Fall TV Update: Wednesday, Sept 26


Here’s what’s on the schedule for tonight:

The Middle — 8pm (ABC) — I keep hearing this is good.  Is this good?

Animal Practice — 8pm (NBC) — I’m tuning in for this one, and I’ll tell you why: I’m a sucker for monkeys wearing people clothes.  I know it’s cruel to the monkeys, I know we shouldn’t do it, but I just love it so much.  A monkey!  In a lab coat!  And pants!  C’mon, that’s ADORABLE!

Okay, okay, in truth, I’m actually tuning in because I love animals and I think there’s a teeny tiny chance this MIGHT actually entertain me.  At least this show feels original in terms of content;  I’m pretty sure it’s the first sit-com about veterinarians that’s been on TV in my lifetime, in any case.  Plus, I like Justin Kirk’s brand of wry, weird sense of humor (on Weeds, anyway).  I don’t know.  How bad could it be?  No, don’t answer that.  I’ll find out soon enough.

Guys with Kids — 9pm (NBC) — You know that old showbiz adage, “Never work with animals or babies?”  NBC seems to be thumbing their nose a bit at that one tonight, eh? We just had animals, and now 30 minutes later, we have babies.  I like babies.  But the problem with this sit-com is that I have a sneaking suspicion its entire concept stemmed from that one scene in The Hangover when Zach Galifinakis strapped that adorbs li’l infant to his chest (the cover pic for the series certainly seems to WANT us to make that association, anyway).  And, guys?  That can’t be good.  There’s just no way.    If this was Bradly Cooper with Kids, I’d totally watch.  Jesse Bradford with Kids, on the other hand?  I gots better things to do.

Modern Family — 9pm (ABC) — I’ll never forget the original trailer for this series   — the one that featured Phil talking how he was hip to the kids’ lingo: BRB meant “be right back,” LOL meant “laughing out loud,” and WTF was  “why the face.”  Why the face!  Ah ha ha ha!  I love that so much.  AND I LOVE THIS SHOW.  It’s definitely a bit on the cheesy-sweet side a lot, but you know what?  I’m cool with that.  It’s the good kind of cheesy-sweet.  This is the only show I watch as soon as it’s been DVR’d (live TV, of course, being for suckers only), which is a very, very rare thing for me!  Cannot wait for tonight’s episode!

Criminal Minds, CSI, L&O:SVU:  The addition of Ted Dansen to CSI totally saved the series for me — his character is weird in a way that feels authentic (unlike, say, Vincent D’Onofrio on L&O:CI), and he’s also smart and witty and kind.  I’m smitten, frankly.  Alas, no such luck with recent changes to L&O:SVU, which I’m officially ditching from my DVR schedule as right. . . now.  As for Criminal Minds, Jeanne Tripplehorn is coming on board to replace Paget Brewster, and as a huge fan of her work on Big Love, I’m excited enough about that to want to tune in.   I tell you what, though, I sure am getting tired of all these shows that focus so heavily on vicious, horrific crimes against women.  SVU and Criminal Minds on the same night makes Wednesdays feel less like “Hump Day” and more like “Misogyny Day.”  But whatever — at least the bad guys usually get caught and punished, and we’ll pretend the victims get free, evidence-based mental health care for life to help them cope with the aftermath of their traumas.  It IS fiction, after all.  (Sigh.)

The Neighbors — 9:30pm (ABC) — You remember my joke about Ben and Kate Plus 8 yesterday in which I was rooting for the “Plus 8” to be Alfs from Melmac?  Turns out that wasn’t all that original an idea.  This sit-com is apparently about a family who discovers their neighbors are aliens (that cry green goo out of their ears or something, which explains the cover pic).  If this had an exciting cast, I’d actually be willing to give it a shot;  I liked 3rd Rock from the Sun, after all.  But Jami Gertz hasn’t been an exciting cast member since at least 1986 (arguably: if then).  So, asked and answered.  Moving on!

ALSO, in case you missed this update on yesterday’s post, DUCKY LIVES!  HALLELUJAH!

4 Responses to “Fall TV Update: Wednesday, Sept 26”

  1. RogerBW Says:

    Might give The Neighbors a try, though I don’t usually do sitcoms.

    Very much agree with you on CSI – Larry Fishburne is a great actor, but his scripts were pretty dire, and I think Ted’s made the show watchable again. (Even if it does still carry the message “if you have any sort of non-vanilla relationship, you will either kill or die as a result of it, especially if you’re a woman”.)

    I’m about two years behind on Criminal Minds, slowly catching up. Sometimes sticking to a formula can be the right thing to do. I’m mostly watching for Garcia.

    • RogerBW Says:

      For me, The Neighbors is too much sitcom and not enough interesting. Really, jokes about men dominating (or not) their wives? In 2012?

  2. Liz Says:

    I so totally agree about CSI. I almost quit on it (although I agree that Fishburne IS a very good actor), but Danson pulled me back in – and I never even really liked him before! I don’t particularly miss Marg Helgenberger (sp?) either, since I always liked Jorja Fox so much more. I do miss Gary Dourdain (Warrick), though. BTW: Grissom, please come back!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Criminal Minds,” and as for SVU … I’m waiting for the next installment of L&O: “Law & Order SUV” – where the cops and lawyers fight crime while riding around in big vans, and stuff.

  3. Melinda Says:

    Wait, I wasn’t the only one who started noticing that whole misogyny thing?? CSI was my crime show and I started thinking “oh yay, another ep in which the woman is horrifically brutalized in her own home. Yay.” Well, and then it started pretty much sucking, but the comments above are making me think about actually trying it again. I’d gotten pretty sick of Katherine and L.F. just wasn’t moving me.

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