New TV This Week

Am I the only one hugely disappointed by the crap job Kathy Bates is doing on Harry’s Law?  I’m giving her two more episodes to figure it out (and to get rid of that stupid shoe store) before I bail.  FIGURE IT OUT, KATHY BATES!

Only one new show this week that looks worth checking out — The Chicago Code on Monday night — but for all you Timothy Olyphant fans out there, Justified returns for its second season on Wednesday on FX.  Complicated show, great theme song.  It’s a keeper.

Monday, 2/7

The Chicago Code — FOX — 9pm.  Developed by Shawn Ryan (creator of the brilliant FX series The Shield), this series sounds like it aims to be a similarly gritty and violent cop drama.  Jennifer Beals stars as Chicago’s first female superintendent — bad-ass police woman by day, exotic dancer by night (I’m kidding about that last part.  I bet J.Beals never gets tired of Flashdance jokes, huh?).  And Delroy Lindo stars as . . . well, as some kind of bad-ass or another, I feel sure.  This one has promise.  Let’s see if it lives up to it.

Tuesday, 2/8

Traffic Light — FOX — 9pm.  The first problem with this new sit-com is its title, which keeps annoying me by getting that droning Monty Python song about traffic lights stuck in my head (“I like traffic lights, but not when they are red.”)  The second problem is that it’s a romantic comedy sort of thing.  The third problem is . . . god, I’m bored.  What were we talking about?

Wednesday, 2/9

Mr. Sunshine — ABC — 9:30-10.  The thing is, Mr. Sunshine, I can really only do one Friends comeback show at a time, and I’m already hooked on Showtime’s new Matt LeBlanc series Episodes, which is absolutely brilliant.  So, Matthew Perry?  Not gonna happen.  Your timing’s all wrong.  And, as they say, in comedy, timing is everything.

Am I right about Harry’s Law, or am I RIGHT?  Comment away!

6 Responses to “New TV This Week”

  1. Jessie Says:

    My husband thinks “Figure it out, Kathy Bates!” sounds like something Sawyer would say on Lost.

  2. marni Says:

    Ooh, might try the Chicago Code. (And Jessie, your husband is spot on!!)

  3. RogerBW Says:

    Yup, Chicago Code looks like the only one of these worth trying. Even that doesn’t look wonderful; as another Minear show on Fox it’ll probably be cancelled by Ep4 even if it’s just the generic cop show it looks like so far. But I guess we’ll see…

  4. Trip Says:

    What’s the word on “Justified”? The ads for it look great, and I didn’t hear much news on its first season…it’s a quirky hang-em-high sheriff show?

  5. Liz Says:

    I’ve recorded “Chicago Code,” but haven’t seen it yet. I agree – it was the only new show that I was at all curious about. But heck, generic or not, if it’s ANYTHING like “The Shield” I’ll probably like it. The “Detroit” show is pretty good – and it really reminds me of “NYPD Blue” – and even “Blue Bloods” is okay, though sometimes boring. I do kind of feel bad about “Harry’s Law:” there are just too many other shows in that time slot!

  6. RogerBW Says:

    OK, having now seen Chicago Code 1×01, it’s definitely going on my watch list. Particularly interesting to see how Jason Clarke pulls off the “veteran quirky cop” stereotype in a way that – sorry to say it – makes Michael Imperioli in Detroit 1-8-7 look like an amateur.

    (And I’m told that later episodes do pass the Bechdel test.)

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