Hello, sports fans!  Just wanted to update you on a few things, since I’ve been a bit quiet here of late.

1. Annual Fall TV posts start next week!  Though I must say, I’m not terribly exciting by any of the shows starting this year.  Maybe some of them will surprise me, but I ain’t holding no breaths.

2.  I wrote a poem for an online literary ‘zine, if you are interested in reading it.  The ‘zine picks a theme for each week and writers submit fiction, essays, poetry, whatever they’re inspired to do.  This week’s theme was “Family” :  http://writingwriterwritest.blogspot.com/2010/09/meg-wood-close.html

3.  New Boyfriend write-up coming TOMORROW!  At long last! (Um, tomorrow or Saturday.  Soon, though, I swear.  You’re going to like him.  I promise.  You can’t not.  He’s too adorable.)

4.  Also, I spent last weekend with Mom, which means a bundle of reviews of really awesomely bad sci-fi/disaster movies will also be appearing in this space shortly.

EYES PEELED, MY PEOPLES.  Things will be picking up here very shortly!

3 Responses to “Updates!”

  1. Kerri Says:

    I heart your poem.

  2. Liz Says:

    You show such courage in writing about a situation that obviously pains you, but you are also able to convey such joy and appreciation for what you have. I really commend you for that. Also, your use of words and phrases is quite affecting.

  3. Majinny Says:


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