Harry Morgan, 1915-2011

The man meant a lot to me, and that’s all I’m gonna say.  More photos from his incredible career in TV and film:  http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-harry-morgan-obit-pictures,0,4114334.photogallery.

Never got around to making him a Boyfriend of the Week; wish I had.  Rest in peace, Col. Potter.  Don’t ever die, Dad.

5 Responses to “Harry Morgan, 1915-2011”

  1. Janet Tate Crum Says:

    Sad news. M*A*S*H is my favorite show ever, in part because Harry Morgan did such a great job as Col. Potter. RIP indeed.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Such a loss! The world feels a little smaller with Col. Potter not in it.

  3. Liz Says:

    I think M*A*S*H* was one of the BEST TV shows of all time. And I agree that Col. Potter was one of the reasons for that. I also think that the producers of the show were brilliant whenever they had to replace someone, by creating an entirely new character! I preferred Col. Potter to Henry, but Henry was from the movie, and was important, so it’s even more of a testament to Harry Morgan that he could replace someone important on a show … and be absolutely brilliant!

  4. V.E.G. Says:

    Harry Morgan’s ancestry is like a Herring Salad. It is due to the Swedish and Norwegian heritage.

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