Fall TV Premieres: Oct. 10-22

We’re out of the thick of the fall TV premiere season, so I’m going to do two weeks at a time now until I run out of new shows to tell you about (early November).

Quick update:  Didn’t last ten minutes into Person of Interest, the new J. J. Abrams series.  Borrrrrring!  If you’re loving it, let me know, though, and maybe I’ll try again?  Except:  borrrrrrring!  Also, American Horror Story was not unbearable, but I sure am confused.  I’ll give it one more episode before deciding on that one.

Also, I neglected to mention last week that season two of Luther started up on BBC America.  If you haven’t seen season one, you should definitely check it out (it’s available on Netflix streaming) and start recording season two now so you can catch up when you’re caught up.  It’s a terrific mystery series starring Idris Elba (from The Wire) and dayam, is he ever foxy.

Tuesday, October 11

Last Man Standing (ABC) – 8pm — This is Tim Allen’s new sit-com.  You know, the Home Improvement guy?  I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to say about this one — that either makes you want to tune in or run screaming.  I fall somewhere in the middle, a section I would describe as “apathy.”  [insert Tim Allen porcine laugh here]

Wednesday, October 12

Psych (USA) — 8pm — Oh god, I love this show.  May it never, ever end.  This is probably the only comedy on TV that makes me laugh so hard sometimes water springs from my eyes, just like in cartoons.  Ptew, ptew, little drops of water, shooting out of my eyes!  It’s that funny.  Clearly written by people my age, this is the show to watch if you dig obscure 80s pop culture references.  (Last season is now up on Netflix streaming, by the way.  And then there’s also THIS, let’s not forget — one of my favorite write-ups of all time.)

Sunday, October 16

The Walking Dead (AMC) — 9pm — Finally, the return we’ve all been waiting for!  Now, granted, I started to get a little bored by the end of season 1 (also now streaming at Netflix, by the way), but the finale piqued my interest again and I’ve been desperate for its return ever since.  Here’s hoping there’s a little more plot this round and a little less “running from zombies for an entire hour.”  I do love a good zombie chase scene, but, you know, maybe not EVERY week.  Every other week is okay, though.

Tuesday, October 18

Man Up! (ABC) — 8:30pm — This new sit-com describes itself thusly:  “Man Up! follows the struggles of three modern male archetypes as they search for their identities and try to prove that ‘real men’ really can use hazelnut creamer.”  But, and I’m sorry but it needs to be said, real men cannot, in fact, use hazelnut creamer.  I do kind of like Teri Polo, but what the he-zell is she doing in this?  Man Up!?  I WILL DO NOTHING OF THE SORT.

3 Responses to “Fall TV Premieres: Oct. 10-22”

  1. alisaj29 Says:

    Thank you for letting me know about Luther. Sadly I no longer get BBC America, BUT hopefully it’s avail on VOD Fios, which for some reason I get. Otherwise I’ll have to wait until it comes out on Netflix.

    I’m psyched about Psych, (lame I know, lol) hubby and I do love that show so.

    I will be away next week and will not be able to watch The Walking Dead, which will give me a reason to want to come back home from FL.

  2. RogerBW Says:

    Never really got into Psych. The Walking Dead for my taste spent too much time up at Camp Asshole, and doesn’t do much to make any of its characters sympathetic, but I understand there’s a complete new writing staff so maybe things will improve.

  3. Trip Says:

    Totally concur with Roger’s assessment of S1 of Walking Dead – too much talking and bickering at the hilltop Alamo, and I didn’t really care whose brother, cousin or whoever needed to get extracted from downtown from week to week.

    My understanding is that S2 ratchets up the dread & despair and introduces some reprehensible new characters, like every zombie show should have. Sounds like there’s enough fruit on the tree there for a weekly commitment on my DVR anyway.

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