New TV This Week!

Got one great show returning and three new shows starting up this week — check ’em out!

Monday, 3/28

Nurse Jackie — Showtime — 10pm — I’m a huge, HUGE fan of this series, which is sharply written, well-acted (love Edie Falco), and extremely thoughtful.  Last season ended with Jackie’s husband and best friend confronting her at last about her drug use.  Will she be getting help this year?  Or will she manage to wriggle her way out of the whole thing again?  My money’s on the latter.

Tuesday, 3/29

Body of Proof — ABC — 10pm — I’m really digging this uptick in new shows starring older women as the main characters (though Harry’s Law, with Kathy Bates, is absolutely wretched, if you ask me).  This one brings in Dana Delany as a medical examiner, and while the overall story sounds a bit been-there, done-that, Delany’s a talented actress and I have no doubt that if there’s anything interesting to work with here, she’ll find it.  Fingers crossed this one is really smart and engaging.

BONUS: A friend of mine, the brilliant and lovely Mia Henry, has some art work that will be featured in episodes 4 and 10.  The paintings are titled “Into the Wood,” “Solitary,” and “Birches One” and you can check them out in advance on her web site: (hopefully they aren’t about to get sprayed with blood spatter, Mia!).

Friday, 4/1

Chaos — CBS — 8pm — This series, which costars Eric Close from Without a Trace, is described as a “comedic drama” about a group of CIA special agents.  I haven’t read any buzz about this one or seen any ads, but I do love stories about spies, so I’m game to give it a shot.  Will report back if it’s any good!

Sunday, 4/3

The Killing — AMC — 9pm –This is the new spring show I’m the most excited about. AMC has never let me down when it comes to their original series; they’re always well-written and smart, and this one looks absolutely fantastic.  Set in Seattle (though I think it’s filmed in Vancouver), The Killing ties together three distinct stories around a single murder focusing on the detectives assigned to the case, the victim’s grieving family, and the suspects.   The ads I’ve seen look fantastic, and so far, critics seem to be just as enthusiastic about tuning in as I am.  Can’t wait to see this one, and at the very least, it ought to help us kill time waiting for season two of The Walking Dead.

Let’s go SPRING!

13 Responses to “New TV This Week!”

  1. Sarah King Says:

    Do you know if the Killing is an American remake of a Danish original? Apparently the Danish show (subtitled) has been shown in the UK over the past couple of months and my mother (who rarely raves about TV shows) has been saying it was about the best thing she has ever seen. The story sounds very similar, and the Danish title was translated to the Killing in English.

  2. megwood Says:

    It is, yes! I forgot to mention that in the description. I haven’t seen the original, but I’m hoping to get a chance to at some point.

  3. Sarah King Says:

    Cool! I’m excited to see it! I’ll just have to wait for Netflix to have the Danish version (neither they or imdb showed anything like it for the Killing when I looked a few weeks ago).

    Thanks for this. Helps remind me to set my DVR. 😉

  4. megwood Says:

    The Danish series is called “Forbrydelsen,” I think, but they don’t have it at Netflix. It might not be out on DVD in the US yet?

  5. RogerBW Says:

    Can’t say I’m on fire for any of these. The Chicago Code started off interesting but really hasn’t held together for me, and I’m getting a bit burned out on cop shows anyway, so I’ll probably skip Body of Proof. Chaos sounds awfully like Covert Affairs, so again I’ll be waiting for your recommendation.

  6. megwood Says:

    I got bored with Chicago Code too, but I do like stories about medical examiners, which is why I’ll tune in for Body of Proof — I’m hoping they’ll be trying to do something a little different with it, but we’ll see. I’ve got zero sense of Chaos, but will let you know what I think!

    Roger, do you watch Southland? That’s the one cop show I really like these days.

  7. Liz Says:

    The Killing sure sounds promising – and when will The Walking Dead be back? I was going to try Chicago Code, but if I did, I can’t remember it, so I’m not trying any more. I DID like Detroit 1-8-7, and I still can’t figure out if it’s gone, or if it’s coming back. The line that piqued my interest in the trailers FINALLY showed up … in the finale episode! James McDaniel says, “I’ve been in this city so long, when I started out, half the perps we arrested were white!”

    I don’t get Showtime, so we have to be satisfied with HawthoRNe, with Jada Pinkett Smith. We like it pretty well, though; Marc Antony was very good last season, and will be back this season. Michael Vartan (I hope that’s right) is good, and reminds me that I was dumb not to watch Alias.

    They’re rerunning Harper’s Island on that Chiller channel. I followed it the first time, and was somewhat entertained by it – and was also proud that I’d figured it out by the 4th or 5th ep. It’s not worth seeing again, but it is sort of fun (some good casting), if you haven’t seen it, and have time. And, I confess, I’m probably going to watch Haven again – hey! Sanctuary is coming back soon! Yay!

  8. Alisaj29 Says:

    Liz – If you have Comcast, I believe they are running a free Showtime VOD which includes this season’s Nurse Jackie. That’s the only way I can watch it. Don’t get Showtime either.

  9. Liz Says:

    Alisaj29 – Nope, I have Cox! Here’s another show I wish I didn’t have to miss, because it’s on Showtime: The Borgias! If it’s good, I’ll try to rent it when it comes out on DVD. Meg, did I jump the gun? Let us know what you think of it, if you watch it. BTW, I just read that Netflix (esp. “streaming”) is beginning to assert itself as real competition for TV and Cable! Ha, ha!

  10. Liz Says:

    Me, AGAIN! Roger, I don’t know how to do that cute little indenting that you do, but thanx for the heads up on The Walking Dead. I clicked on the link that came up in your comment, and read some good stuff on the zombie genre in general, and Night of the Living Dead (a piece of genius!) in particular. They mention World War Z, and Pr. & Pr. & Zombies – both of which I BOUGHT and read! AND, I also just saw a little streaming movie called “Ahh, Zombie” … from the zombies’ point of view! Okay – stopping now!

  11. megwood Says:

    Don’t ever stop, you adorable thing!

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