try to catch up.

9 Responses to “Fall TV Update: Thursday Sept. 27”

  1. RogerBW Says:

    Those are the two I’m going to try, too.

    I’ve only seen bits of Big Bang Theory, but it always strikes me as geekface – the sort of thing that non-smart people would write about smart people without having actually got to know them.

    I dropped Scandal after the first episode last year…

    • megwood Says:

      I’ve tried many times to get into BBT — a lot of my friends ADORE that show. But my god, I never make it more than about five minutes into an episode. If you have to use a laugh track to tell me when you’re being funny, then you’re NOT BEING FUNNY. It’s 2012 — you can do better than canned laughter, peoples.

    • RogerBW Says:

      Holy crap. Just watched Elementary and Last Resort, and thought they were… both kind of good.

      Elementary: don’t think of it as Holmes – the show itself clearly doesn’t, apart from the name – think of it as yet another “outsider solves crimes” show. The Holmes canon has been so hacked about over the years that it doesn’t really have any conceptual purity left anyway. But two really appealing leads make this work for me.

      Last Resort: OK, I’m a sucker for military stuff done right, and the stakes seem high enough that the breakdown into emotional panic comes off as plausible. So you don’t attack a submarine with a Tomahawk. Still kind of fun. Does it have legs? I don’t know, but I’ll be watching next week.

  2. Alisaj29 Says:

    The only show on this list I will be watching is BBT. It’s the only show I can talk to people at work about. I literally work with physicists, students and scientist who are in the top of their field of Cold Fusion. It’s the only thing I have in common with any of them! LOL

  3. Florence Says:

    Whaddya mean they cancelled Men of a Certain Age??? That show was sooooo good? I think I am with you on Last Resort though; It sounds pretty silly but I am still going to give it a few episodes for Andre -whenever I see him I cannot get his character from the movie “Glory” out of my mind…loved that one.

  4. Hokie Thoughts Says:

    Scandal really grew on me last year, though I have to admit that last nght’s episode was typical Shonda Rhimes, over the top, schlocky schtick. It’s not as good as Off the Map was, but evidently there was a bigger audience for lawyers and a philandering POTUS than there was for jungle docs. Even if they were yummy looking. I think the potential is there for Scandal, if Rhimes can avoid the melodrama that she brings into her sophomore season as if to say “WHEEE! We got renewed!”. The cast on Scandal is great, she just has to give them something to work with. Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Columbus Short (who I still miss from Studio 60 YES I LOVED THAT SHOW and the only Stomp the Yard worth watching), Josh Malina (who was JEREMY the sports nerd. Love.), and Guillermo Diaz. I do miss Henry Ian Cusack, though. Bless his character’s philandering little heart. He didn’t return this season.

  5. Liz Says:

    I like “Person of Interest!” so there! Because I like both lead actors. I’m also interested in “Elementary” – but more for Jonny Lee Miller than anything else (I miss “Eli Stone). I can’t think of ANY current sitcoms that I like – except MAYBE “Modern Family.” I also like Brauer, but not enough for “Last Resort.” (I have to admit: sometimes I also really want to say, “Stop liking what I don’t like.”)

  6. Melinda Says:

    I just have to get past the immediate Dracula 2000 and S & S connections with Jonny Lee Miller…

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