Fall TV Premieres: Oct. 3-9, 2011

I’m back!  Quick update on what we’ve seen so far:

Digging So Far

Ringer — It’s not brilliant, but I’m actually pretty sold so far, in no small part because Ioan Gruffud is so ridiculously good-looking.  However, after that terrible CGI boat scene (complete with fan pointed at her hair!) from the pilot, the show apparently lost about a gazillion of its gazillion-and-one viewers, so I’m sure it’s doomed.  The Curse of Meg Wood strikes again.

Terra Nova — It’s not brilliant, but I’m actually pretty sold so far.  Hey, that sounds familiar.  I was worried this show was just going to be Land of the Lost Redux, all man v. dinosaur, all the time.  But instead, the added twist of The Sixers group makes it a lot more interesting.  I’m definitely game for a few more episodes at least.  Though, again, it’s not doing well, so I’m sure it’s doomed too.  WHY ME?

Unforgettable — Much as I loathe Poppy Montgomery, I kind of enjoyed this one.  Somehow managed not to record last week’s episode, though, so I’ll have to see at least one more before I put in a verdict.

Prime Suspect —  I DID NOT HATE IT.  However,  though I realize it’s trying to be true to the original by having the entire police department be staffed with open misogynists, I have a hard time believing this is truly possible in this day and age.  Closeted misogynists, yes.  Open misogynists: a law suit waiting to happen.  Also problematic:  The actual plot of the pilot (the case she was on) wasn’t very engaging.  But I like some other elements of the series (for example, it’s refreshing to see a tough female lead who has a steady boyfriend — usually, it seems to be assumed that tough females in positions of power are hopeless when it comes to relationships, which, f-you, networks).  I’ll stick with it for now.

Up All Night —  Kind of liking this one.  I might get tired of it, but it’s nice having a quick 30 minute thing to fill in random early mornings here and there.  Plus, it’s truly funny at times, and the couple reminds me a bit of my sister and her husband.  Minus, the friend character (Ada) is potentially too annoying for me.  Jury’s out.

Given Up On:

A Gifted Man —  I didn’t last ten minutes.

Pan Am, Playboy, Revenge, other soaps:  Didn’t bother with at all.

Not Sure Yet:

Person of Interest:  Been recording this one, but I haven’t been in the mood for it yet.  Not a good sign.  I’ll give it a shot later this week and report back, though.  Anybody digging it so far?

Coming up this week!

Monday, October 3

House (Fox) — 9pm — I quit watching House a few seasons ago (back when the season’s long-running storyline was about the cop trying to bust him for drug-seeking; I’ve talked about this before so I’ll spare you the lecture this round), but got sucked back in last year and enjoyed it.  However, this season, House starts out in prison, and I’m already kinda done before I’ve begun.  It’s getting harder and harder for me to suspend my disbelief with this series.  Bad enough House’s diagnoses are wrong 95% of the time (when’s the last time he got anything right before the patient was near-death?), but the fact he keeps getting into this kind of trouble and then getting his job back is just ludicrous.  I don’t want a guy who hallucinates as my doctor.  I don’t want an ex-con as my doctor.  This guy would never get to be a doctor anymore.  This is just getting silly.  Put him on some water skis and have him jump a shark — let’s get this over with already.

Wednesday, October 5

American Horror Story (FX) — 10pm –Man, NO idea what to expect from this one.  It’s about a family who moves into a haunted house, and apparently, the craziness starts off bang-zoom and is super-duper massively crazy (created by the same guy who did Nip/Tuck, Ryan Murphy, so the crazy part makes sense).  But though Dylan McDermott is an old Boyfriend of the Week, he’s also a terrible actor, and I definitely can’t see him being successful as the lead of a horror series.  Then again, this is an FX show, and FX can do seriously bananas stuff and have it turn out pretty well (The Shield, e.g.).  I’m intrigued, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  A really creative horror show would be a blast (The Walking Dead, speaking of which, returns the 16th; stay tuned!).  But can FX really pull it off?  Can McDermott?  Can Jessica Lange?  (Okay, Jessica Lange does kind of creep me out.)  We shall see.

Thursday, October 6

The League (FX) — 10:30pm –Returning series — Never seen it.

Friday, October 7

Sanctuary (SyFy) — 10pm –Returning series — Keep meaning to watch it, never do.  Any good??

Saturday, October 8

Rules of Engagement (CBS) — 8pm — Returning series — This is still on?  But has just been moved to Saturdays?  D-O-O-M.

7 Responses to “Fall TV Premieres: Oct. 3-9, 2011”

  1. RogerBW Says:

    Terra Nova: I’ve seen the pilot double-episode and wasn’t terribly impressed; it’s pretty much exactly what I’d have expected from a show put together by Spielberg and Braga, including the expectation that we’ll root for the protagonists even when they’re boring (most of them) or actively annoying (the son). I’ll give it one more episode, I guess.

    Unforgettable: haven’t seen Poppy Montgomery before, thought she was OK. Will try episode 2.

    Revenge: got five minutes into it before I gave up.

    House: gave up back around S3. Haven’t been sucked back in.

    Sanctuary is a cheesefest. Only enjoyable if you disable all critical function. On that level, it’s OK.

    As for other returning series…

    I was surprisingly impressed by the first episode of the new series of CSI – much as I love Laurence Fishburne, the way he was written took over the show and didn’t leave room for fun, and I didn’t bother watching the back half of the last season. Ted Danson as the new boss seems remarkably watchable. Sure, I may drop it again the moment they stop trying to win back viewers, but for now…

    Lost Girl isn’t quite as great as first season, but it’s still the best show nobody’s ever heard of.

    Nikita is going in interesting directions. Let’s see if it’s got the legs to keep going, or whether it ends up spinning in place.

    Castle, ditto. I didn’t like the new cast member at first, but she’s growing on me.

  2. Alisaj29 Says:

    Hubby likes Ringer more than I do. I wouldn’t care if the show came off the air with out a conclusion. I can honestly say I’m not giving any of the other shows a chance. I saw an interview on Chelsea Lately w/Dylan McDermott and even he admits that Am. Horror Story is mostly sex.

  3. Meg Says:

    Oh yeah, loved Ted Danson on CSI — he was great on Damages too, so I suspected he might be just the touch of kook they needed to revitalize that series. I’m with you in that I’m kind of tired of it in general, but if Danson keeps doing his thing, I’m game for at least the season.

    “Mostly sex” for Amer Horror Story, eh? Okay. I’m in.

  4. Liz Says:

    HATED PRIME SUSPECT – thought I was in a time warp! (Can you say “Life on Mars?)
    Not interested in even trying the ones you’ve “Given Up On.”
    Still like HOUSE – but it is getting a little old!
    Won’t be trying AMERICAN HORROR STORY – am waiting for THE WALKING DEAD
    I really like SANCTUARY – but wasn’t crazy about the “Steampunk” aspects of it last season.
    Liked Ted Danson in CSI – also like CSI:NY – but 1st ep was weird
    SUPERNATURAL was weird too – has Castiel gone bonkers?

  5. Meg Says:

    Liz, I haven’t seen the new SupeNatch episodes, but Castiel went bonkers in last year’s finale! So, I think the answer to your question is: YES. He’s God or something now, right?

    Time warp on Prime Suspect — exactly!

  6. Alisaj29 Says:

    Don’t want to give to much away, but Castile thought he was god, but now he’s “carrying” around Leviathans. You need to watch to fully understand, nuf said.

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