Fall TV Premieres, Sept. 26-Oct 2

I’m out of town at the moment, and crazy, crazy busy, so no TV update this week.  You can find out what’s coming at this web site:  http://cliqueclack.com/tv/2011/08/04/fall-2011-tv-season-series-premiere-schedule-calendar/

At the end of the week, after I’m home, I’ll catch up and let you know what I watched and liked, what I watched and hated, what I watched and found very silly (Terre Nova?), what I didn’t watch at all, and etc. etc. etc.

Until then, talk amongst yourselves!


One Response to “Fall TV Premieres, Sept. 26-Oct 2”

  1. RogerBW Says:

    Watched “Unforgettable”. Thought it was potentially quite fun. Will keep at it for now.

    Watched “Revenge”. Was stunningly bored. Oh well.

    Castle is going in a potentially interesting new direction. As is Lost Girl, the best show nobody’s ever heard of.

    I’ll be interested in your response to Terra Nova – Steven “more cute kids” Spielberg and Brannon “everything I touch turns to dross” Braga? Runaway budgets? Premiere put back six months? Hmmmmmmmmm. Nothing else coming up this week is leaping out at me.

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